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New Shows Added* New Shows Added

The Adventures Of The Abbotts
The Abe Burrows Show
Academy Award Theater
Academy Award Cermonies
Across The Universe
Address Unknown
Adventure Ahead
The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen
Air Castle
Al Jolson
The Aldrich Family
Alec Templeton Show
Aliens in the Mind
Alan Freed's Rock 'N' Roll Dance Party
The Alan Young Show
The All American Sprots Show
All Star Parade of Bands
Allen Prescott Show
Alvino Rey - Maxine Gray Show
The Amazing Mr. Malone
America Looks Abroad
American Adventure
An American Gallery
An American In England
American Portraits
The American Story
The American Trail
An American Werewolf in London
Amos and Andy
The Andrews Sisters
Arch Oboler's Plays
Archie Andrews
Arthur C. Clark's World of Science Fiction
Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts
Arthur Hopkins Presents
Arturo Toscanini
Ann of the Air lanes
Atlantis - The Lost Continent
The Author Meets the Critics
The Avengers

Baker's Theater Of Stars
Barrel of Fun
Before the Screaming Begins
Behind The Mike
Believe It Or Not
Bell Telephone Hour Encores
Benny Goodman Music FestivalNew Shows Added*
Best Of All
Best Plays
The Better Half
Betty And Bob
The Beulah Show
Beyond The Green DoorNew Shows Added*
Beyond Tomorrow
The Bickersons
The Big Show
The Big Time
The Big Story
Bill Kirby Sports
Big Town
The Bing Crosby Show
The Bing Crosby-Rosemary Clooney Show
Biography In Sound
Blondie and Dagwood
Birds Eye Open House
Boston Blackie
Bradbury Thirteen
The Breakfest Club
Bride and Groom
Brght Star
Broadway's My Beat
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century
The Burns and Allen Show
Buster Brown Gang

Cabin B-13
California Melodies
Call For Music
Call The Police
Campbell Playhouse
Can You Imagine That?
Can You Top this?
Candid Microphone
Candy Matson
Captain Midnight
Case Dimissed
A Case for Dr. Morelle
Casey, Crime Photographer
CBS Is There
CBS Radio Mystery Theater
CBS Radio Workshop
Chandu, The Magician
Charlie McCarthy Show
The Chase
The Chase And Sanborn Hour
The Chase And Sanborn Program
Chevrolet Program: Musical Moments
The Chicago Theater of the Air
Christmas Programs and Specials
The Cinnamon Bear
Circus Concert
Cloak And Dagger
Columbia Presents Corwin
Columbia Workshop
Command Performance
Compendium Cliche' Productions
Connee Boswell Show
Concert In Miniature
The Continental Celebrity Club
Crime and Peter Chambers
Crime Classics
Crime Does Not Pay
Crusader Chronicles
Curtain Time

The Damon Runyon Theater
The Danny Kaye Show
The Adventures of Danny Marsdon
The Dave Garroway Show
The Day of the Triffids
Democracy In Action
Did Justice Triumph?New Shows Added*
Dimension X
The Dinah Shore Collection
     Birds Eye Open House
     Call For Music
     The Ford Show
Doctor Fights
Doorway To Life
Doris Day Show
Double Or Nothing
Down Our Way
Dr. Christian
Dr. Kildare
Dr. Sixgun
Dr. Tim, DetectiveNew Shows Added*
Dunninger, the Mentalist

Easy Money
The Eddie Cantor Show
Ellery Queen's Minute Mysteries
Empire Builders
Encore Theater
Encores From The Bell Telephone Hour
The Endless Frontier

