Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio Logs

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Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments

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6140 C4  "ACTUAL AIR ATTACK ABOARD A          07-07-44  :14:00  George Hicks


7088 D2  "ADLAI STEVENSON'S ACCEPTANCE        08-04-52  :16:00   


6871 A1  "ADOLPH HITLER'S REICHSTAG           09-01-39  :59:40  Complete speech announcing the

         SPEECH"                                                invasion of Poland, resulting in the

                                                                commencment of WWII.

6613 C   "AFFAIR WITH A GREEN MONKEY"         01-19-60  :27:20  ** ADULT ONLY ** material.  Short

                                                                story by Theodore Sturgeon and read by

                                                                Gene Marine.  KPFK Los Angeles 10:40pm

98948B   "THE AFRS STORY"                               :30:30  Bill Woodson, Dinah Shore, Clair

                                                                Trevor, Knox Manning, Forrest Tucker,

                                                                Julie Bennett, Herb Ellis, Bill

                                                                Foreman, Leo Cleary, Art Balanger,

                                                                Clayton Post, Jack Lloyd.  Excellent

                                                                story behind the AFRS Network birth in


6917 B   "AFRS NEW YEAR'S DANCING             01-01-46 1:01:40  Harry James, Count Basey, Freddy

         PARTY"                                                 Martin, Woody Herman, Gene Krupa,

                                                                Henry King, Louie Armstrong, Jimmy

                                                                Dorsey, Larry Brown, Arti Shaw, Stan

                                                                Kenton,  Tommy Dorsey, Carmon

                                                                Cavalaro, Louis Prima, Benny Goodman,

                                                                Duke Ellington, Guy Lombardo.    Takes

                                                                in all of the USA.   AFRS # H-9-124

1151 D1  "AL JOLSON CALLS THE RACES"          07-16-40  :10:20  Al Jolson announces the race from

                                                                Arlington Park, Illinois, Libertyville

                                                                Horse Race

6388 A1  "ALBERT EINSTEIN NEWS                          :30:00  FROM: PRINCETON UNIVERSITY


82261    "ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN               12-22-96  :60:00* BBC Production   ** STEREO **

         WONDERLAND  PART 1"

82262    "ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN               12-22-96  :60:00* BBC Production   ** STEREO **

         WONDERLAND  PART 2"

6826 B1  "AMERICAN TELEPHONE AND                1935   1:00:00  Basically a long commercial for AT &

         TELEGRAPH'S 50TH ANNIVERSARY                           T.  Some good music.


6387 C1  "AMERICA CALLING"                    12-14-38 1:03:00  Special "Rededication Day" program

                                                                honoring the signing of the "Bill of

                                                                Rights" 147 years ago (12/15/1791).

                                                                Jack Benny, Connee Boswell, Madeleine

                                                                Carroll, Ronald Coleman, Melvyn

                                                                Douglas, Clark Gable, Fay Holden,

                                                                Charles Laughton, Bob Hope, Myrna Loy,

                                                                Mary Martin, Groucho Marx, The Merry

                                                                Macs, Frank Morgan, Merle Oberon,

                                                                Reginald Owen, Dick Powell, Tyrone

                                                                Power, Mickey Rooney, Ann Rutherford,

                                                                Barbara Stanwyck, Lewis Stone, Robert

                                                                Taylor, Charlie Temple, Meredith

                                                                Wilson Orchestra, Mac Cares' Choral

                                                                Group, John Wilson, Knox Manning.

98897    "AMERICA CALLING-SALUTE TO           02-08-41 1:26:40  Jack Benny, Connee Boswell, Madeleine

         GREEK NATION"                                          Carroll, Ronald Colman, Melvin

                                                                Douglas, Clark Gable, Fay Holden,

                                                                Charles Laughton, Bob Hope, Myrna Loy,

                                                                Mary Martin, Groucho Marx, The Merry

                                                                Macs, Frank Morgan, Merle Oberon,

                                                                Reginald Owen, Dick Powell, Tyrone

                                                                Power, Mickey Rooney, Lewis Stone, Ann

                                                                Rutherford, Barbara Stanwyck, Robert

                                                                Taylor, Shirley Temple, Meredith

                                                                Wilson's Orchestra, Max Taylor's

                                                                Choral Group, Don Wilson, Knox

                                                                Manning.  Broadcast on NBC, CBS,

                                                                Independant Stations and all of


82274    "AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN               1997    :60:00* BBC Production   ** STEREO **

         LONDON  PART 1"

82275    "AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN               1997    :60:00* BBC Production   ** STEREO **

         LONDON  PART 2"

473 C5   "ANDY HALEY SPOOF ON TV           1  07-16-46  :10:00  Andy Haley   Very funny & wild

         LICENSING"                                             language & inuendos for 1946  "Three

                                                                Little Words"

7052 C2  "ARGENTINITA AUDITION"          AUD  04-11-41  :26:30  Pablo Miguel: Piano, Carlos Montoya:


6385 B1  "ARMY - MCCARTHY HEARINGS"           04-22-54  :52:30  Some really interesting stuff!!


         STATES"                                                Humphrey Bogart, Judy Garland, James

                                                                Cagney, Danny Kaye, Groucho Marx, Ed

                                                                Wynn, Cliff Nazzaro, Tahlula Bankhead,

                                                                Irving Berlin, Tony Bennett, Frank

                                                                Sinatra, Milton Berle, Edward G.

                                                                Robinson, Paul Muni, Ink Spots -


82478A   "BABE RUTH MEMORIAL TRIBUTE"         08-17-48  :30:00* Special broadcast honoring "The Babe"

                                                                on the day followint his death.

                                                                Mutual.  Host Bert Lytell.

84118B   "THE BIG BROADCAST OF 1965"          11-25-65  :40:30  HOSTESS: Ruth Ashton (Taylor)

                                                                FEATURING: Amos & Andy, Jack Benny,

                                                                Ken Murray, Edgar Bergan & Charlie

                                                                McCarthy, My Friend Irma, George Burns

                                                                & Gracie Allen

85543B   "BIRTH OF THE BLUES"                 11-01-41  :30:00  SILVER ANNIVERSARY OF THE "BLUES"

                                                                (11/1/16).  Bing Crosby, Mary  Martin,

                                                                Betty Jane Rhodes, Johnny Mercer,

                                                                Brian Donlevy, Ruby Elsey, Jack

                                                                Teagarten, Rochester, Carolyn Lee, J.

                                                                Carrol Nash.

84658B   "BUY BONDS BY RADIO"                 08-20-42  :27:40  War Bonds Special aired in several New

                                                                Orleans Stations simultaneously.

