Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio Logs

CBS Radio Mystery Theater

Episodic Listing by Date

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The Old Ones are Hard to Kill            01-06-74  Agnes Moorehead

Return of Morseby                        01-07-74  Patrick O' Neal

The Bullet                               01-08-74  Larry Haines

Lost Dog                                 01-09-74  Kim Hunter

No Hiding Place                          01-10-74  Larry Haines

Honeymoon with Death                     01-11-74  Lois Nettleton

I Warn you Three Time                    01-12-74  Joan Loring

Cold Storage                             01-13-74  John Baragrave

Death Rides a Stallion                   01-14-74  Mason Adams

The Resident                             01-15-74  Carmen Matthews

Accounts Receivable                      01-16-74  William Prince

You Can Die Again                        01-17-74  Richard Mulligan

Ring, Ring of Roses                      01-18-74  Glynnis O Connor

The Girl who found Things                01-19-74  Norman Rose

The Chinaman Button                      01-20-74  Paul Hecht

Dead for a Dollar                        01-21-74  Paul Hecht

A Very Old Man                           01-22-74  Santos Ortega

And Nothing but the Truth                01-23-74  Arnold Moss

Deadly Honeymoon                         01-24-74  Betsy von Furstenburg

Speak of the Devil                       01-25-74  Jada Roland

The Ring of Truth                        01-26-74  Agnes Moorehead

Time & Again                             01-27-74  John Beal

Three Woman                              01-28-74  Ruth Ford

The Man Who Heard Voices                 01-29-74  Larry Haines

Mother Love                              01-30-74  Joan Hackett

The Man Who Asked for Yesterday          01-31-74  Mandel Kramer

Dead Ringer                              02-01-74  Leon Janney

A Ghostly Game of Death                  02-02-74  William Prince

The Sign of the Beast                    02-03-74  Lois Smith

Here Goes the Bride                      02-04-74  Ruby Dee

The Lady was a Tiger                     02-05-74  William Redfield

After the Verdict                        02-06-74  Tony Roberts

Conspiracy to Defraud                    02-07-74  Paul Heeht

The Deadly Hour                          02-09-74  Norman Rose

Dead Man's Mountain                      02-10-74  Alan Hewitt

A Dream of Death                         02-12-74  Michael Tolen

Dig Me Deadly                            02-13-74  Louise Larabee

Under Grave Suspicion                    02-14-74  Ralph Bell

A Lady Never loses Her Head              02-16-74  Kim Hunter

Blizzard of Terror                       02-18-74  Lois Smith

Sea Fever                                02-19-74  George Matthews

The Walls of Jericho                     02-21-74  Robert Dryden

The Horla                                02-22-74  Paul Hecht

The Horse that Wasn't for sale           02-24-74  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Edge of Death                            02-26-74  Patrick O' Neal

A Choice of Witnesses                    02-28-74  Paul Hecht

Outer Sight                              03-02-74  Julia Meade

Prognosis Negative                       03-03-74  William Redfield

This will Kill you                       03-04-74  Norman Rose

A Long Time to Die                       03-05-74  Mandel Kramer

The Sending                              03-06-74  Tony Roberts

The Creature from the Swamp              03-07-74  Jack Grimes

The Thing in the Cave                    03-11-74  Terry Keene

A Sacrifice in Blood                     03-12-74  Ralph Bell

A Little Night Murder                    03-13-74  Jack Grimes

The Fall of the House of Usher           03-14-74  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Sea of Trouble                       03-18-74  Earl Hammond

Frankenstein Revisited                   03-19-74  Ralph Bell

The Ghost at the Gate                    03-20-74  Beatrice Straight

Ordeal by Fire                           03-21-74  Mandel Kramer

The Diary of a Madman                    03-25-74  Larry Haines

Death by Whose hand?                     03-26-74  Stephen Snauble

Its Simply Murder                        03-27-74  Jack Gifford

The Unearthy Gift                        03-28-74  Betsy Palmer

The Black Cat                            04-01-74  Norman Rose

The Pharaohs Curse                       04-02-74  Kim Hunter

Die! You're on Magic Camera              04-03-74  Nick Pryor

The Thing Inside                         04-04-74  Ralph Bell

The Locked Room                          04-08-74  Jack Grimes

The Murder Museum                        04-09-74  Michael Wager

Out of Focus                             04-10-74  William Redfield

Strange Company                          04-11-74  Bryna Raeburn

The Meteorite                            04-11-74  John Beal

Only the Dead Remember                   04-15-74  Tony Roberts

Men Without Mouths                       04-16-74  Joe Silver

The Horror Within                        04-17-74  Don Scardino

A Portrait of Death                      04-18-74  Nat Polan

A Challenge for the Dead                 04-18-74  Howard Da Silva

The Wishing Stone                        04-22-74  William Prince

The Ghost Driver                         04-23-74  Augusta Daphine

The Hand                                 04-24-74  Alexander Scourby

Sunrise to Sunset                        04-25-74  Marian Seldes

All Living Things Must Die               04-29-74  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Venus D' Ile                         04-30-74  Norman Rose

The Death Bell                           05-01-74  Michael Tolen

Dracula                                  05-02-74  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Walking Corpse                       05-05-74  Tony Roberts

Murder with Malice                       05-06-74  Marcia Rodd

The Suicide Club                         05-07-74  Barry Nelson

The Breaking Point                       05-08-74  Roger De Koven

A Tiny Drop of Poison                    05-09-74  Tammy Grimes

The Lodger                               05-13-74  Kim Hunter

Voices of Death                          05-14-74  Mandel Kramer

The Forever Man                          05-15-74  Paul Hecht

The Trouble with Ruth                    05-16-74  Marian Seldes

The Crack in the Wall                    05-20-74  Celeste Holm

The Longest Knife                        05-21-74  Bryna Raeburn

The Bleeding Statue                      05-23-74  Patrica Elliott

Mirror for Murder                        05-27-74  Celeste Holm

The Phantom Lullaby                      05-29-74  Rosemary Murphy

Dressed to Kill                          05-30-74  Robert Morse

To Kill with Confidence                  06-03-74  Marian Seldes

An Occurrence at Owl Creek               06-04-74  William Prince

Darling Deadly Delores                   06-06-74  Nat Polan

A Bargain in Blood                       06-10-74  Tony Roberts

The Rat                                  06-12-74  Michael Wager

The House of the Seven Gables            06-13-74  Norman Rose

Three Times Dead                         06-17-74  William Redfield

Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde                   06-18-74  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Secret Doctrine                      06-20-74  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Escape, Escape                           06-24-74  Terry Keene

Where Fear Begins                        06-25-74  Kim Hunter

Yesterday's Murder                       06-27-74  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Hurricane                                07-01-74  Joseph Jullian

The Secret Life of Bobby Deland          07-03-74  Michael Tolen

The Young Die Good                       07-04-74  Patricia Elliott

Too Many Woman Can Kill You              07-08-74  Larry Haines

And Death Makes Even, Steven             07-09-74  Michael Tolen

The Devil God                            07-11-74  Ruby Dee

The Canterville Ghost                    07-15-74  Arnold Moss

The Real Printers Devil                  07-17-74  Paul Hecht

The Dream Woman                          07-18-74  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Deadly Process                       07-22-74  Norman Rose

Adam's Astral Self                       07-23-74  Michael Wager

My Sister... Death                       07-25-74  Marian Seldes

Ghost at High Noon                       07-29-74  Celeste Holm

The Only Blood                           07-31-74  Howard De Silva

The Hit Man                              08-01-74  Mike Kellin

I Thought you Were Dead                  08-05-74  Arlene Francis

The Headstrong Corpse                    08-06-74  Susanne Grossman

The Picture of Dorian Gray               08-07-74  Nick Pryor

You Only Die Once                        08-08-74  Joan Lorring

The Beach of Falsea                      08-12-74  Alexander Scourby

The Frontiers of Fear                    08-13-74  Jerry Stiller

Journey into Terror                      08-14-74  Roy Pinneseth

The Final Vow                            08-15-74  Rosemary Rice

The Hands of Mr. Mallory                 08-19-74  Celeste Holm

A Preview of Death                       08-20-74  Russell Horton

Having a Horrible Time                   08-21-74  Lynn Loring

The Case of M.J.H.                       08-22-74  Agusta Daphine

The Deadliest Favor                      08-26-74  Norman Rose

The Fatal Marksman                       08-28-74  Michael Wager

Medium Rare                              08-29-74  Joan Lovejoy

The Return of Anatole Chevnic            09-02-74  Alexander Scourby

The Imp in a Bottle                      09-03-74  William Redfield

Deadline for Death                       09-05-74  Michael Tolen

Double Exposure                          09-09-74  Kim Hunter

The Hand that Refused to Die             09-11-74  Mandel Kramer

The Trouble with Murder                  09-12-74  Robert Morse

What Happened to Mrs. Forbush            09-16-74  Patricia Wheel

Thicker than Water                       09-17-74  Jay Gregory

The Garden                               09-19-74  Jennifer Harmon

Island of the Lost                       09-23-74  Norman Rose

The Deadly Blind Man's Bluff             09-25-74  Mason Adams

The Spectral Bride                       09-26-74  Michael Wager

You're Only Young Twice                  09-29-74  Anne Sheppard

Murder to Perfection                     09-30-74  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Bride that Wasn't                    10-01-74  Janet Waldo

The Golden Blood of the Sun              10-03-74  John Forsythe

Sister of Death                          10-07-74  Kay T. Stevens

Trapped                                  10-09-74  Nina Foch

The Doll                                 10-10-74  Joanne Linville

A Scaffold for Two                       10-14-74  John Beil

Picture on a Wall                        10-15-74  Dianne Baker

The Last Escape                          10-17-74  Joan Lovejoy

Mind Over Matthew                        10-21-74  William Redfield

See Naples and Die                       10-23-74  Michael Wager

A Cage for Augie Karo                    10-24-74  Leon Janney

Possessed by the Devil                   10-28-74  Donald Bucher

The Black Room                           10-29-74  Larry Haines

The Demon Spirit                         10-31-74  Norman Rose

Bury Me Again                            11-04-74  Michael Tolen

Terror on the Heath                      11-06-74  Sheppard Strudwick

How Eberhard Won his Wings               11-07-74  Hans Conreid

Wave of Terror                           11-11-74  Paul Hecht

I Must Kill Edna                         11-12-74  Elliot Reid

The Thirty-Six Man                       11-14-74  Ross Martin

The Strange Voyage of the Lady Dee       11-18-74  Paul Hecht

Tattooed for Murder                      11-20-74  Terry Keene

The Death Watch                          11-21-74  Jay Gregory

The Sighting                             11-25-74  Kim Hunter

Courtyard of Death                       11-26-74  Norman Rose

The Aaron Burr Murder Case               11-28-74  Jack Grimes

The Dice of Doom                         12-02-74  Michael Wager

A Bride for Death                        12-04-74  Tony Roberts

The Body Snatchers                       12-05-74  Howard Da Silva

The Fatal Connection                     12-09-74  Jennifer Harmon

The Dammed Thing                         12-10-74  Robert Dryden

Is the Lady Dead?                        12-12-74  Larry Haines

Stephanie's Room                         12-16-74  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Charity is Never Dead                    12-18-74  Virginia Payne

The House of the Voodoo Queen            12-19-74  Jordan Charney

Give the Devil his Due                   12-23-74  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

A Very Private Miracle                   12-24-74  Howard Da Silva

Turn About is Fair Play                  12-26-74  Mason Adams

The Golem                                12-30-74  Robert Lansing

The Deadly Pearls                        01-01-75  Paul Hecht

The Reluctant Killer                     01-02-75  Tony Roberts

The Many Names of Death                  01-05-75  Alexander Scourby

The Premature Burial                     01-06-75  Keir Dullea

The Masque of the Red Death              01-07-75  Stats Cotsworth

The Oblong Box                           01-08-75  Richard Mulligan

Berenice                                 01-09-75  Michael Tolen

The Murders in Rue Morgue                01-10-75  Paul Hecht

The Tell-Tale Heart                      01-11-75  Fred Gwynne

The Cask of Amontillado                  01-12-75  Richard Kiley

The Witness is Death                     01-13-75  Joan Shea

Faith and the Faker                      01-14-75  Howard Da Silva

A Death of Kings                         01-16-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Ghost Talk                               01-17-75  Lanka Peterson

The Precious Killer                      01-20-75  Beatrice Straight

Concerto in Death                        01-22-75  Marian Seldes

Sleepy Village                           01-23-75  Norman Rose

The Flowers of Death                     01-24-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Follower                             01-26-75  Jerry Orlock

A Coffin for the Devil                   01-27-75  Keir Dullea

Windandingo                              01-28-75  Jack Grimes

The Night of the Wolf                    01-30-75  Michael Tolen

The Disembodied Voice                    01-31-75  Celeste Holm

Death on Skis                            02-03-75  Rosemary Murphy

Death in the Stars                       02-04-75  Kim Hunter

The Sire de Maletroit's Door             02-06-75  Michael Wager

Death is so Trivial                      02-07-75  Tony Roberts

Journey into Nowhere                     02-10-75  Court Benson

A Small Question of Terror               02-13-75  Terry Keene

The Shadow of the Past                   02-14-75  Howard De Silva

The Death Wisher                         02-17-75  Ann Patoniac

Love Me and Die                          02-18-75  Anne Sheppard

Must Hope Perish                         02-20-75  Hugh Marlowe

The Weavers of Death                     02-21-75  Mandel Kramer

Hell Hath no Fury                        02-24-75  William Redfield

The Strange Case of Lucas Lauder         02-26-75  Robert Lansing

Them!                                    02-27-75  Alan Hewitt

An Identical Murder                      02-28-75  William Redfield

The Wakeful Ghost                        03-03-75  Paul Hecht

The Pit and Pendulum                     03-04-75  Tony Roberts

When the Death Bell Tolls                03-06-75  Mary Jane Higby

The Eye of Death                         03-07-75  Joan Hackett

The Stuff of Dreams                      03-10-75  Bryna Raeburn

The Dark Closet                          03-12-75  Fred Gywnne

Death Pays no Dividend                   03-13-75  Anne Sheppard

The Caesar Curse                         03-14-75  Richard Kiley

Every Blossom Dies                       03-17-75  Michael Tolen

It's Murder, Mr. Lincoln                 03-18-75  Kier Dullea

The Man Must Die                         03-21-75  William Prince

The Deadly Double                        03-24-75  Marian Seldes

Death is a Dream                         03-26-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Velvet Claws                         03-27-75  Gordon Gould

Key to Murder                            03-28-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Killer of the Year                       03-31-75  Norman Rose

The Killer Inside                        04-01-75  Ann Meara

The Garrison of the Dead                 04-03-75  Mandel Kramer

Roses are for Funerals                   04-04-75  Carole Shelley

The Benjamin Franklin Murder Case        04-07-75  Paul Hecht

The Altar of Blood                       04-09-75  Fred Gwynne

The Death of Halpin Fraser               04-10-75  Michael Wager

The Phantom Stop                         04-11-75  Norman Rose

The Intermediary                         04-14-75  Frances Sternhagen

My Own Murderer                          04-15-75  Mandel Kramer

Through the Looking Glass                04-17-75  Anne Sheppard

Sting of Death                           04-21-75  William Prince

Afraid to Live, Afraid to Die            04-23-75  Jada Roland

Bulletproof                              04-24-75  Mason Adams

Till Death Do us Part                    04-25-75  Don Scardino

The Phantom of the Opera                 04-28-75  Court Benson

Black Widow                              04-29-75  Robert Dryden

Mad Monkton                              05-01-75  Kristoffer Tabori

The Final Witness                        05-02-75  Lou Jacobi

The Paradise of the Devil                05-05-75  Larry Haines

The Transformation                       05-07-75  Kevin Mc Carthy

Taken for Granite                        05-08-75  Howard DaSilva

The Voices of Death                      05-09-75  Norman Rose

For Tomorrow We Die                      05-12-75  Beatrice Straight

Where Angels Fear to Tread               05-13-75  Michael Tolen

Deadly Dilemma                           05-15-75  William Prince

The Rise and Fall Fourth Reich           05-16-75  Robert Dryden

The Diamond Necklace                     05-19-75  Mandel Kramer

Don't Let it Choke you                   05-21-75  Robert L. Green

Return to Shadow Lake                    05-22-75  Nat Polan

Markheim: Man or Monster                 05-23-75  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Witches' Almanac                     05-26-75  Virginia Payne

The Executioner                          05-27-75  Tony Roberts

Just One More Day                        05-29-75  Evie Juster

Someday I'll Find you                    05-30-75  Betsy Palmer

River of Hades                           06-02-75  Marian Seldes

The Devil's Leap                         06-04-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Plastic Man                          06-05-75  Don Scardino

The Transformer                          06-06-75  Howard Da Silva

Fallen Angel                             06-09-75  Ralph Bell

The Queen of Darkness                    06-10-75  Julie Harris

A Case of Negligence                     06-12-75  Mason Adams

Stairway to Oblivion                     06-13-75  Anne Sheppard

The Smile of Deceit                      06-16-75  Jennifer Harmon

Frame-Up                                 06-18-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Climbing Boy                         06-19-75  Marian Seldes

Can you Trust Your Husband?              06-20-75  Joan Lovejoy

The Mills of the Gods                    06-23-75  Joan Copeland

The Mask of Tupac Amaru                  06-24-75  Ruby Dee

That Hamlet Was A Good Boy               06-26-75  Will Mc Kenzie

The Rape of the Maia                     06-27-75  Arnold Stang

The Golden Cauldron                      06-30-75  Paul Hecht

Come Back with Me                        07-02-75  Howard Da Silva

Murder Will Out                          07-03-75  Mason Adams

The Slave                                07-04-75  Mandel Kramer

Guilty                                   07-07-75  Jack Grimes

The Triangle                             07-08-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Ghostly Rival                        07-10-75  Will Mc Kenzie

The Widow's Auxiliary                    07-11-75  Lanka Peterson

Snake in the Grass                       07-14-75  Sandy Dennis

Goodbye, Carl Erich                      07-16-75  Kevin Mc Carthy

Nightmare's West                         07-17-75  Gordon Gould

The Spots of the Leopard                 07-18-75  Anne Sheppard

Fateful Reunion                          07-21-75  Robert Dryden

The Poisoned Pen                         07-22-75  Roberta Maxwell

Appointment In Uganda                    07-24-75  William Redfield

Woman From Hell                          07-25-75  Joan Lovejoy

The Lady is a Jinx                       07-28-75  Larry Haines

He Moves in a Mysterious Way             07-30-75  Terry Keene

Carmilla                                 07-31-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Onyx Eye                             08-01-75  Frances Sternhagen

The Devil's Boutique                     08-04-75  Joan Lorring

Hung Jury                                08-05-75  Howard Da Silva

To Die is Forever                        08-07-75  Mandel Kramer

The Grey Ghost                           08-08-75  Betsy Palmer

Age Cannot Wither Her                    08-11-75  Jennifer Harmon

The Master Computer                      08-13-75  Robert Dryden

The Root of all Evil                     08-14-75  Norman Rose

The Unbearable Reflection                08-15-75  Patricia Elliot

Help! Somebody!                          08-18-75  William Redfield

Welcome for a Dead Man                   08-19-75  Howard Da Silva

Circle of Evil                           08-21-75  Marian Seldes

Terror in the Air                        08-22-75  Robert Dryden

Persons to be Notified                   08-25-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Eavesdropper                         08-27-75  Arnold Moss

Night of the Howling Dog                 08-28-75  Mason Adams

Murder by Proxy                          08-29-75  Mandel Kramer

The Smile of Death                       09-01-75  Russell Horton

Portrait of Death                        09-02-75  Tony Roberts

The Special Undertaking                  09-04-75  Jada Roland

Sleepwalker                              09-05-75  Tammy Grimes

The Other Life                           09-08-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Ideas of March                       09-10-75  Nina Foch

The Voice of Death                       09-11-75  Victor Jory

The Ghost Plane                          09-12-75  Richard Crenna

The Little Old Lady Killer               09-15-75  Dianne Baker

The Prison of Glass                      09-16-75  Lois Nettleton

Just One More Day                        09-17-75  Theodore Bikel

The Coffin with the Golden Nails         09-18-75  Howard Da Silva

The Third Person                         09-19-75  Marian Seldes

Solid Gold Soldiers                      09-22-75  Michael Wager

The Headless Hessian                     09-23-75  Lloyd Bruckner

The Angels of Devil Mountain             09-24-75  Warren Stevens

The Black Whale                          09-25-75  Brock Peters

Assassination in Time                    09-26-75  William Redfield

The Thomas Jefferson Defense             09-27-75  Paul Hecht

The Other Self                           09-28-75  Howard De Silva

The Primrose Path                        10-01-75  Mason Adams

The Man Who Ran Away                     10-02-75  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Five Ghostly Indians                 10-06-75  Robert Dryden