                                                                STARS: Phil Harris, Larry Stuart,

                                                                Alice Faye.  ANNOUNCER: Bill Bringle

7052 D1  "CALYPSO SINGERS AUDITION"      AUD  05-18-42  :07:00   

80238A   "CANADIAN DOMINION DAY               07-01-27  :90:00* CBC


86251    "CANADIAN RED CROSS BENEFIT          09-29-40  :59:50  Gloria Jean, Reginald Gardner, Anna

         SHOW"                                                  Negel, Maxine Gray, Herbert Marshall,

                                                                Mary Pickford, Betty Jane Rhodes, Dion

                                                                Quintupletts & Dr. Alan Daypole,

                                                                Ronald Coleman, Ann Jamison, Madeleine

                                                                Carroll, Binnie Barns, George Sanders,

                                                                Gene Lockhart, June Lockhart, C.

                                                                Aubrey Smith, Merle Oberon, Cedric

                                                                Hardric, Freddie Bartholomew, Sir

                                                                Lawrence Olivier, Vivian Leigh.  MC:

                                                                Alan Mobrey,  Music: Dave Rose,

                                                                Mutual From Warner Brothers Studio.

                                                                Intro: Prime Minister W.L. McKenzie

                                                                King  "Goodnight Sweetheart" "Danny

                                                                Boy" "The Lass With The Delicate

*na*     "THE CANCER SHOW"                    04-13-51  :30:00* Jimmy Durante, Eddie Jackson, Garry

                                                                Moore, Judy Holiday, Joan Crawford,

                                                                Mindy Carson.   Special show

                                                                pre-empting "NERO WOLFE" on this date

86250    "CARLTON E. MORSE INTERVIEW"         06-03-61 1:18:40  Interview by Jim Harmon primarily  "I

                                                                Love a Mystery."

84604B   "CASCADE OF STARS"                   09-26-52  :29:20  NBC promotion of it's 1952-1953

                                                                season.  HOST: Bob MacKenzie.  STARS:

                                                                Graucho Marx, Judy Canova, Ralph

                                                                Edwards, Phil Harris, Willard

                                                                Waterman, Red Skelton, Sheldon

                                                                Leonard, Frank Nelson, Walter Tetley,

                                                                Earle Ross, Lillian Randolph, Rod

                                                                O'Connor, Alan Reed Jr.

86248    "CASE OF SERGE RUBENSTEIN"           02-06-55  :60:00  STARS: William Gargan.    Documentry

                                                                style characterization of a murder

                                                                case.  Features NBC reporter Frank

                                                                Bertholzer, financial advisor Leslie

                                                                Gould and others from Rubenstein's

                                                                life.  Edited and directed by Chet

                                                                Hagen.  Produced by NBC News


85568B   "CAVALCADE OF 1947"                  01-02-48  :25:00  The 10 biggest news stories of 1947 as

                                                                presented by by the United Press ...

                                                                Howard Hughes-General Meyers War

                                                                Contract investegation.  The World

                                                                series; New Youk Yankees vs. Brooklyn


8117 A3  "A CHILD'S WISH"                               :15:00  STARS: Norma Jean Neilson, Pat Falen,

                                                                Virginia Gregg, Jay Novello, Jack

                                                                Carrol.  ANNOUNCER: Hi Averback

                                                                AFRS PRODUCTION

96539A   "A CHRISTMAS CAROL"                  12-24-31  :40:00  NBC Syndicated Production by George P.

                                                                Ludlam    Christmas Program

86247    "CHRISTMAS EVE AT THE FRONT"         12-24-43 1:14:20  Lionel Barrymore, Bing Crosby, Bob

                                                                Hope, Eddie Dunsteader, President

                                                                Franklin D. Roosevelt   Christmas


8276 A-C "CHRISTMAS REUNION"                  12-25-43 2:24:00* NBC  SUSTAINED   HOST: Robert St.

                                                                John.  Mitchell Boys Choir, Jose

                                                                Iturbi, Freeman Gosdon, Charles

                                                                Correll (Amos & Andy).  Shortwave

                                                                broadcast form around the World

                                                                including Bethlehem.  Many interviews

                                                                with soldiers.          Christmas


86246B   "CHRISTMAS CAROLS"                   12-26-43  :26:30  Christmas Program

87021B   "A CHRISTMAS CAROL"                  12-24-53  :23:40  NBC  QUAKER OATS (Commercials waved)

                                                                Laurence Olivier as NARRATOR and as

                                                                Scrooge.   Christmas Program

86249    "A CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR"            12-25-56 1:16:40  HOST: EDDIE CANTOR.   Sons of the

                                                                Pioneers, George Gobol, George Jessel,

                                                                The Skylarks, Pat O'Brien, Tony

                                                                Martin, Dick Cantino, Edgar Bergan,

                                                                Charlie McCarthy, June Havoc, Billy

                                                                Daniels     Christmas Program

8277 B3  "CHRISTMAS AT RADIO"                 12-24-59  :22:10  Featuring Dick Liepert at the Organ.

                                                                Christmas Program

80222B   "THE CLOCK THAT WENT                           :30:00* *STEREO*  BBC PRODUCTION   By: Edward

         BACKWARDS"                                             Page Mitchell

85658B   "COLGATE AUDITION"              AUD  08-11-47  :20:10  Allan Coad, singer-Australian


82478B   "COLONEL JACOB RUPERT MEMORIAL       10-15-39  :30:00* Special broadcast   Mutual.


7488 D3  "COLUMBIA SQUARE DEDICATION          09-29-40  :15:00  CBS KNX   Edward Arnold.  Dedication

         PLAQUE"                                                Plaque presented by the Screen Actor's


6385 B2  "A COMMON VIRTUE"                              :14:30  THE BATTLE FOR IWO JIMA

6880 A-B "D DAY COVERAGE   PART 1"            06-06-44 3:00:00  Uninterupted "D" Day Coverage as heard

                                                                all day long on CBS News.  These are

                                                                news broadcasts only ... no regular

                                                                programs.  Total running time of both

                                                                parts is 6 hours

6880 C-D "D DAY COVERAGE   PART 2"            06-06-44 3:00:00  Uninterupted "D" Day Coverage as heard

                                                                all day long on CBS News.  These are

                                                                news broadcasts only ... no regular

                                                                programs.  Total running time of both

                                                                parts is 6 hours

85877B   "THE DEVIL WHO WALKED LIKE A         06-07-47  :29:40  Arnold Moss, Ted de Corsia