Who Made Me?                             10-07-75  Larry Haines

They Shall Stone them with Stones        10-09-75  Terry Keene

The Last Lesson                          10-13-75  Fred Gwynne

The Kiss of Death                        10-15-75  Kirk Peterson

Stay Out of the Dutchman's Woods         10-16-75  Paul Hecht

Never in this World                      10-20-75  Alexander Scourby

Million Dollar Murder                    10-21-75  Mandel Kramer

The Sealed Room Murder                   10-23-75  Howard Da Silva

The Summer People                        10-24-75  Tony Roberts

The Living Corpse                        10-27-75  Robert Dryden

The Storm Breeder                        10-28-75  Michael Tolen

Ghost Powder                             10-29-75  Marian Seldes

Triptych For a Witch                     10-30-75  Margaret Hamilton

It's Hell to Pay the Piper               10-31-75  Ian Martin

The Mortgage                             11-03-75  Larry Haines

The Edge of the Scapel                   11-05-75  Terry Keene

Killing Valley                           11-07-75  Kim Hunter

The Public Avenger                       11-10-75  Arnold Stang

Party Girl                               11-11-75  Mason Adams

Home Where the Ghost Is                  11-13-75  Gordon Gould

The Money Makers                         11-14-75  William Redfield

The Moonlighter                          11-17-75  Howard Da Silva

Fear                                     11-19-75  Jack Grimes

The Lamps of the Devil                   11-20-75  Kristoffer Tabori

The Hanging Judgement                    11-21-75  Mandel Kramer

The Serpents Tooth                       11-24-75  Norman Rose

The Lap of the Gods                      11-25-75  Larry Haines

The Dead, Dead Ringer                    11-27-75  Don Scardino

The Frammis                              11-28-75  Howard Da Silva

With Malice Aforthought                  12-01-75  Carlos Karasco

Promise to Kill                          12-03-75  Gordon Gould

Portrait of a Killer                     12-04-75  Michael Wager

Pharaoh's Daughter                       12-05-75  Jack Grimes

How Quiet the Night                      12-08-75  William Redfield

Stitch in Time                           12-09-75  Leon Janney

You Can Change your Life                 12-11-75  Ralph Bell

Marry For Murder                         12-12-75  Mandel Kramer

Burn, Witch, Burn!                       12-15-75  Howard Da Silva

The Eleventh Hour                        12-17-75  Larry Haines

Fireball                                 12-18-75  Kim Hunter

The Corpse Wrote in Shorthand            12-19-75  Mandel Kramer

The Image                                12-22-75  Norman Rose

The Murder Market                        12-23-75  Rosemary Murphy

A Christmas Carol                        12-24-75  E.G. Marshall

License to Kill                          12-26-75  Joan Lorring

The Memory Killers                       12-29-75  Ralph Bell

Sagamore Cottage                         12-31-75  Robert Calaban

One of the Missing                       01-01-76  Kristoffer Tabbori

Insight into Murder                      01-02-76  Gordon Gould

Tom Sawyer, Detective                    01-05-76  Kristoffer Tabbori

The Russian Passport                     01-07-76  Robert Morse

A Connecticut Yankee                     01-08-76  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Man That Corrupted Hadleyburg        01-09-76  Fred Gwynne

The Stolen White Elephant                01-10-76  Robert Dryden

The Mysterious Stranger                  01-11-76  Tony Roberts

The Passing of the Black Eagle           01-11-76  Robert Dryden

What the Shepherd Saw                    01-12-76  Russell Horton

The Elixir of Death                      01-14-76  Paul Hecht

The Red Frisbee                          01-16-76  Robert Dryden

There's no Business Like....             01-19-76  Howard Da Silva

The Lady of the Mist                     01-21-76  Rosemary Murphy

The Slick and the Dead                   01-23-76  Russell Horton

The Ferret                               01-26-76  Elliot Reid

Mirror, Mirror                           01-28-76  Marian Seldes

Castle Kerfol                            01-30-76  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

First Prize: Death                       02-02-76  Norman Rose

The Dead Deserve to Rest                 02-03-76  Jennifer Harmon

The Children of Death                    02-05-76  Tony Roberts

Straight from the Horse's Mouth          02-06-76  Robert Morse

The Horror of Dead Lake                  02-09-76  Gordon Gould

You Owe you Me death                     02-11-76  Patricia Elliott

The Golden Chalices                      02-12-76  Norman Rose

The Blue Roan Stallion                   02-13-76  Tony Roberts

Angel of Death                           02-16-76  Marian Seldes

The Angry God                            02-17-76  Larry Haines

Goodbye, Benjamin Black                  02-19-76  Howard Da Silva

The Bloody Legend                        02-20-76  Terri Keane

The Patient Visitor                      02-23-76  Ian Martin

General Laughter                         02-25-76  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

The Providential Ghost                   02-26-76  Beatrice Straight

Half a Life                              02-27-76  Tammy Grimes

The Death Trail                          03-01-76  Bob Calaban

Afterward                                03-02-76  Celeste Holm

The Monk and Hangman's Daughter          03-04-76  Evie Juster

The Infernal Triangle                    03-05-76  Morgan Fairchild

The Queen of Spades                      03-08-76  Michael Tolen

I Thought I saw a Shadow                 03-10-76  Nat Polan

Pandora                                  03-11-76  Patricia Elliott

The Man who Preyed on Widows             03-12-76  Mason Adams

The Aliens                               03-15-76  Paul Hecht

Crime Casts a Shadow                     03-16-76  Evie Juster

Other Side of the Coin                   03-18-76  Ralph Bell

A Matter of Love and Death               03-19-76  Lois Nettleton

Stampede                                 03-22-76  Kristoffer Tabbori

The Covered Bridge                       03-23-76  Jada Roland

Brain Drain                              03-24-76  Paul Hecht

The Transformation of Joe B.             03-25-76  Hans Conreid

Extortion                                03-26-76  Mandel Kramer

The Saxon Curse                          03-29-76  Paul Hecht

The Intruders                            03-30-76  Lois Nettleton

The Spit and Image                       03-31-76  Michael Tolan

The White Ghost                          04-01-76  Ralph Bell

Vanity Dies Hard                         04-02-76  Marian Seldes

Time Killer                              04-05-76  Mandel Kramer

The Boy Wonder                           04-06-76  William Redfield

The Paradise Cafe                        04-07-76  Court Benson

Sleeping Dogs                            04-08-76  Marian Seldes

Fool's Gold                              04-09-76  Mason Adams

The Safe Judge                           04-12-76  Robert Dryden

Wishes Can be Fatal                      04-13-76  Carmen Matthews

Strange Passenger                        04-15-76  Nat Polan

Murder Most Foul                         04-19-76  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Assassination                        04-20-76  Norman Rose

The Love Song of Death                   04-21-76  Kristoffer Tabbori

The Green-Eyed Monster                   04-22-76  Arnold Moss

Long Live the King is Dead               04-23-76  Tony Roberts

The Prince of Evil                       04-24-76  Howard De Silva

The Serpent of the Nile                  04-25-76  Lois Nettleton

Three Elders of Lifeboat Landing         04-26-76  Mason Adams

Two Plus Two Equals Death                04-29-76  William Redfield

The Cornstarch Killer                    05-03-76  Robert Dryden

What a Change in Hilda                   05-06-76  Lois Nettleton

The Ghost of San Juan Hill               05-10-76  Jack Grimes

The Secret Sharer                        05-13-76  Norman Rose

Blind Witness                            05-17-76  Patricia Elliott

The Walking Dead                         05-20-76  Paul Hecht

A Mexican Standoff                       05-24-76  Joe Silver

Demon Lover                              05-27-76  Mandel Kramer

Ghost Town                               05-31-76  Lois Nettleton

Blue Justice                             06-03-76  Leon Janney

The Corpse that would not Die            06-07-76  Patricia Elliott

Free the Beast                           06-10-76  Paul Hecht

The Unthinkable                          06-14-76  Larry Haines

Pension Plan                             06-17-76  Norman Rose

Checkmate                                06-21-76  Robert Dryden

Child of Fate                            06-24-76  Guy Sorel

Forty-Five Minutes to Murder             06-28-76  Larry Haines

Loser Takes All                          07-01-76  Patricia Elliott

Blood Red Roses                          07-12-76  Robert Dryden

Last Trip of Charter Boat Sally          07-15-76  Teri Keane

Future Eye                               07-19-76  Tony Roberts

The Men with The Magic Fingers           07-22-76  Mason Adams

The Brain Without Mercy                  07-26-76  Norman Rose

Shotgun Wedding                          07-29-76  Jack Grimes

Every Dog Has His Day                    08-02-76  Court Benson

Lovers and Killers                       08-05-76  Robert Dryden

Overnight to Freedom                     08-09-76  William Redfield

The Haliday Prediction                   08-12-76  Tony Roberts

Your Grade is A                          08-16-76  Robert Calaban

The Golden People                        08-19-76  William Redfield

The Train Stops                          08-23-76  Norman Rose

The Man Who Could work Miracles          08-26-76  William Redfield

The Night Shift                          08-30-76  Howard Da Silva

The Magic Cay                            09-02-76  Paul Hecht

Graven Image                             09-06-76  Jack Grimes

Killer's Helper                          09-07-76  Michael Wager

A Two-Bit Fortune                        09-09-76  Paul Hecht

A Magical Place                          09-10-76  William Redfield

The Walking Dead                         09-12-76  Paul Hecht

The Tell-Tale Corpse                     09-13-76  Earl Hammond

Journey to Jerusalem                     09-14-76  Vincent Guardinia

Dr. Peterson's Pills                     09-16-76  Rosemary Murphy

To Whom it May Concern                   09-17-76  Mirian Seldes

A Very Dear Ghost, Indeed                09-20-76  Russell Horton

The Rainbow Man                          09-21-76  Ralph Bell

Don't Play with the Matches              09-23-76  Mandel Kramer

Queen of the Deadly Night                09-24-76  Marian Seldes

The Ghostly Private Eye                  09-27-76  Larry Haines

One Girl in a Million                    09-28-76  Russell Horton

Not for Sale                             09-30-76  Rosemary Murphy

The Clairvoyant                          10-01-76  Tammy Grimes

The Midas Touch                          10-04-76  Robert Morse

Private Stock                            10-05-76  Ian Martin

Child of Fate                            10-06-76  Jada Roland

Pool of Fear                             10-07-76  Morgan Fairchild

The Tortured Twins                       10-08-76  Marian Seldes

My Wife Doesn't Understand Me            10-11-76  Robert Dryden

The God Killer                           10-12-76  Tammy Grimes

The Living Corpse                        10-14-76  Hurd Hatfield

A Point in Time                          10-15-76  Paul Hecht

Killer's Appointment                     10-18-76  Marian Seldes

The Mission of Atropos                   10-19-76  Mason Adams

To Hang by the Neck                      10-21-76  Marian Seldes

Somebody Stop Me                         10-22-76  Howard Da Silva

The Deathly White Man                    10-27-76  Betsy Palmer

Absolute Zero                            10-28-76  Jada Roland

The Unborn                               10-29-76  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Witches Sabbath                          10-30-76  Larry Haines