80222A   "THE DISINTEGRATION MACHINE"                   :30:00* *STEREO*  BBC PRODUCTION   By: Arthur

                                                                Conan Doyle

1 X03    "DON'T TELL ABOUT GEN                          : 1:00  WWII War Department Announcement


6139 D1  "DOUGLAS CORRIGAN INTERVIEW"         07-29-38  :14:30   

6139 D1  "DOUGLAS CORRIGAN ARRIVAL"           08-04-38  :19:50   

82263    "THE STRANGE CASE OF DR.             11-12-85  :60:00* BBC Production   ** STEREO **

         JEKYLL & MR. HYDE"

4420 B   "EAGLES BROOD"                       03-05-47  :60:00  CBS special documentary starring:

                                                                Joseph Cotten and Luther Adler.  10:30

                                                                - 11:30 pm.  Commentary on Juvenile

                                                                Delinquency.  Pre-empted INFORMATION

                                                                PLEASE sponsored by Parker Pens

98946A   "EASTER SEAL PARADE"                 03-12-52  :28:50  Dennis Morgan, Virginia Mayo, Frank

                                                                Lovejoy, Sons of the Pioneer, Joan

                                                                Banks, Buzz Adlam Orchestra

98946B   "EASTER PARADE OF STARS"             03-11-55  :28:30  Donna Reed, Jimmy Wallington, Connie

                                                                Russell, Dan O'Herlihy, Robert

                                                                Armbruster Orchestra

80234    "THE EDMOND KEATING TAPES                     1:30:00* *STEREO*  An archeologist discovers

         PART 1"                                                the last city of the Astecs and a

                                                                secret .... the Aztecs escaped into

                                                                another dimension.

80235    "THE EDMOND KEATING TAPES                     1:30:00* *STEREO*  An archeologist discovers

         PART 2"                                                the last city of the Astecs and a

                                                                secret .... the Aztecs escaped into

                                                                another dimension.

6209 C1  "EISENHOWER'S HOMECOMING -           06-22-45  :30:00*  


80168    "EMILY'S GHOST"                      02-15-94 1:25:00* BBC Play

8396 C1  "EMPIRE STATE BUILDING - B25         07-25-45  :13:20  MUTUAL special newscast of the crash

         BOMBER CRASH"                                          of an Army B-25 Bomber into the 79th

                                                                floor of the Empire State Building.

                                                                The plane was carrying several

                                                                Catholic Warfare Conference workers.

4148 B1  "THE END OF AN ERA"                            :59:50  NBC   SUSTAINED   Host: Burgess

                                                                Meredith     The Presidential years of

                                                                Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry


98636A   "END OF THE NEW YORK WORLD'S         10-27-40  :32:10  Henry Morgan


8277 C   "ENGLAND'S PRELUDE TO                12-12-53  :59:00* "Dickens by the Fire" Claire Bloom,

         CHRISTMAS"                                             Margaret Leighton, Margaret

                                                                Rutherford, Leo Gens, Eric Portman,

                                                                Cecil Cantor.  "Music for Christmas.

                                                                Christmas Program

7064 C8  "ETHEL MERMAN SHOW"                  03-31-36  :15:00* partial show

6223 BD2 "F.T.A. SHOW - JANE FONDA &          11-18-65  :33:00  F.T.A. Stands for F... the Army!

         COMPANY"                                               Jane Fonda at her best (OR WORST as

                                                                many of us veterans feel!!).    LIVE

                                                                FROM FORT DIX, New Jersey.    *STEREO


3700 A   "FARENHEIT 451"                      03-04-71  :56:50  CBC Science Fiction Special.

98843    "FAREWELL TO STUDIO NINE"            08-16-64  :54:20  THE HOME OF CBS NEWS.

6387 C2  "FRIARS CLUB ROAST OF: DON                     :51:50  *** X-RATED Language ***


84609B   "GALLI-CAMPI AUDITION"          AUD  08-08-38  :21:50  Michael Piastro

86094B   "GENERAL EISENHOWER ADDRESS          06-18-45  :43:30  Address comes upon General

         JOING SESSION OF CONGRESS"                             Eisenhower's return from Victory in

                                                                Europe  CBS 12:30 pm Eastern Time

85323B   "GENERAL SARNOFF SPEECH"             03-16-59  :25:00   

80508    "GEORGE WASHINGTON, AMERICAN"        02-22-41  :60:00* Special WNEW Sustained production

                                                                starring Orson Welles in observence of

                                                                George Washington's 209th birthday.

85324    "GEORGE GERSWIN MEMORIAL             07-04-42  :60:00  Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, The Kings

         ANNIVERSARY SHOW"                                      Men, Edward Arnold, Bill Goodwin.

                                                                5th annual salute to Gershwin.

6912 C-D "GLENN MILLER (MEMORIAL)             06-05-45 1:47:30  Benny Goodman, Charlie Spivac, Count

         TRIBUTE"                                               Basie, Louis Prima, Fred Waring, Tex

                                                                Beneke, Martha Hutton, Paula Kelly, Jo

                                                                Stafford, Gene Kruppa, Shep Fields,

                                                                Milton Berle, Eddie Cantor, Pearl

                                                                Bailey, The Modernaires, Guy Lombardo,

                                                                Ed Sullivan, Cab Calloway, Perry Como,

                                                                Red Norvo, Harmonica Rascals, Kate

                                                                Smith, Alan Jones, Sammie Kaye, Marton

                                                                Block, M Johnson, K Winding, T Wilson,

                                                                L Robinson    GLENN'S PLANE

                                                                DISSAPEARED 12/15/44.  From the NY

                                                                PARMOUNT THEATER TIMES SQUARE.

80362AB  "THE GOLDEN MAN"                              1:15:00* BBC production

80214    "GUY NOIR -- RADIO PRIVATE           04-15-94 1:30:00* Live performance  Very well done and

         EYE"                                                   very funny!

80217    "A HALLOWEEN STORY"                            :52:30  *STEREO*  John Carradine, John Clark,

                                                                John Huston, June Lockhart, Lynn

                                                                Redgrave, Kasey Kasem & Kim Kasem,

                                                                Gary Owens   ANNOUNCER: Marvin Miller

                                                                HOST: Yaphat Koto  NBC  SPONSOR:

                                                                Jensen Sound Systems.  Aired live from

                                                                The Magic Castle in Hollywood.

6915 A1  "HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSON                       :43:00  Special 150 anniversary tribute.

         TRIBUTE"                                               King Fredrick IX, Children's Choir of

                                                                the Cathedral School of Odem Denmark,

                                                                Lauritz Melchior, Michael Redgrave.