The Queen of the Cats                    10-31-76  Tammy Grimes

City of the Dead                         11-04-76  Kristoffer Tabbori

The Secret Chamber                       11-05-76  Ian Martin

The Graveyard                            11-08-76  Norman Rose

The Colony                               11-09-76  Tony Roberts

Strike Force                             11-11-76  Michael Wager

A Question of Identity                   11-12-76  Joan Lovejoy

Meeting by Chance                        11-22-76  Mandel Kramer

The Awakening                            11-23-76  Kim Hunter

M-u-r-d-e-r!                             11-25-76  Larry Haines

Blood will Tell                          11-26-76  Mason Adams

The Man who Couldn't Get Arrested        11-29-76  Fred Gwynne

Now you See Them, now you Don't          11-30-76  Robert Dryden

How to Kill Rudy                         12-02-76  Paul Hecht

Child of Misfortune                      12-03-76  Norman Rose

A Magic Place                            12-04-76  Marian Seldes

Child of the Sea                         12-06-76  Tony Roberts

Enough Rope                              12-07-76  Russell Horton

Nobody Dies                              12-09-76  Terry Keene

Identity Crisis                          12-10-76  Gordon Gould

Hit me Again                             12-13-76  Paul Hecht

The Smoking Pistol                       12-14-76  Howard Da Silva

The Doctor's Evidence                    12-16-76  Frances Sternhagen

A Quiet Evening at Home                  12-17-76  Tammy Grimes

The Rainbow Man                          12-18-76  Ralph Bell

Date of Death                            12-20-76  Norman Rose

The Lone Survivor                        12-21-76  Russell Horton

Double Zero                              12-23-76  Robery Dryden

The Magus                                12-25-76  Fred Gwynne

The Mark of Cain                         12-27-76  Ralph Bell

The Artist                               12-28-76  Michael Wager

Your Move, Mr. Ellers                    12-30-76  Jack Grimes

Tomorrow's Murder                        12-31-76  Robert Dryden

Who's Little Girls are You?              01-03-77  Marian Seldes

This Breed is Doomed                     01-04-77  Howard Da Silva

Family Album                             01-04-77  Paul Hecht

The Man From Ultra                       01-06-77  Court Benson

Conquest of Fear                         01-07-77  Tammy Grimes

Two Renegades                            01-10-77  Robert Dryden

Tobin's Palm                             01-12-77  Robert Dryden

Don't Die Without Me                     01-13-77  Robert Dryden

The Laughing Maiden                      01-13-77  Larry Haines

A Departmental Case                      01-14-77  Robert Dryden

Cherchez La Femme                        01-15-77  Robert Dryden

Jimmy Valentine's Gamble                 01-16-77  Robert Dryden

In Another Place                         01-16-77  Fred Gwynne

Son of Satan                             01-17-77  Gordon Gould

A Model Murderer                         01-17-77  Larry Haines

A Woman in Red                           01-19-77  Robert L. Green

Sophia and the Pilgrim                   01-19-77  Gordon Heath

The Enchanted Child                      01-20-77  Teri Keane

Happy Death Day                          01-21-77  Marian Seldes

The Forgetful Ghost                      01-23-77  Mandel Kramer

License to Kill                          01-24-77  Tony Roberts

The Ranee of Rajputana                   01-24-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

The White Wolf                           01-26-77  Norman Rose

The Safety Match                         01-26-77  Robert Dryden

The Defectors                            01-27-77  Fred Gwynne

My Fair Lady Killer                      01-28-77  Michael Tolan

Yesterday's Giant                        01-30-77  Norman Rose

A Casual Affair                          01-31-77  Mason Adams

The Ice Palace                           01-31-77  Tony Roberts

The Cat is Dead                          02-02-77  Marian Seldes

Don't Look Back                          02-02-77  Don Scardino

The Post Mistress of Laurel Run          02-03-77  Marian Seldes

The Ripple Effect                        02-04-77  Les Tremayne

The Talking Woman                        02-06-77  Ed Ames

I Pronounce you Dead                     02-07-77  Morgan Fairchild

Dr. Heidegger's Experiment               02-07-77  Gordon Heath

The Aurora Group                         02-08-77  Larry Haines

All Unregistered Aliens                  02-09-77  Anne Williams

The Recluse                              02-10-77  Tony Roberts

Reflected Terror                         02-10-77  Marian Seldes

Masquerade                               02-11-77  Paul Hecht

Nighteyes                                02-13-77  Ralph Bell

Stamped for Death                        02-14-77  Lloyd Batisa

Revenge is Sweet                         02-14-77  Mandel Kramer

The Star Killers                         02-15-77  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Something in the Air                     02-16-77  Gordon Heath

If Mischief Follow                       02-17-77  Ann Williams

The Church of Hell                       02-17-77  Roberta Maxwell

A Heart of Gold                          02-18-77  Frances Sternhagen

Angel From England                       02-20-77  Marian Seldes

Orient Express                           02-21-77  Mandel Kramer

A Phantom Yesterday                      02-21-77  Kim Hunter

Jane Eyre                                02-22-77  Patricia Elliott

Vanishing Lady                           02-23-77  Tony Roberts

Last Judgement                           02-24-77  Norman Rose

Loser Takes All                          02-24-77  Paul Hecht

Legend of Phoenix Hill                   02-25-77  Howard Da Silva

Second Sight                             02-27-77  Court Benson

The Light that Failed                    02-28-77  Mason Adams

The Hounds of the Baskervilles           03-01-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Overcoat                             03-03-77  Hans Conried

Answer Me                                03-04-77  Larry Haines

Beyond the Barrier                       03-07-77  Russell Horton

The Sign of the Four                     03-08-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Pleading Voice                       03-10-77  Corrine Orr

Till Death do Us Part                    03-11-77  Tammy Grimes

Look Backward Sometimes                  03-14-77  Roberta Maxwell

The Shining Man                          03-15-77  Robert Calaban

Jobo                                     03-17-77  Earl Hammond

Little Green Death                       03-18-77  Kim Hunter

The Eighth Deadly Sin                    03-21-77  Patricia Elliott

The Imposter                             03-22-77  Don Scardino

The Gift of Doom                         03-24-77  Kim Hunter

A Study in Scarlett                      03-25-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Warriors From Loanda                 03-28-77  Robert Dryden

The Coldest Killer                       03-29-77  Joan Lovejoy

Death is Blue                            03-31-77  Frances Sternhagen

You Bet your Life                        04-01-77  Paul Hecht

So Shall Ye Reap                         04-04-77  Russell Horton

The High Priest                          04-07-77  Robert Dyden

Blood, Thunder and a Woman in Green      04-08-77  Madel Kramer

Mansized, in Marble                      04-12-77  Paul Hecht

The Phantom House                        04-14-77  Marian Seldes

Borderline Case                          04-15-77  Merry Flershem

A House Divided                          04-18-77  Joan Lovejoy

The Book of Abaca                        04-19-77  Alan Swift

Come Away Death                          04-21-77  Norman Rose

Prisoner for Zenda                       04-22-77  Howard Ross

Bound East for Haiti                     04-25-77  Mason Adams

The Adventures of the Red-Headed League  04-26-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

Second Chance Lady                       04-28-77  Marian Seldes

Wuthering Heights                        04-29-77  Paul Hecht

Much Too Much                            05-02-77  Robert Dryden

The Luck Sister                          05-03-77  Fred Gwynne

Reunion Fever                            05-05-77  Phyllis Newman

Bottom of the World                      05-06-77  Tony Roberts

Mayerling Revisited                      05-16-77  Marian Seldes

The Child Cat's Paw                      05-17-77  Sarah Parker

A Matter of Customs                      05-19-77  Mary Jane Higby

Wine, Woman, and Murder                  05-20-77  Robert Dryden

The Briefcase Blunder                    05-23-77  Paul Hecht

Transmutations, Inc                      05-24-77  Norman Rose

The Countess                             05-26-77  Marian Seldes

The Silent Witness                       05-30-77  Ralph Bell

The Boscombe Pool Mystery                05-31-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

A God Named Smith                        06-02-77  Russell Horton

The Two-Dollar Murders                   06-03-77  Larry Haines

The Blood Red Wine                       06-06-77  Joan Lovejoy

The Curse of Conscience                  06-07-77  Tony Roberts

Dialogue With Death                      06-09-77  Paul Hecht

The Night we Died                        06-10-77  Bob Readick

The First Woman in Space                 06-13-77  Phyllis Newman

Murder One                               06-14-77  Tammy Grimes

Little Lucy's Lethal Libation            06-16-77  Larry Haines

Two Motive's for Murder                  06-17-77  Don Scardino

The Birthmark                            06-20-77  Tony Roberts

Tomorrow, Cloudy and Cold                06-21-77  Norman Rose

The Red Circle                           06-23-77  Ann Patonic

Fan Mail                                 06-24-77  Mandel Kramer

Come, Fill my Cup                        06-27-77  Larry Haines

The Adventure of the Speckled Band       06-28-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

Dead Men do Tell Tales                   06-30-77  Mason Adams

Revenge                                  07-01-77  Gordon Heath

Boomerang                                07-04-77  Anne Sheppard

Hexed                                    07-05-77  Roberta Maxwell

A Strange Among Us                       07-07-77  Marian Seldes

The Gift                                 07-08-77  Ralph Bell

A Scandal in Bohemia                     07-11-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Colonel Chabert                      07-12-77  Alexander Scourby

A Matter of Conscience                   07-14-77  Kristoffer Tabbori

The Kingdom Below                        07-15-77  Phyllis Newman

The Bisara of Pooree                     07-18-77  Paul Hecht

The Mysterious Island                    07-19-77  Earl Hammond

Rendezvous with Death                    07-21-77  Kristoffer Tabori

The Secret of the Aztecs                 07-22-77  Mason Adam

The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle      07-25-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Rockets Red Glare                    07-26-77  Mason Adams

The Secret of the Laurels                07-28-77  Norman Rose

The Thousand and First Door              07-29-77  Russell Horton

Hope Springs Eternal                     08-08-77  Court Benson

Case Closed                              08-10-77  Mandel Kramer

For Want of a Nail                       08-12-77  Betsy Palmer

The Together Place                       08-15-77  Norman Rose

In the Fog                               08-17-77  Gordon Gould

The Instrument                           08-19-77  Bell Ralph

Return to Pompeii                        08-22-77  Marian Seldes

The Adventures of Don Quixote            08-24-77  Arnold Moss

Area Thirteen                            08-26-77  Mandel Kramer

The Reunion                              08-31-77  Paul Hecht

Olive Darling and Morton Dear            09-02-77  Fred Gwynne

The Waiting Room                         09-05-77  Larry Haines

Silent Shock                             09-07-77  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Woman in the Green Dress                 09-09-77  Michael Tolan

First Childhood                          09-12-77  Eileen Heckart

The Way to Dusty Death                   09-13-77  Arnold Moss

Passport to Freedom                      09-15-77  Paul Hecht

Death Project X                          09-16-77  Larry Haines

The Wind and the Flame                   09-19-77  Celeste Holm

The Tunnel Man                           09-20-77  Ralph Bell

The Plan                                 09-22-77  Kim Hunter

The Burning Whirlwind                    09-23-77  Michael Tolan

The Guy de Maupassant Murders            09-26-77  Marian Seldes

The Wintering Place                      09-27-77  Robert Dryden

The Solitary                             09-29-77  Larry Haines

Trilby                                   09-30-77  Marian Seldes

Mother Knows Best                        10-03-77  Bryna Raeburn

The Sea Nymph                            10-05-77  Norman Rose

The Adventures of the Beryl Coronet      10-07-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

The Actress                              10-10-77  Tammy Grimes

The Case of the Chateau Margaux          10-12-77  Jackson Beck

The People of the Sissora                10-14-77  Ralph Bell

Return Engagement                        10-17-77  Fred Gwynne

The Island on Silvertree Lake            10-19-77  Patricia Elliott

Sorry to Let you Go                      10-21-77  Mandel Kramer

Trial for Murder                         10-24-77  Paul Hecht

Just To Keep Busy                        10-25-77  Robert Dyrden

The House by the Seine                   10-27-77  Marian Seldes

A Question of Identity (Dif 11/12/76)    10-28-77  Russell Horton

Trial by Fire                            10-31-77  Norman Rose

Last Train Out                           11-01-77  Anne Williams

Land of the Living Dead                  11-03-77  Don Scardino

The Final Judgement                      11-04-77  Gordon Heath

The Therapeutic Cat                      11-07-77  Fred gwynne

The Haunted Mill                         11-08-77  Ralph Bell

A Tale of Two Worlds                     11-10-77  Bob Kaliban

We Meet Again                            11-11-77  Terri Keane

The Gloria Scott                         11-14-77  Kevin Mc Carthy

A Point of Time (Dif from  10/15/76)     11-15-77  Norman Rose

Hunted Down                              11-17-77  Gordon Heath

A Grain of Salt                          11-18-77  Teri Keane

She                                      11-21-77  Gordon Gould

The Pinkerton Method                     11-23-77  Ian Martin

Indian Giver                             11-25-77  Fred Gwynne

The Man is Missing                       11-28-77  Anne Williams

The Lost Tomorrows                       12-05-77  Mandel Kramer

Fire and Ice                             12-07-77  Fred Gwynne

This Time Around                         12-09-77  Gordon Heath

Ten Million Dollar Heist                 12-12-77  Joe Silver

The Death Shot                           12-14-77  Michael Tolan

The Ghost with Knife                     12-16-77  Arnold Moss

Brothers of the Angle                    12-19-77  Ralph Bell

The Big Ten Cent Hustle                  12-21-77  Earl Hammond

The Witching Well                        12-23-77  Paul Hecht

The Ghosts of Yesterday                  12-26-77  Teri Keane

The Missouri Kid                         12-28-77  Lloyd Battista

The Ninth Volume                         12-30-77  Michael Wager

Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater               01-02-78  Fred Gwynne

A Message from Space                     02-28-78  Tony Roberts

You Tell me Your Dream                   03-02-78  Teri Keane

The Assassin                             03-03-78  Larry Haines

House and the Brain                      03-06-78  Gordon Heath

The Red Scarf                            03-07-78  Ralph Bell

The Instant Millionaires                 03-09-78  Roberta Kaliban

Who is George Williams?                  03-10-78  Larry Haines

The Wheel of Life                        03-13-78  Russell Horton

The Impossible is True                   03-14-78  Anne Williams

The Time Fold                            03-16-78  Paul Hecht

Identified Flying Objects                03-17-78  Bryna Raeburn

All Things are Possible                  03-20-78  Paul Hecht

The Golden Amulet                        03-21-78  Tony Roberts

The Judas Kiss                           03-23-78  Fred Gwynne

Wise Child                               03-24-78  Ralph Bell

The Pretend Person                       03-27-78  Teri Keane

The Ghost in the Well                    03-28-78  Tony Roberts

Big City Blues                           03-30-78  Russell Horton

Shark Bait                               03-31-78  Tony Roberts

Fortune's Favorite                       04-03-78  Mary Jane Higby

Delusion of Reprieve                     04-04-78  Paul Hecht

A Tragedy of Error                       04-06-78  Tammy Grimes

The Parasite                             04-07-78  Norman Rose

Childish Laughter                        04-10-78  Alexander Scourby

Blackmail                                04-11-78  Larry Haines

The Shreik of the Mandrake               04-13-78  Ann Williams

Chapter of Errors                        04-14-78  Court Benson

Murder at Troyte's Hill                  04-17-78  Marian Seldes

Uncle Louis                              04-18-78  Tony Roberts

The Avocado Jungle                       04-20-78  Larry Haines

Bet With the Angels                      04-21-78  Mason Adams

The Grandee of Terra Loco                04-24-78  Paul Hecht

International Dateline                   04-25-78  Michael Tolan

The Queen of Palmyra                     04-27-78  Fred Gwynne

The House on Chimmey Pot Lane            04-28-78  Marian Seldes

A Drink with Dionysius                   05-01-78  Fred Gwynne

The Figure in the Moonlight              05-02-78  Patricia Elliott

Journey to Somewhere                     05-04-78  Norman Rose

Cool Killer Carl                         05-05-78  Mason Adams

Death and Desire                         05-08-78  Mercedes Mc Cambridge

Room 418                                 05-09-78  Michael Tolan

The Guilt of the Innocent                05-11-78  Fred Gwynne

The Secret of Shen-Si                    05-12-78  Patricia Elliott

Edmund Ormf                              05-15-78  Lamont Johnson

Girl Talk                                05-16-78  Teri Keane

Time out of Mind                         05-18-78  Russell Horton

The Hundred Dollar Difference            05-19-78  Mason Adams

The Girl he Left Behind                  05-22-78  Anne Williams

Window to Oblivion                       05-23-78  Russell Horton

The Spy & The Traitor                    05-25-78  Gordon Heath

Arctic Encounter                         05-26-78  Mason Adams

The Rich Ostrich                         05-29-78  Don Scardino

The Bittersweet Honeymoon                05-30-78  Jada Rowland

The Silent Woman                         06-01-78  John Beal

Diamond Cut Diamond                      06-02-78  Fred Gwynne

The Undying Heart                        06-05-78  Mandel Kramer

Miracle in Sharon City                   06-06-78  John Beal

Death Spell                              06-08-78  Ralph Bell

A Long Way from Home                     06-09-78  Russell Horton

Alias Mr. Aladdin                        06-12-78  John Beal

The Actor Charlie                        06-14-78  Leon Janney

The Unholy Miracle                       06-16-78  Mandel Kramer

Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde                 06-19-78  William Prince