6388 B4  "HERBERT HOOVER SPEECH ON                      :14:00   


80559    "HINDENBURG ARRIVAL COVERAGE"        05-09-36  :60:00*  

6385 B3  "HODGEPODGE OF SHORT NEWS              1970    :15:00  1920 - 1970


80560    "HOLLYWOOD MARCH OF DIMES            01-24-42  :59:10  BLUE NETWORK SUSTAINED   MC: Tommy

         SPECIAL"                                               Cook   WRITTEN & PRODUCED BY: Arch

                                                                Oboler  ANNOUNCER: Harlow Wilcox

                                                                MUSIC: Gordon Jenkins Orchestra.

                                                                STARS: Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, Irene

                                                                Dunn, The Merry Macs, Paulette

                                                                Goddard, Humphrey Bogart, Janet

                                                                Beecher, Dennis Day, Edgar Gergan &

                                                                Charlie McCarthy, Marlene Dietrich,

                                                                Tyrone Power, Kay Kyser, James Cagney,

                                                                Maureen O'Sullivan, Fibber McGee &

                                                                Molly, Don Quinn, Elliot Lewis,

                                                                Meredith Wilson, Deanna Durbin (Ave


98895    "HOLLYWOOD VICTORY PROGRAM"          05-08-45  :58:00  STARS: Charles Boyer, Nelson Eddy,

                                                                Jeanette MacDonald, Pat O'Brien, Frank

                                                                Sinatra, Shirley Ross, Mills Bros.,

                                                                Howard Chandler Orchestra, Robert

                                                                Armbruster Orchestra, Axel Stordahl

                                                                Orchestra, Leith Stevens Orchestra.

                                                                INCLUDES A VE DAY NEWSCAST

84717B   "HOUDINI'S FINAL SEANCE"             10-31-36  :24:20   

80363    "THE HOUSE AT SPOOK CORNER"                   1:30:00* BBC production



85421B   "HUMPHREY BOGART MEMORIAL            01-16-57  :24:50  Boggy died 1/14/57


85422    "I REMEMBER RADIO"                             :58:20  clips and commentary on Radio history

                                                                by Frank Knight


                                                                YOUNG AMERICANS.  M.C: Don Wilson.

                                                                STARS: Ralph Morgan, Edward Morgan,

                                                                Grace Hayes, Tom Neal, Randolf Brooks,

                                                                Douglas McVale.   FOUNDER: Benjamin


7052 B3  "IGOR GORIN AUDITION"           AUD  05-27-43  :11:40   

85424    "THE IMMORTAL YOUNG LADIES OF                  :56:10  BBC PRODUCTION   "The Image Machine"


80238B   "INTERNATIONAL RELAY                 03-15-25  :90:00* CBC


6372 AB  "JACK BENNY TRIBUTE"                 01-02-75 2:40:30  Jack Benny Memorial tribute produced

                                                                and hosted by Jerry Haendiges for

                                                                National Public Radio.

1 W10    "JAPAN INVADES NEW GUINI"                      : 1:00  WWII News

6139 C6  "JAPANESE SURRENDER AT TOKYO         09-02-45  :46:00  Aboard the "U.S.S. Missouri"


4295 D1  "JAPANESE SURRENDER AT TOKYO         09-02-45  :49:00  (1) Peace Treaty Cermony  (2)President

         BAY"                                                   Truman Address  (3) General MacArthur

                                                                address  (4) Admiral Nimitz address

                                                                (5) National Anthem   Two wire

                                                                recordings were made aboard the U.S.S.

                                                                Missouri.  One was taken to a Japanese

                                                                radio station for broadcast.  The

                                                                other was flown to the Island of Guam

                                                                and broadcast over radio station KU5Q

                                                                by the U.S. Navy.  The networks chose

                                                                the Guam broadcast as it was clearer.

                                                                U.S. receiving point was RCA shortwave

                                                                communications center near San

                                                                Franscisco.  COMMENTATORS: Robert

                                                                Trout, Webley Edwards.  CBS Sust.

4155 A9  "JESSE CRAWFORD DEDICATION           03-01-36  :25:00  Jesse Crawford dedicates the new NBC

         SPECIAL"                                               organ.  "Frans Shubert Medley", "Roses

                                                                of Cicily", "A Beautiful Lady In

                                                                Blue", "Moon Over Miami"

8396 C3  "JOE LOUIS - JACK SHARKEY            08-18-36  :30:20   


85423    "JOE LOUIS - JERSEY JOE              06-25-48 1:09:50  Live form Madison Square Garden.


6225 AC  "JOHN DENVER INTERVIEW"                        :56:50  Produced, Directed and Engineered by

                                                                Jerry Haendiges for CBS/KNX Los

                                                                Angeles.  John was very loose and

                                                                seemed quite comfortable.  Includes

                                                                many of his songs.  Total running

                                                                time: 1:51:30      DOLBY SURROUND


6225 BD  "JOHN DENVER INTERVIEW"                        :54:30  Continuation of 6226 AC.  Total

                                                                running time: 1:51:30      DOLBY

                                                                SURROUND SOUND

8043 B2  "JOHNNY CARSON AUDITION SHOW"        12-08-54  :31:10  CBS

1915 A-B "JOHNNY CARSON'S "CAVALCADE OF       11-20-82 2:00:00   


6226 AC  "JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL"        11-24-72  :48:40  This is a special adaption of the

                                                                story which Jerry Haendiges produced,

                                                                engineered and directed for NPR &

                                                                Pacifica Radio with music by Neil

                                                                Diamond and dialog by Richard Harris.

                                                                  DOLBY SURROUND SOUND

6226 BD  "JONATHAN LIVINGSTON SEAGULL"        11-24-72  :47:50  Continuation of 6226 AC.   Total

                                                                Running Time: 1:36:30


         B. DEMILLE"                                            Carpenter, President of AFTRA, to

                                                                answer charges made by Cecil B.

                                                                DeMille on the MARCH OF TIME program

                                                                of 2/1/45 (7488 D1).  Orson Welles was

                                                                supposed to have given the talk, but

                                                                was sick, so Ken filled in.

7274 B2  "KFI FM/TV GROUNDBREAKING AT         11-29-44  :13:50  Mayor Fletcher Bowron, Lee DeForest

         MT. WILSON"

7488 B2  "KITO OPENING BROADCAST"             11-09-47  :29:50  ABC'S NEWEST RADIO STATION IN SAN

                                                                BERNARDINO.  STARS: Edward Arnold


         HEEVER""                                               KRLA ... VERY, VERY FUNNY!!