A Matter of Faith                        06-21-78  Michael Wager

The Black Door                           06-23-78  Kevin Mc Carthy

Lady Bluebeard                           06-26-78  Fred Gwynne

The Quadruple                            06-28-78  Michael Tolan

The Good Times Express                   06-30-78  Ralph Bell

King Bank Robber                         07-03-78  Mason Adams

My Kingdom for a Horse                   07-05-78  Joe Silver

The Four- Fifteen Express                07-07-78  William Prince

Sound Advice                             07-10-78  Carol Teitel

Guardian Angel                           07-11-78  John Beal

The Village of Fools                     07-13-78  Fred Gwynne

The Hanging Judge                        07-14-78  Court Benson

The Tell-Tale Scar                       07-17-78  Tony Roberts

The Absent Minded League                 07-18-78  Norman Rose

The Further you go, the Less you Know    07-20-78  Mandel Kramer

The Locked Trunk                         07-21-78  Patricia Elliott

Close Shave                              07-24-78  Larry Haines

The Stranger Inside                      07-25-78  Ralph Bell

The Cabinet of the Unsolved              07-27-78  Robert Dryden

Double-Take                              07-28-78  Marian Seldes

The Vanishing Point                      07-31-78  Fred Gwynne

The Devil's Brew                         08-02-78  Russell Horton

The Avenging Ghost of Kitty Morgan       08-04-78  Mandel Kramer

The Sixth Commandant                     08-07-78  Teri Keane

The Versegy Case                         08-09-78  Arnold Moss

Dr. Eduardo                              08-11-78  Norman Rose

The Black Sheep & the Captain            08-14-78  Jack Grimes

Raptures of the Deep                     08-16-78  Michael Tolan

Our Own Jailer                           08-18-78  John Beal

Cross Fire                               08-21-78  Russell Horton

The Eavesdropper                         08-23-78  Teri Keane

The Other Soul                           08-25-78  Russell Horton

Will the Real Amy stand Up?              08-28-78  Jennifer Harmon

The Biggest Fish in the World            08-30-78  Joan Shea

Flash Point                              09-01-78  Felicia Farr

Devil's Gold                             09-04-78  Russell Horton

Dead Wrong                               09-06-78  Ralph Bell

Ignorant Armies                          09-08-78  Mandel Kramer

End of Memory                            09-11-78  Tony Roberts

High Caquetta                            09-13-78  Marian Seldes

The Secret of Crows Nest                 09-15-78  Mandel Kramer

It's Hard to be Rich                     09-18-78  Lloyd Battista

The Beheading                            09-20-78  Teri Keane

The Conversion Factor                    09-22-78  Norman Rose

A Table for Two                          09-25-78  Larry Haines

The Headhunters                          09-27-78  Mary Jane Higby

A Thousand Year Old Story                09-29-78  Ralph Bell

The Forever Alley                        10-02-78  Larry Haines

Shadow of Love                           10-04-78  Robert Dryden

The Captain of the Polestar              10-06-78  Paul Hecht

The Triple Crown                         10-09-78  Jack Grimes

The Man in Black                         10-11-78  Kim Hunter

How Much Land Does a Man Need            10-13-78  Paul Hecht

The Winds of Time                        10-16-78  Carol Teitel

Never Answer an Advertisement            10-18-78  Russell Horton

The Outside Girl                         10-20-78  Paul Hecht

The Lazarus Syndrome                     10-23-78  Mandel Kramer

Family Ties                              10-25-78  Teri Keane

The Sound of Terror                      10-27-78  Patricia Elliott

The Midas of Castle Hill                 11-01-78  Norman Rose

The Man with the Claret Mark             11-03-78  Teri Keane

Hit and Run                              11-06-78  Anne Williams

Second Sight II                          11-08-78  Michael Tolan

A Better Mousetrap                       11-10-78  John Beal

The Pilgrims Soul                        11-13-78  Carol Teitel

The Conspiracy                           11-15-78  Teri Keane

The Favor of Women                       11-17-78  Lloyd Battista

The Thing at Nolan                       11-20-78  Russell Horton

The Gray Slipper                         11-22-78  Carol Teitel

Night Visitor                            11-24-78  Teri Keane

Alien Presences                          11-27-78  John Beal

The Romany Revenge                       11-29-78  Earl Hammond

Squaring the Triangle                    12-01-78  Felicia Farr

The Serpent of Saris                     12-04-78  Fred Gwynne

The Devil's Bargain                      12-06-78  Robert Dryden

The Exploding Heart                      12-08-78  Robert Kaliban

A Horror Story                           12-11-78  Robert Dryden

Ward Six                                 12-13-78  Norman Rose

Search for Myra                          12-15-78  Mandel Kramer

The Familiar Ghost                       12-18-78  Charles Irving

It Has to Be True                        12-20-78  John Beal

The Power of Evil                        12-22-78  Lloyd Battista

If I Can't Have you                      12-25-78  Robert Kaliban

No Way Out                               12-27-78  Earl Hammond

The Dead Horse                           12-29-78  Leon Janney

Complete Recovery                        01-01-79  Mary Jane Higby

The Look                                 01-04-79  Michael Tolan

Nefertitit: The Vulture Screams          01-08-79  Tammy Grimes

Nefertitit: To Kill a Pharoah            01-09-79  Tammy Grimes

Nefertitit: The Cobra Strikes            01-10-79  Tammy Grimes

Nefertitit: Head with one Eye            01-11-79  Tammy Grimes

Nefertitit: The Curse of the Scarab      01-12-79  Tammy Grimes

The Long, Long Sleep                     01-15-79  Larry Haines

The Wandering Wind                       01-17-79  John Beal

Side Effects                             01-19-79  Robert Dryden

Let the Buyer Beware                     01-22-79  Joan Lovejoy

The Burning Bough                        01-24-79  Norman Rose

The Dominant Personality                 01-26-79  Roberta Maxwell

Love After Death                         02-05-79  Norman Rose

Every Body Does it                       02-07-79  Robert Dryden

The Sinister Shadow                      02-12-79  Teri Keane

The Missing Day                          02-14-79  Russell Horton

The Shock of his Life                    02-19-79  Larry Haines

The Great Brain                          02-21-79  Gordon Heath

Hickory Dickory Doom                     02-26-79  Tony Roberts

Shadows from a Grave                     02-28-79  Kritsoffer Tabori

The Fall of Gentryville                  03-05-79  Michael Tolan

Watcher of the Living                    03-07-79  Tony Roberts

All the Time in the World                03-12-79  Ralph Bell

The Love God                             03-14-79  Marian Seldes

The Unseen Watcher                       03-19-79  Earl Hammond

Masks                                    03-21-79  John Beal

Enemy from Space                         03-26-79  Mandel Kramer

Waste Paper                              03-28-79  Kim Hunter

Voyage to Intrastar                      04-02-79  Norman Rose

The Believers                            04-04-79  Kristoffer Tobori

The Permanent Man                        04-09-79  Robert Dryden

The Charnel House                        04-11-79  Roberta Maxwell

Ring of Evil                             04-16-79  Kathleen Quinlan

The Golden Girl                          04-18-79  Gordon Heath

The Glass Bubble                         04-23-79  Teri Keane

Letter of Love, Letter of Death          04-25-79  Michael Tolan

War of Angels                            04-30-79  Anne Williams

The Fabulous Pillow                      05-03-79  Tony Roberts

Search for Eden                          05-07-79  Lloyd Battista

The Hole in the Sky                      05-09-79  Mandel Kramer

Virtue is its Own Reward                 05-14-79  Fred Gwynne

Messenger from Yesterday                 05-16-79  Norman Rose

Help Wanted                              05-21-79  Tony Roberts

Dreams                                   05-23-79  Kristoffer Tabori

The Outsider                             05-28-79  John Beal

A Curious Experience                     05-30-79  Kristoffer Tabori

Willy and Dilly                          06-04-79  Fred Gwynne

The Pardon                               06-06-79  Larry Haines

Look who Coming                          06-11-79  Teri Keane

The Copenhagen Connection                06-13-79  Ralph Bell

The Unquiet Tomb                         06-18-79  Fred Gwynne

The Spaces of the Wall                   06-20-79  Kevin Mc Carthy

Mission from Zython                      06-25-79  John Beal

The Giuseppe Verdi Autobus               06-27-79  Tammy Grimes

The Rivalry                              07-02-79  John Beal

The Great White Shark                    07-04-79  Michael Tolan

Smile at a Homely Girl                   07-09-79  Larry Haines

The Fools                                07-11-79  Fred Gwynne

The House of the Dead Heart              07-16-79  Kristoffer Tobori

The Case of the Forced Divorce           07-18-79  Robert Dryden

No Man's Land                            07-23-79  Tony Roberts

Catch a Falling Star                     07-25-79  Carol Teitel

Relax and Enjoy it                       07-30-79  Norman Rose

The Love Goddess                         08-01-79  Court Benson

Tiger, Tiger Burning Bright              08-13-79  Robert Dryden

Body and Soul                            08-15-79  Teri Keane

Taboo Means Death                        08-20-79  Russell Horton

Stranger from Nowhere                    08-22-79  Paul Hecht

A Cup of Bitter Chocolate                08-27-79  Joan Shea

Ninety Lives                             08-29-79  Teri Keane

Tomorrow Will Never Come                 09-03-79  Robert Dryden

The Man in the Black Cap                 09-05-79  Paul Hecht

The Odyssey of Laura Col                 09-10-79  Betsy Beard

The Two Sams                             09-12-79  Fred Gwynne

The Guillotine                           09-17-79  Paul Hecht

You're Better off Guilty                 09-19-79  Kristoffer Tabori

The Gettysburg Address                   09-24-79  Robert Dryden

The Eighth Day                           09-26-79  Mandel Kramer

The Beast                                10-01-79  Norman Rose

The Finger of God                        10-03-79  Kristoffer Tabori

Wilhelmina Wilson                        10-08-79  Paul Hecht

At the End of the Passage                10-10-79  John Beal

Out of the Mist                          10-15-79  Russell Horton

Jerry the Convincer                      10-17-79  Paul Hecht

Sheer Terror                             10-22-79  Teri Keane

Dangerous Memory                         10-24-79  Larry Haines

The Alien Guest                          10-29-79  Paul Hecht

Who Has Seen the Wind                    10-31-79  Michael Tolan

The Terrorist                            11-05-79  Jada Rowland

Davey Jerrold's Jacket                   11-07-79  Russell Horton

House without Mirrors                    11-12-79  Paul Hecht

The 999,000 Error                        11-14-79  Jackson Beck

The God that Failed                      11-19-79  Fred Gwynne

By Word of Mouth                         11-21-79  Court Benson

Strange New Tomorrow                     11-26-79  John Beal

The Philosopher's Stone                  11-28-79  Russell Horton

The Spectre Bridegroom                   12-03-79  Paul Hecht

Appointment at Sarajevo                  12-05-79  Roberta Maxwell

If a Body                                12-10-79  Fred Gwynne

The Movie Marker                         12-12-79  Marian Seldes

Beyond Belief                            12-17-79  Jada Rowland

Shadow of a Lover                        12-19-79  Michael Tolan

Death is a Woman                         12-25-79  Gordon Heath

Between These Worlds                     12-27-79  Tony Roberts

The Thousand Pound Gorilla               12-31-79  Mandel Kramer

Revenge is not Sweet                     01-02-80  Robert Dryden

Last Days of Pompeii: The First Day      01-07-80  Russell Horton

Last Days of Pompeii: Thrown to the      01-08-80  Russell Horton


Last Days of Pompeii: Half Prophet Half  01-09-80  Russell Horton


Last Days of Pompeii: Danger, Love and   01-10-80  Russell Horton


Last Days of Pompeii: The Buried City    01-11-80  Russell Horton

The Better Half                          01-14-80  Tony Roberts

Prisoner of the Machines                 01-16-80  John Lithgow

Once Upon An Island                      01-21-80  Norman Rose

The Forty-Four                           01-23-80  John Beal

The God Machine                          01-28-80  Lloyd Battista

The Crystal Gazer                        01-30-80  Robert Dryden

That's What Friends are for              02-04-80  Tony Roberts

The Deserter                             02-06-80  John Lithgow

Talk to Me                               02-11-80  John Beal

Crime of Passion                         02-13-80  Mandel Kramer

The Time Box                             02-18-80  Russell Horton

The Vampire Plant                        02-20-80  Robert Dryden

The Unseen and the Seen                  02-25-80  Paul Hecht

The Intruder                             02-27-80  Norman Rose

Laundry Money                            03-03-80  Larry Haines

A Matter of Identity                     03-05-80  Russell Horton

You're Going to Like Rodney              03-10-80  Tony Roberts

The Secret of the 5th Bell               03-12-80  Earl Hammond

The Evil Eye                             03-17-80  Mandel Kramer

The Death Wish                           03-19-80  Ralph Bell

The Blue Tiger                           03-24-80  Larry Haines

Conspiracy                               03-26-80  Kevin Mc Carthy

The End of the Rainbow                   03-31-80  Teri Keane

The Fateful Bell                         04-02-80  Kristoffer Tabori

Madame Sirocco                           04-07-80  Earl Hammond

Kitty                                    04-09-80  Teri Keane

Star Saphire                             04-14-80  Fred Gwynne

The Face in the Coffin                   04-16-80  Kristoffer Tabori

The Fourth Reason                        04-21-80  John Lithgow

The Dead you Can't Bury                  04-23-80  Jada Rowland

Portrait of Memory                       04-28-80  Norman Rose

How can I Ever Thank You?                04-30-80  Mandel Kramer

The Inner Eye                            05-05-80  Roberta Maxwell

Wanted: A Husband                        05-07-80  Fred Gwynne

Tomorrow is Never                        05-12-80  Marian Seldes

On the Side of the Angels                05-14-80  Earl Hammond

Two of a Kind                            05-19-80  Kristoffer Tabori

A Private Demon                          05-21-80  Norman Rose

Phantom World                            05-26-80  Marian Seldes

The Bluff                                05-28-80  Larry Haines

Let George Do It                         06-02-80  Russell Horton

Obsession                                06-04-80  Robert Dryden

That Magic Touch                         06-09-80  Marian Seldes

Legacy of Guilt                          06-11-80  Roberta Maxwell

Voice from the Grave                     06-16-80  EarlHammond

In the Name of Love                      06-18-80  Teri Keane

Life Blood                               06-23-80  Marian Seldes

The Sweet Smell of Murder                06-25-80  Bryna Raeburn

The Old Maid Murders                     06-30-80  Tammy Grimes

Maud Evelyn                              07-02-80  Paul Hecht

Silent Partners                          07-07-80  Marian Seldes

Sierra Alpha Six-Three Eight             07-09-80  Robert Dryden

Nightmare in Gillette Castle             07-14-80  Kevin Mc Carthy

Murder Preferred                         07-16-80  Tony Roberts

A Ton of Gold                            07-28-80  Earl Hammond

The Death Disk                           07-30-80  Tammy Grimes

The Deadly Fraternity                    08-04-80  Jack Grimes

The Mysterious Hanging of Squire         08-06-80  Paul Hecht


The Master Minds                         08-11-80  Russell Horton

The Return of Edward Blair               08-13-80  John Lithgow

Human Error                              08-18-80  Larry Haines

Kill Now, Pay Later                      08-20-80  Tony Roberts

Poor Lester                              08-25-80  Teri Keane

A Feast of Death                         08-27-80  Jada Rowland

The Power of Zeus                        09-01-80  Russell Horton

Leave Well Enough Alone                  09-03-80  John Beal

Hand in Glove                            09-08-80  Russell Horton

Ocean of Emptiness                       09-10-80  Paul Hecht

Number One                               09-15-80  Larry Haines

Phantom Paradise                         09-16-80  Marian Seldes

The Threshold                            09-17-80  Fred Gwynne

The Mysterious Rochdale Special          09-22-80  Ralph Bell

The Murder Caesar                        09-24-80  Paul Hecht

The Ruby Lamp                            09-29-80  Mandel Kramer

Hero's Welcome                           10-01-80  Tony Roberts

Second Sight (Diff from  2/27/78)        10-06-80  Fred Gwynne

Portrait of An Assassin                  10-08-80  John Lithgow

Napolean and the Queen of Sheba          10-13-80  Kristoffer Tabori

The Bright Golden Murders                10-15-80  Tammy Grimes

Honest Mistake                           10-20-80  Earl Hammond

Confession                               10-22-80  Paul Hecht

The Gilbert Stuart                       10-27-80  Gordon Gould

Bloodline                                10-29-80  John Lithgow

Guilty                                   11-03-80  Paul Hecht

The Question                             11-05-80  Kristoffer Tabori

The Dagger of Almohades                  11-10-80  John Lithgow

Natural Sugar                            11-12-80  Fred Gwynne

That Hamlet was a Good Boy               11-14-80  Will Mac Kensie

The Eleventh Plague                      11-17-80  Russell Horton

The Iron Horse                           11-19-80  Norman Rose

The Killer Instinct                      11-24-80  Teri Keane

Breakout                                 11-26-80  Paul Hecht

A Holiday Visit                          12-25-80  Lloyd Battista

Catch the Smallest Devil                 01-01-81  Fred Gwynne

Sins of the Fathers                      01-02-81  Patricia Elliott

The Tenth Life                           01-06-81  Paul Hecht

In the Dark                              01-08-81  Teri Keane

The Legend of Alexander: Courage         01-12-81  Russell Horton

The Legend of Alexander: Assassination   01-13-81  Russell Horton

The Legend of Alexander: Divide &        01-14-81  Russell Horton


The Legend of Alexander: The Oracle      01-15-81  Russell Horton

The Legend of Alexander: The Legend      01-16-81  Russell Horton


Fountain of Truth                        01-20-81  Fred Gwynne

The Final Mind                           01-22-81  Norman Rose

Small Money                              01-27-81  Tony Roberts

The Vanishing Herd                       01-29-81  John Beal

The Man Who Saw Martians                 02-02-81  Jack Grimes

Who is Jessica Worth?                    02-04-81  Marian Seldes

Is Venice Drowning?                      02-06-81  Kim Hunter

Transplant                               02-09-81  Marian Seldes

The Shadow of a Killer                   02-11-81  Fred Gwynne

Behind the Blue Door                     02-13-81  Jada Rowland

Troubled Waters                          02-16-81  Ralph Bell

Stand in for Murder                      02-18-81  Paul Hecht

The Gift House                           02-20-81  Joyce Gordon

The Frog Prince                          02-23-81  Robert Kaliban

A God Named Henry                        02-25-81  Ralph Bell

Love me, Don't Leave Me                  02-27-81  John Beal

The Raft                                 03-02-81  Norman Rose

Her Long Blonde Hair                     03-04-81  Lloyd Battista

Heads you Love, Tails you Die            03-06-81  Marian Seldes

Murder on the Space Shuttle              03-09-81  Paul Hecht

Last Act                                 03-11-81  Court Benson

The Heel Achilles                        03-13-81  Arnold Moss

Maiden Ladies                            03-16-81  Teri Keane

Pretty Polly                             03-18-81  Tony Roberts

The Million Dollar Scam                  03-20-81  Norman Rose

The First Day of Eternity                03-23-81  Norman Rose

The Shadow of the Killer                 03-24-81  Fred Gwynne

The Ghost Grey Bat                       03-25-81  Don Scardino

Did I Say Murder?                        03-27-81  Tammy Grimes

The Dead Come Alive                      03-30-81  Marian Seldes

Trouble Waters                           03-31-81  Ralph Bell

Down the Garden Path                     04-01-81  Gordon Gould

Somewhere Else                           04-03-81  Marian Seldes

The Gratitude of the Serpent             04-06-81  Paul Hecht

The Doll (Diff from 1974)                04-08-81  Kristoffer Tabori

The Empty Coffin                         04-10-81  Tony Roberts

Death Trail                              04-13-81  Court Benson

The Fatal $50,000                        04-15-81  Fred Gwynne

But With Blood                           04-17-81  Fred Gwynne

The Power of Ode                         04-20-81  Kristoffer Tabori

The Terrifying Gift                      04-22-81  Roberts Maxwell

The Long Blue Line                       04-24-81  Mandel Kramer

Big Mama                                 04-27-81  Paul Hecht

The Man of Two Centuries                 04-29-81  Len Cariou

The Voices                               05-01-81  Norman Rose

Garden of the Moon                       05-04-81  Norman Rose

The Apparition                           05-06-81  Kristoffer Tabori

Is the Doctor in?                        05-08-81  Tony Roberts

End of a Queen                           05-11-81  Tammy Grimes

Diogenes Inc.                            05-13-81  Jack Grimes

Cold Comfort                             05-15-81  Robert Dryden

A Shocking Affair                        05-18-81  Joe Silver

Insomnia                                 05-20-81  Teri Keane

The Headhunters                          05-22-81  Len Cariou

The Innocent Face                        05-25-81  Roberta Maxwell

Little Richard                           05-27-81  Kristoffer Tabori

Out of the Past                          05-29-81  Paul Hecht

The Runaway General                      06-01-81  Norman Rose

The Cat's Paw                            06-03-81  Larry Haines

Matched Pair for Murder                  06-05-81  Arnold Moss

Stranded                                 06-08-81  Marian Seldes

Second Look at Murder                    06-10-81  Roberta Maxwell

When in Rome                             06-12-81  Fred Gwynne

Two's a Crowd                            06-15-81  Earl Hammond

The Final Step                           06-17-81  Marian Seldes

Henrietta's Revenge                      06-19-81  Patricia Elliott

Walking and Sleeping                     06-29-81  Michael Tolan

The Fourth Bullet                        07-01-81  Russell Horton

A Second Chance                          07-03-81  Paul Hecht