7150 D2  "LEAVE IT TO ANNIE"                  11-22-53  :28:30  Thelma Ritter, Jean Tatum, David

                                                                Duval, Herb Vigran, Frances Urey,

                                                                Whitfield Conner.    BENEFIT FOR: The

                                                                Bishop's Fund for Clothing.

82232A   "THE LIFE OF EMILE ZOLA"               1937    :26:30  SPECIAL BROADCAST AT THE MOVIE


7461 D1  "LILLIAN HELLMAN"                    05-13-41  :29:50  Paul Lukas, Lucille Watson, Dorothy

                                                                Parker, Herman Schumlan, Wiliam Wyler,

                                                                Dan Duryea, Carl Benton Reid, Herbert

                                                                Marshall, Maddie Christian, Ann Blyth.

                                                                  Scenes from: LITTLE FOXES, WATCH ON

                                                                THE RHYNE

7683 D2  "LIONEL BARRYMORE MEMORIAL           11-21-54  :28:50  Special tribute to Lionel Barrymore

         TRIBUTE"                                               who died 11/15/54 at the age of 76.

                                                                Hosted by Edward Arnold and aired in

                                                                place of regular "Hallmark Playhouse"

                                                                program. Many stars recall fond

                                                                memories of Lionel. Also includes

                                                                short plays and clips of older


82268    "LITTLE FATHER"                                :90:00* BBC Production   ** STEREO **

80360A   "THE LODESTONE"                      04-09-89  :45:00* BBC production

8396 D1  "LONDON AFTER DARK"                  08-24-40  :31:20  Living through a blackout in London

6388 A3  "LONE RANGER, WYOMING"               06-30-48  :27:20  Cheyenne changes its name on this day

                                                                to honor the famous hero's 15th


82277    "LORD DRACULA"                         1975    :90:00* BBC Production   ** STEREO **

7500 A2  "LOVE BEFORE BREAKFEST"              02-21-36  :18:00  Carole Lombard, Preston Foster.   SHOW

                                                                BODY ONLY - SERIES IS UNKNOWN.

7052 A4  "MADY CHRISTIAN AUDITION"       AUD  03-18-36  :12:30   

*na*     "MAN BEHIND THE LEGEND --                      :30:00*  


80362B2  "MAN-SIZED IN MARBLE"                          :15:00* BBC production

4353 A1  "MARCH OF DIMES SPECIAL"          1  01-22-39  :59:40  HOST: Eddie Cantor,  MUSIC: Meredith

                                                                Wilson   Aired over all three networks

                                                                NBC Feed.    STARS: Jack Benny, Micky

                                                                Rooney, Bob Hope, Rudy Vally, Norma

                                                                Shearer, "Donkey Serenade", George

                                                                Burns and Gracie Allen, Frances

                                                                Langford "Night And Day", Bob Burns

                                                                "Night And Day", Maxine Sullivan

                                                                "Lulaby In Rhythm", Tyrone Power,

                                                                Frank Parker "Begin Beguine" Fanny

                                                                Bryce and Hanley Stafford (Baby Snooks

                                                                and Daddy)

6385 D4  "MARCH OF DIMES SPECIAL"          1  01-15-59  :14:30  Pat Boone, Peter Lind Hayes & Mary

                                                                Healy, Lena Horne

6385 D5  "MARCH OF DIMES SPECIAL"          2  01-16-59  :14:30  Pat Boone, Peter Lind Hayes & Mary

                                                                Healy, Lena Horne

82281    "MAYOR CERMAK MEMORAL                03-11-33  :60:00* Live from the Chicago Stadium.  Quinn

         PROCEDINGS  PART 1"                                    Ryan narrates

82282    "MAYOR CERMAK MEMORAL                03-11-33  :60:00* Live from the Chicago Stadium.  Quinn

         PROCEDINGS  PART 2"                                    Ryan narrates

82283A1  "MAYOR CERMAK MEMORAL                03-11-33  :20:50  Live from the Chicago Stadium.  Quinn

         PROCEDINGS  PART 3"                                    Ryan narrates

6140 B3  "MCGEACHEY DAILY ROUNDUP"            01-20-44  :14:00  Naimish McGeaghey

7052 D4  "MIDNIGHT SUPPER"                    05-13-41  :30:00* Paul Lukas, Lucille Watson, Dorothy

                                                                Parker, Carl Benton Reid, Herbert

                                                                Marshall, Maddie Christian, Ann Blyth.

                                                                 Scenes from: LITTLE FOXES and WATCH

                                                                ON THE RINE.

8042 A1  "THE MIRACLE OF AMERICA"             08-20-50 1:00:10  HOST: Robert Young.  Bob Crosby, Jo

                                                                Stafford, Jack Benny & Mary

                                                                Livingston, Ronald Colman & Bonita

                                                                Colman, Frank Sinatra, Jack Smith,

                                                                Dinah Shore, Dick Haymes, Lucille

                                                                Norman, Bing Crosby, Gary Crosby,

                                                                Charles Laughton.  CBS presentation in

                                                                cooperation with the ADVERTISING

                                                                COUNCIL OF AMERICA

6388 B1  "MOVIE & RADIO GUIDE'S 10TH            1941    :29:00  Harry Von Zell, Eddie Cantor, Dinah

         ANNIVERSARY"                                           Shore, George Burns & Gracie Allen,

                                                                Jack Benny, Mary Livenston, Dennis

                                                                Day, Bill Hay, Amos & Andy,

7461 D2  "MOZART'S OWN PIANO"                 08-21-37  :30:10  NBC Special with music played on

                                                                Mozart's actual Piano from Salzburg,

                                                                Austria.  Robert Scholtz, Heinz

                                                                Scholz, Gina Van Der Veer.


         PROGRAM"                                               TRANS-CONTENENTAL MUTUAL DON-LEE

                                                                NETWORK.  John Conte, Conrad Nagel,

                                                                Edward Arnold, Hugh Herbert, Mary

                                                                Brian, Dixie Dunbar

80166    "NATIONAL DEFENSE DAY                09-12-24 1:30:00* General John J. Pershing, on the eve

         BROADCAST"                                             of his retirement, is the main speaker

                                                                in this terrific show of firsts.  As

                                                                far as I know, this is the oldest

                                                                existing complete radio broadcast.

                                                                The first "network" hookup wherein 17

                                                                independant local stations are linked

                                                                to Washington D.C. via phone lines.

                                                                The first use of phone lines as a

                                                                "conference" call medium as General

                                                                Pershing speaks to each of his

                                                                under-Generals on the radio via phone

                                                                lines.  Really hi-tech stuff for the

                                                                day. Very good sound quality even

                                                                including the phone conversations.