My Good Name                             07-06-81  Tammy Grimes

Death and The Dreamer                    07-08-81  Mandel Kramer

A Man of Honor                           07-10-81  John Beal

The Good Shepherds                       07-13-81  Robert Dryden

Alice                                    07-15-81  Marian Seldes

Pie in the Sky                           07-17-81  Robert Kaliban

The Eye of the Idol                      07-20-81  Tony Roberts

Toy Death                                07-22-81  Kristoffer Tabori

Once a Thief                             07-24-81  Fred Gwynne

The Silver Medal                         07-27-81  Roberta Maxwell

Postage Due                              07-29-81  Ralph Bell

A Penny for your Thoughts                07-31-81  Michael Tolan

Honor Among Thieves                      08-03-81  Fred Gwynne

The Orphaned Heart                       08-05-81  Roberts Maxwell

Let no Man Put us Under                  08-07-81  Michael Wager

Hostage to Terror                        08-10-81  Roberta Maxwell

Lovely People                            08-14-81  Kim Hunter

The Thracian Lovers                      08-17-81  Marian Seldes

The Left Hand of God                     08-21-81  Norman Rose

The Leopard Man                          08-24-81  Norman Rose

Hidden Memory                            08-28-81  Kristoffer Tabori

The Musgrave Ritual                      08-31-81  Gordon Gould

Doublecross Death                        09-04-81  Fred Gwynne

Episode of the Terror                    09-07-81  Marian Seldes

The Senior Prom                          09-11-81  Larry Haines

Flower of Evil                           09-14-81  Arnold Moss

The Land of Dreams                       09-18-81  Kristoffer Tabori

Diablo                                   09-21-81  Marian Seldes

The Judge's House                        09-25-81  Gordon Gould

The Liar                                 09-28-81  Norman Rose

Mata Hari                                10-02-81  Tammy Grimes

The Solid Gold Scarf                     10-05-81  Larry Haines

Sleeping Dogs                            10-09-81  Russell Horton

The Five Hundred Carats                  10-12-81  Gordon Gould

J'Accuse                                 10-16-81  Roberta Maxwell

The Equalizer                            10-19-81  Larry Haines

The Most Necessary Evil                  10-23-81  Michael Tolan

Daddy's Girl                             10-26-81  Teri Keane

In Touch                                 10-29-81  Amanda Plummer

Between Two Mirrors                      11-02-81  Marian Seldes

Rescue                                   11-06-81  Louis Turenne

Golden Time                              11-09-81  Larry Haines

The Presence                             11-13-81  Norman Rose

The Death will not Silence Me            11-16-81  Marian Seldes

A Handful of Dust                        11-20-81  Paul Hecht

The Code                                 11-23-81  Russell Horton

Double Cross Death                       11-25-81  Fred Gwynne

The Huntress Diana                       11-27-81  Teri Keane

Vanity and Jane                          11-30-81  Marian Seldes

The Dog Walker Murders                   12-04-81  Lloyd Battista

The White Rabbit                         12-07-81  Norman Rose

Song of the Siren                        12-11-81  Mandel Kramer

Harry's Taxi and the T Machine           12-14-81  Larry Haines

Invited Guests                           12-22-81  Russell Horton

The Head of a Pin                        12-23-81  Don Scardino

The Silver Mirror                        12-28-81  Gordon Gould

Too Early, Too Late                      12-31-81  Russell Horton

The Acquisition                          01-04-82  Tony Roberts

The Last Orbit                           01-08-82  Larry Haines

Les Miserables: The Thief & The Bishop   01-11-82  Alexander Scourby

Les Miserables: The Lawless & the Law    01-12-82  Alexander Scourby

Les Miserables: No Escape                01-13-82  Alexander Scourby

Les Miserables: Fear, Love, and Death    01-14-82  Alexander Scourby

Les Miserables: The Final Chapter        01-15-82  Alexander Scourby

The Real World                           01-19-82  Joyce Gordon

Gate 27                                  01-21-82  Fred Gwynne

To Be An Empress                         01-26-82  Amanda Plummer

Dickens of Scotland Yard                 01-28-82  Paul Hecht

The Good Ship Aud                        02-01-82  Earl Hammond

The Mysterious Slumber                   02-03-82  Elspeth Eric

The Cantankerous Ghost                   02-05-82  Marian Seldes

Change of Heart                          02-08-82  Louis Turenne

The Sand Castle                          02-10-82  Norman Rose

The Bargain                              02-12-82  Mandel Kramer

The .44 Connection                       02-15-82  Marian Seldes

The Washington Kidnap                    02-17-82  Paul Hecht

The Victim                               02-19-82  John Lithgow

Nickels and Dimes                        02-22-82  Michael Tolan

Invaders from Atlantis                   02-24-82  Arnold Moss

The Blood Red Ink                        02-26-82  Fred Gwynne

The Blue Sedan                           03-01-82  Kim Hunter

Death Star                               03-03-82  Russell Horton

Death At a Distance                      03-05-82  Norman Rose

First Impressions                        03-08-82  Teri Keane

The Heart of Boadicea                    03-10-82  Marian Seldes

The New Man at the Yard                  03-12-82  Paul Hecht

The Face of the Waters                   03-15-82  Paul Hecht

Tippecanoe and Tyler, Too                03-17-82  Carol Teitel

The Magic Stick of Manitu                03-19-82  Fred Gwynne

The Tool Shed                            03-22-82  John Vickery

The Old Country                          03-24-82  Paul Hect

In the Cards                             03-26-82  Tammy Grimes

On the Night of the Dead                 03-29-82  John Vickery

I am the Killer                          03-31-82  Keir Dullea

The Navel Treaty                         04-02-82  Gordon Gould

Widow Wonderland                         04-05-82  Elspeth Eric

Only a Woman                             04-07-82  Russell Horton

You Tell Me Your Dream                   04-09-82  Michael Tolan

His Fourth Wife                          04-12-82  Russell Horton

The Visions of Sir Phillip Sidney        04-14-82  Lee Richardson

Something to Live for                    04-16-82  Fred Gwynne

Shelter                                  04-19-82  Ralph Bell

The Jataka                               04-21-82  Marian Seldes

The Whimpering Pond                      04-23-82  Norman Rose

The Hanging Sheriff                      04-26-82  Fred Gwynne

The Ghost of Andersonville               04-28-82  Tony Roberts

The Last Duel                            04-30-82  Lee Richardson

Guilty as Charged                        05-03-82  Michael Tolan

Dreamers and Killers                     05-05-82  Marian Seldes

The Wedding Present                      05-07-82  Ralph Bell

Tourist Trap                             05-10-82  Paul Hecht

The Wound That Would Not Heal            05-12-82  Ralph Bell

The Hills of Arias                       05-14-82  Mandel Kramer

The Imperfect Crime                      05-17-82  Russell Horton

The Brooch                               05-19-82  Paul Hecht

The Different People                     05-21-82  Kristoffer Tabori

Your Desires, My Guilt                   05-24-82  Norman Rose

Why is this Lady Smiling                 05-26-82  John Vickery

The Chess Master                         05-28-82  Paul Hecht

Lady Macbeth At the Zoo                  05-31-82  Larry Haines

Two Times Dead                           06-02-82  Lloyd Battista

My First Rogue                           06-04-82  Lee Richardson

The Woman Who Wanted to Live             06-14-82  Larry Haines

A Most Dangerous Animal                  06-16-82  Fred Gwynne

The Fifth Man                            06-18-82  Norman Rose

Universe Hallow                          06-21-82  Patricia Elliott

Matching Chairs                          06-23-82  Kristoffer Elliott

Don't Kill Me                            06-25-82  Tony Roberts

Escape to Prison                         06-28-82  Marian Seldes

Killer Crab                              06-30-82  Russell Horton

Bring Back My Body                       07-02-82  Kim Hunter

The Romance of Mary Oates                07-05-82  Roberta Maxwell

Code Word Caprice                        07-07-82  Bernard Grant

Come Back Next Week                      07-09-82  Teri Keane

The Hand of Amnesia                      07-12-82  Ralph Bell

The Innocent Murderer                    07-14-82  Tony Roberts

The Great Catherine                      07-16-82  Tammy Grimes

Formula Z The Protector                  07-20-82  Patricia Elliott

Yearbook                                 07-22-82  Evie Juster

Adolph and Eva                           07-27-82  Roberta Maxwell

Mind Over Mind                           07-29-82  Jada Rowland

Redhead                                  08-03-82  Fred Gwynne

Murder by Decree                         08-05-82  Marian Seldes

A Pair of Green Eyes                     08-10-82  Teri Keane

The Man With the X-Ray Eyes              08-12-82  Fred Gwynne

Famous Last Words                        08-17-82  Kim Hunter

Eleanora                                 08-19-82  Marian Seldes

Funeral Without a Corpse                 08-24-82  Norman Rose

Barn Burner                              08-26-82  Russell Horton

How do you Like Those Apples?            08-31-82  Mandel Kramer

The Rim of Eternity                      09-02-82  Larry Haines

Scenes from a Murder                     09-07-82  Russell Horton

The Riddle                               09-09-82  Patricia Elliott

The Forbidden House                      09-14-82  Tony Roberts

Two Sisters                              09-16-82  Patricia Elliott

The Way Station                          09-20-82  Norman Rose

Pursuit of a Dream                       09-22-82  Carol Teitel

The Force of Evil                        09-24-82  Paul Hecht

Roll Call of the Dead                    09-27-82  Russell Horton

The Million Dollar Leg                   09-29-82  Tony Roberts

Escape From Anzio                        10-01-82  Gordon Gould

The Ninth Commandment                    10-04-82  Teri Keane

The Trial of Abraham Lincoln             10-06-82  Patricia Elliott

The Pale Horse                           10-08-82  Earl Hammond

Tony's Market                            10-11-82  Earl Hammond

Fly Swatter                              10-13-82  Fred Gwynne

Flash Point                              10-15-82  Paul Hecht

Desert Maiden                            10-18-82  Mason Adams

Last Days of a Dictator                  10-20-82  Bernard Grant

Three Fireflies in a Bottle              10-22-82  Russell Horton

The Resident Killer                      10-25-82  Mason Adams

The Voice that Wouldn't Die              10-27-82  Norman Rose

I Hate Harold                            10-29-82  Larry Haines

The Sensible Thing                       11-02-82  Lee Richardson

The School Mistress                      11-04-82  Patricia Elliott

Portrait of the Past                     11-09-82  Robert Kaliban

The Magic Dust                           11-16-82  Tony Roberts

Diamond Dotty                            11-18-82  Teri Keane

The Smile                                11-23-82  Tony Roberts

The Reigate Mystery                      11-25-82  Gordon Gould

Goddess of Death                         11-30-82  Diana Kirkwood

The Last Plan                            12-02-82  Elspeth Eric

The Boatman and The Devil                12-07-82  Alexander Scourby

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