7052 C3  "NATIONAL SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA"        03-06-43  :17:40  Carlos Chaves conducting "The Ballet

                                                                Symphony" from Washington DC.

98949B   "NAVY DAY BROADCAST"                                   Edward G. Robinson, John Garfield,

                                                                June Foray, Mayor Fletcher Bowren

                                                                FIRST HALF ONLY

6460 C   "NAVY RELIEF PROGRAM"                01-07-42  :29:50  Promotes Navy Relief Society and

                                                                Mutual's broadcast of the Joe

                                                                Louis-Buddy Baer fight.  Walter

                                                                Winchell Hosts.  Features: Betty Jane

                                                                Rhodes, Walter Huston, Brian Donlevy,

                                                                Don Dunphey, Joe Louis, Tom Slater.

                                                                Music by: David Rose Orchestra

                                                                conducted by Lou Bring

98769    "NEW NBC HOLLYWOOD STUDIOS           12-07-35 2:31:40  Al Jolson, Bing Crosby, Paul Whiteman,

         OPENING"                                               Don Wilson, Edgar Guest, Bill

                                                                Robinson, Marion Pally, Jimmy

                                                                Wallington, Johnny Green, James

                                                                Milton, Rudy Vallee, Ben Bernie Rene

                                                                Rich, John Charles Thomas, Jack Benny,

                                                                Mary Livenston, Grantland Rice, Phil

                                                                Reagen, Buddy Rogers, Jimmy Fidler,

                                                                Roscoe Ates, Jimmy Durante, Ann

                                                                Jamison, Victor Young, Harry Owens and

                                                                His Royal Hawaiians.

80187    "NEW YORK YANKEES VS. DETROIT     1  09-20-34 1:30:00  Announcer: Ty Titon    Heard over WWJ

         TIGERS  PART 1"                                        Detroit News.  SPONSOR: Mobil Oil


80187    "NEW YORK YANKEES VS. DETROIT     2  09-20-34 1:30:00  Announcer: Ty Titon    Heard over WWJ

         TIGERS  PART 2"                                        Detroit News.  SPONSOR: Mobil Oil


80213    "NIGHTMARE WORLD"                              :58:10  BBC PRODUCTION

6915 A4  "NOEL COWARD SPEAKING FROM           07-27-40  : 7:40  Special broadcast on war stories.


82245A   "NORMAN CORWIN TESTIMONAL            03-31-46  :30:00* CBS


84143    "OH NO, MR. O"                                 :58:30  ** STEREO SURROUND SOUND **   Arch

                                                                Obolor parady

3597 D1  "THE ADVENTURES OF OLIVER                      :26:30  Basil Rathbone     SPECIAL


B        "OLYMPIC COVERAGE FROM BERLIN"       08-08-36  :31:00* CBS WABC 10:00 am.   Live Short-Wave

                                                                coverage from Berlin

6030 B2  "ORSON WELLES MEETS H.G.             10-28-40  :30:00  The first time Orson Welles met H.G.

         WELLS"                                                 Wells.  Really interesting in that

                                                                Welles and Wells interview each other.

                                                                 Moderated by Charles Shaw of KTSA in

                                                                Texas.  Excellent program.

84144    "OSCAR HAMERSTEIN, A PORTRAIT"       11-09-57  :55:20  An excellent interview with Oscar

                                                                Hamerstein by Arnold McCailes

8117 B1  "OUR LADY OF FATIMA"                 05-08-49  :30:00  HOST: Charles Boyer   STARS: Loretta

                                                                Young   SOLOIST: Ann Jamison   Special

                                                                Mother's Day Program

7052 D3  "THE PATRIOTS"                       05-01-43  :30:00* Sidney Kingsley, Madge Evans, Raymond

                                                                Edward Johnson, House Jamison, Edward

                                                                Jerome, John Anderson.  NY Drama

                                                                Critics Circle Critics Award.


7200 B2  "PHILIP BANCROFT FOR CALIF           11-07-38  :29:20  RUNNING AGAINST: Sheridan Downey

         SENATOR"                                               SEE: 7200-C1,2,3

80361    "THE PHOTOGRAPH OF LINDSAY             1986    :60:00* BBC production



         CHRISTMAS"                                              Richard Crenna, Roddy McDowall,

                                                                Marvin Caplin, David Warner, Norman

                                                                Lloyd, Stan Freberg, Shawn McCloury,

                                                                Kathleen Freeman, Elliot Reed, Parly

                                                                Bear, Samantha Eager, Willian Windom.

                                                                  Christmas Program

8276 D1  "POPE PIES  XII"                     12-24-43  :37:20  Christmas Message    Short Wave

                                                                broadcast ... noisy   Christmas


84145    "QUEEN MARY MAIDEN VOYAGE"           06-01-36 1:15:50  Very interesting live broadcasts from

                                                                the "Queen Mary", the tugboat which

                                                                brings her in and an observation

                                                                airplane.  Many brodcast difficulties


6140 B4  "RADIO NEWS REEL"                    01-17-44  :14:00   

84146    "RAY BRADBURY 75TH BIRTHDAY          08-22-95  :58:50  Charles Champlin, Richard Earden,

         TRIBUTE"                                               David Warner, Samantha Eggar, William

                                                                Windom, Parley Baer, Kathleen Freeman,

                                                                Billy Idolson, Rod Stieger, Norman

                                                                Lloyd, Stan Freberg, Charlotte Greg,

                                                                Shelley Long, Marty Mcguire, Dianne

                                                                Ketche.  Engineering: Marty Halprin,

80365    "RAY KEMPER INTERVIEW  PART 1"    1  12-21-91  :60:00* Interview conducted by John and Larry


80366    "RAY KEMPER INTERVIEW  PART 2"    2  12-21-91  :60:00* Interview conducted by John and Larry


84147A   "RECOLLECTIONS AT 30"                          :40:00  clips and commentary on Radio history

6385 A6  "RED CROSS DRIVE"                              :15:00  Bob Hope, James Stewart

6460 B   "RED CROSS SPECIAL"                  01-21-42  :30:50  Hosted by: Kate Smith and Ted Collins.

                                                                 Features Jean Holloway's

                                                                dramatization of "Man Without a

                                                                Country" with Herbert Rudley, John

                                                                Brewster, Charles Webber, Helen

                                                                Shields, Lon Clark, Julian Noah, John

                                                                Griggs.  Music by Jack Miller.

98949A   "RETURN TO STUDIO 1-A"               11-15-70  :23:40  HOST: Don Gardner.   Excellent

                                                                historical discussion of Radio on its

                                                                50th anniversary

6385 C1  "REXALL'S PARADE OF STARS         1    1942    :14:20  Ken Murray, Harlow Wilcox, Meredith

         PART 1"                                                Willson, John Conte, Judy Canova.

                                                                SPECIAL ONE-SHOT PROGRAM BROADCAST ON

                                                                THE SUNDAY AND TUESDAY BEFORE REXALL

                                                                "1 CENT SALE" ON WEDNESDAY

6385 C2  "REXALL'S PARADE OF STARS         2    1942    :14:20  Ken Murray, Harlow Wilcox, Meredith

         PART 2"                                                Willson, John Conte, Judy Canova.

                                                                SPECIAL ONE-SHOT PROGRAM BROADCAST ON

                                                                THE SUNDAY AND TUESDAY BEFORE REXALL

                                                                "1 CENT SALE" ON WEDNESDAY

8116 D2  "THE RIGHT TO LIVE"                  05-18-47  :29:40  NBC  NATIONAL JEWISH APPEAL   STARS:

                                                                Katharine Hepburn, Dana Andrews,

                                                                Elliott Lewis.  DIRECTOR: Hyman Brown

8042 C1  "THE RUDY VALLEE ALUMNI              03-01-40  :28:10* TOAST MASTER: Eddie Cantor.  George

         REUNION BANQUET"                                       Burns & Gracie Allen, Ken Murray, Bob

                                                                Burns, Frances Langford,

6217 D1  "RYTHMN ON THE RIVER"                  1940    :30:30  Bing Crosby Presents a prevue of his

                                                                new movie.  From the Del Mar Surf

                                                                Club.  Mary Martin, Ken Carpenter,

7599 A3  "SALUTE TO TOKIO AND J O A K"        05-14-39  :10:10  3:20am-3:30am PST    SPECIAL PROGRAM

                                                                CELEBRATING THE OPENING OF NEW JAPAN

                                                                BROADCASTING SYSTEM  STARS: Harry

                                                                Simeone Orch & Choir, Dennis Newtin.

                                                                "Mimi", "You've Brought A New Kind Of

                                                                Love To Me", "Minute Waltz"  It's

                                                                interesting to hear us praise Japan at

                                                                this wartime era.

84139    "SALUTE TO LABOR - SPECIAL           09-01-41 1:00:00  Melvyn Douglas, James Cagney, Edward

         LABOR DAY SHOW"                                        Arnold, Lowell Thomas, Duke Ellington,

                                                                Golden Gate Chorus, Ivy Anderson,

                                                                Joseph Britten, Sidney Hilman, Ernest

                                                                Bevens, William Green, Philip Murray.

                                                                ADDRESS BY: Franklin D. Roosevelt from

                                                                Hyde Park

84138B   "SALUTE TO PHIL HARRIS"              07-29-51  :28:50  Special program honoring Phil Harris.

                                                                ANNOUNCER: Dick Cobb.  From Nashville

84140    "SAM HAYS - NIGHT REPORTER"          08-14-53  :54:30  NBC SPECIAL HONORING SAM'S 20 YEARS IN

                                                                BROADCASTING.  TONS OF STARS PAY


84141A   "SHOW BOAT"                            1936    :40:20  Original Production starring: Irene

                                                                Dunne, Allan Jones, Helen Morgan, Paul

                                                                Robeson, Charles Winninger, Hattie

                                                                McDaniel, Helen Westley, Donald Cook,

                                                                Sammy White, J. Farrell McDonald,

                                                                Arthur Hohl, Charles Middleton,

                                                                Francis X. Mahoney, Sunnie O'Dea,

                                                                Marilyn Knowlden, Patricia Barry,

                                                                Dorothy Granger, Barbara Pepper.

                                                                Recorded from 78 records.


                                                                DIALOG    "Penney Serenade", "Deep

                                                                Purple", "Room With A View"

6915 A5  "SIR HARRY LAUDER"                   04-28-38  : 7:50  Special broadcast about Scotland's

                                                                Empire Exhibition of 1938

8098 D   "THE SO WHAT CLUB"                             :60:00* BBC Production   Peter Tegel

84141B   "SOLDIERS IN GREASEPAINT"            11-25-43  :45:00  Special U.S.O Thanksgiving

                                                                Presentation Starring: Bob Hope, Jack

                                                                Benny, Al Jolson, Frederick March,

                                                                Gen. Joseph Byron, Jascha Heifetz,

                                                                Martha Raye, Kay Frances, Carol

                                                                Landis, Judith Anderson, Jackie

                                                                Heller, Merle Oberon, Jerry Colonna,

                                                                Rear Admiral Louis E. Dunfield, Andy

                                                                Devine, Jimmy Burke, Jinx Falkenberg,

                                                                Faye McKinzie, Anna Lee, John

                                                                Garfield, Frances Langford.

                                                                Thanksgiving Program

80360B   "THE SOMEDAY I'LL FIND YOU"          02-25-87  :45:00* BBC production

82280    "SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY             1983    :90:00* Orson Welles, Jason Robards.  Opening

         COMES"                                                 by Ray Bradbury

84147B   "SONGS THAT NEVER DIE"               12-18-60  :45:40  Memorial Tribute to John Charles

                                                                Thomas ... Excellent program honoring

                                                                a great talent.

8396 D2  "THE SOUNDS OF HISTORY"                1970    :23:30  Special Presentation of the National


6917 A2  "A SOUVENIR OF THE SIXTIES"          12-31-69  :31:40  (TRIBUTE TO 50 YEARS OF BROADCASTING)

80224    "THE STAR"                                    1:20:00* By: H.G. Wells    Reading

82244    "THE STONES OF MUNCASTER             08-10-46  :90:00* BBC Production  ** STEREO **


6189 D5  "STRAIGHT ARROW SPECIAL"             06-21-51  :12:30   

1 W11    "SUPPORT CEILING PRICES"                       : 1:00  WWII War Office Announcement

80162B   "TERRACED HOUSE"                     03-08-94  :30:00* BBC Play

83973B   "THESE THE HUMBLE"                             :30:00  Joe E Brown   CHRISTMAS Program

98636B   "THEY BURNED THE BOOKS"              07-24-42  :30:00  Ralph Bellomy

82269    "THIN BOY"                                     :90:00* BBC Production   ** STEREO **

3597 D2  "THE THREE MUSKETEERS"                         :28:20  Errol Flynn        SPECIAL

80172    "THREE TALES OF EDGAR ALLEN                    :59:30  "The Cask Of Amatillido", "Tar &

         POE"                                                   Feathers", "The Fall Of The House Of

                                                                Usher"  As heard on NPR Playhouse.

80215    "TIME SLIP"                          05-03-83  :58:00  BBC PRODUCTION   Comedy about a man

                                                                who duplicates himself

4420 A2  "TIN CAN"                            10-27-46  :29:10  ABC special NAVY DAY program starring:

                                                                Betty Garde   The story of a Naval


7495 C1  "TOBACCO ROAD"                       04-18-41  :19:00  SHOW BODY ONLY - - SERIES IS UNKNOWN

7690 A1  "THE TRAITOR WITHIN"                 04-12-53  :30:00  AN IN DEPTH LOOK AT CANCER     Jimmy

                                                                Stewart, Cecil B. DeMille, Robert

                                                                Armbruster Orchestra

81203B1  "THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS          1974    : 9:30  **X-RATED**  William Conrad narrates

         - X-RATED"                                             an hilarious version of this Christmas

                                                                Program classic.

6387 B3  "TWO SLEEPY PEOPLE"                            :15:00* ADS

80210    "THE TWO THOUSAND FOUR"                1995    :60:00* *STEREO*  BBC PRODUCTION   The Peace

                                                                Party has just been elected to power

                                                                and they've got a radical new approach

                                                                to law enforcement -- every offense

                                                                gets life in prison!

6388 B3  "TWO VOICES"                         11-16-56  :27:20  News Documentary about two boys going

                                                                in two different directions.

7490 C1  "U.S. MARINE BAND -  15TH                              ABC & MARINE CORPS PRESENTATION.

         ANNIVERSARY"                                           STARS: Edward Arnold

98897A   "VICTORY BELLES ALL GIRL             12-12-42  :29:00  Lurene Tuttle, Mabel Todd, Martha

         JAMBOREE"                                              Mears, The Music Maids, Bea Turpin &

                                                                Her Musical Jills of Jive, Wilhelmina


98897B   "VICTORY IN EUROPE SPECIAL"          05-13-45  :29:50  Ingrid Bergman   Written & Produced by

                                                                Arch Oboler

6385 A7  "VICTORY BOND SHOW"                  12-06-45  :30:00  Bing Crosby, Joan Edwards, Gene Kelly

7490 D3  "VIVI JANISS"                   AUD    1946    :06:20  Vivi's New York dramatic auditions -

                                                                Several different kinds of cuts

                                                                showing her versatility.

6387 B1  "THE WALKING GIANT"                  10-04-48  :29:40  USO SPECIAL STARRING: Jack Benny,

                                                                Dinah Shore, George Montegomery, Al

                                                                Jolson, Bob Hope, Marlene Dietrich,

                                                                Larry Adler, Hal Perry, Bing Crosby,

                                                                The Sound Off Chorus, Douglas

                                                                Fairbanks jr.   HOST: Gregory Peck

80190    "THE WAR OF THE WORLDS - 50TH        10-31-88 1:30:00* *STEREO*  Jason Robards, Steve Allen,

         ANNIVERSARY"                                           Rene Obergena, Douglas Edwards, Hector

                                                                Alizandro, Terry Gross, Philip

                                                                Proctor, Scott Simon, Sidney Walker,

                                                                Mary Duke, Charles Bartane, Joe

                                                                Polino, Don West.   NPR Special

                                                                Production.  Includes 30 minute

                                                                documentary on the original broadcast

                                                                and the panic it caused.  Very well


80191    "THE WAR OF THE WORLDS"              10-31-94  :50:00* *STEREO*  NPR Special Production with

                                                                cast members from the new and old STAR

                                                                TREK series'

6024 D5  "WHEN PRESSES ROAR"               1  12-10-41  :17:00  Special program to mark Don Clark's

                                                                newly-acquired position with Chase and

                                                                Sanborn.  Never aired.  Script by Lew

                                                                Lauria; Directed by Ted Bliss.

                                                                Announcer: Don McNamara.  Features:

                                                                Byron Kane, Harry Lang, Don Lauria,

                                                                Barbara Jean Wong, Jerry Hausner, Mary

                                                                Church.  Recorded at Radio Recorders,


84142    "WHEN RADIO WAS KING"                         1:16:20  clips and commentary on Radio history

4152 D2  "WILL ROGERS SAYS"                             :47:20  Will Rogers jr. playing clips of Will

                                                                Rogers sr. and commenting on them

80185    "WINTER MUSIC"                       02-19-89 1:25:00* BBC PRODUCTION   Martin Jarvis    A

                                                                Murder/Horror tale about a dead woman

                                                                who is brought home by her husband.

                                                                Her reception is not a pleasent one,

                                                                for reasons which are made clear as

                                                                the story developes.   End cut

98948A   "WMAQ 25TH ANNIVERSARY SALUTE"       04-13-47  :29:20  Amos & Andy, Fibber McGee & Molly

80216    "THE WONDERFUL VISIT"                          :56:30  BBC PRODUCTION     By: H.G. Wells

                                                                Narrated by Ken Wall as Wells.

                                                                STARS: Bernard Crevens, Richard

                                                                Pearce, Margo Boyd, Hilda Schroder,

                                                                Joanna Mackey, John Badley, Norman

                                                                Byrd, Emily Richards.  DIRECTOR:

                                                                Martin Jenkins

80359AB  "THE WONDERFUL VISIT"                          :60:00  BBC production by H.G. Welles

83944B   "WONDERFUL WORLD"                    01-14-45  :30:20  SPECIAL PRESENTATION BY THE BLUE

                                                                NETWORK & THE "NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR

                                                                INFANTILE PARALYSIS". STARS Greer

                                                                Garson   WRITTEN & DIRECTED BY: Arch

                                                                Oboler. WITH: Barbara Jean Wong, Lou

                                                                Merrill, Bill Shaw, Frank Martin, Bea

                                                                Benaderet, Cordell Hickman, Cathy

                                                                Lewis, Sidney Miller

4154 A3  "WORLD'S FAIR REPORT"                09-27-39  :15:30  Ed Fitzgerald, reporter.  Brooklyn New

                                                                York.  Announcer: Joe Beer.  Admission

                                                                to the Fair drops.   Several skips at


4154 A2  "WORLD'S FAIR REPORT"                10-04-40  :15:50  Long Distance Phone Calls.  Greta

                                                                Gyser is Interviewed by Agnus Lehman

                                                                (Probably the worst interview I've

                                                                ever heard).  12:30 pm from Brooklyn

                                                                New York.  to $.50.

4148 A2  "YEARS OF CRISIS  1932 - 1945"         1946    :41:00  Show body only -- no opening, closing

                                                                or credits.


    Total Number of Titles:   220

    Total Number of Programs: 220


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