The Falcon
A Fall Of Moondust
Famous Escapes
Father Knows Best
Favorite Sports Stories of Grantland Rice
Favorite Story
The Feeling Is Mutual
Fibber McGee and Molly
The Fifth Horseman
The Fighting AAF
Fire Chief Concert
Fire Chief Program
First Fabulous Fifty
First Ladies of Radio
Fitch Bandwagon
Five After The Hour
The Adventures of Flash Gordon
The Fleischmann Hour
The Ford Show
The Forty Million
Fort Laramie
The Foundation Trilogy
The Fountain Of Fun
Four Star Playhouse
The Frances Langford Show
The Frances Langford-Spike Jones Show
The Adventures of Frank Merriwell
The Adventures of Frank Race
Frank Watanabe and the Honorable Archie
The Fred allen show
Front and Center
Front Line Theater
Frontier Gentleman
Future Tense

Gene Autry's Melody Ranch
The General Electric Theater
General Mills Adventure Theater
George Byron Show
The Ghost Corps
The Ginny Simms Show
The Gibson
Gleason And ArmstrongNew Shows Added*
The Good News Program
Gordon MacRae Show - GulfSpray Show
Gordon MacRae Show - Texaco Star Theater     
Granby's Green Acres
Grantland Rice's Favorite Sports Stories
The Great Gildersleeve
Great Plays
The Green Lama
The Green Valley Line

The Hall of Fantasy
The Halls of Ivy
Harold Lloyd Comedy Theater
Harold Peary Show
Harry Richman Show
Harvest Moon Festival
Harvest of Stars
Have Gun, Will Travel
Hawaiian Fantasies
Hayward Sanatarium
The Hedda Hopper Show
Hello Sucker
Hercule Poirot
Hitchhiker's Guide To the Galaxy
Hollywood Byline
Hollywood Sound Stage
Hollywood Star Time
Hollywood Players
Hollywood Players
The Hoofers
Host Planet Earth
Hour of CharmNew Shows Added*
Howie Wing, A Saga of Aviation

I Love a Mystery
I Love Adventure
I Want a Divorce
I Was A Communist For The FBI
I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again
Imperial Leader
In The Name Of The Law
Incredible But True
Ireene Wicker
The Island VentureNew Shows Added*
It Pays To Be Ignorant
It's Higgins Sir

Jack Armstrong, All American Boy
The Jack Benny Show
The Jack Carson Show
The Jack Haley Show
The Jack Kirkwood Show
The Jack Paar Program
The Jack Pearl Show
Jeff Regan, Investigator
James Melton Show
Jergen's Journal
The Air Adventures of Jimmie Allen
The Jimmy Durante Show
The Joe Hassel Show
Adventures of Joe Palloka
Joe Penner Show
The John Charles Thomas Show
John F. Kennedy Interviews
John Steele, Adventurer
Jonathan Thomas And His Christmas On The Moon
Johnny Presents The Rudy Vallee Show
Journey Through Badlidreampt
Journey Into Space

  • "Operation Luna"
  • "The Red Planet Mars"
  • "The World In Peril"
  • The Return From Mars

    The Judy Canova Show
    Jump Jump and the Ice Queen
    Jungle Jim
    Just For You

    The Kingsmen
    The Kraft Music Hall
    The Kraken Wakes

    LassieNew Shows Added*
    The Last Nighter Program
    Leather Stocking Tales
    Leonidas Witherall
    Les Miserables
    Let's Pretend
    The Liberace Program
    Life of RileyNew Shows Added*
    Life With Luigi
    Lights Out
    The Lineup
    Little Jack Little
    Little Old Hollywood
    Little Orphan Annie
    Lives of Harry Lime
    Living In An Atomic Age
    The Lone Ranger
    The Lost World
    The Louella Parsons Show
    Love Story
    Lux Radio Theater

    Magic Island
    The Magnificent Montague
    Majestic Theater of the Air
    Majestic's Master of Mystery
    The Man Called X
    The Mario Lanza Show
    The Marriage
    Mary Foster, Editor's Daughtor
    Master's India
    Matinee Theater
    Maximum Credible Accident
    Maxine Gray Entertains
    Mayor of the Town
    Medicine USA
    Meet Mister McNutly
    Meet The Meeks
    Meet The Press
    The Mercury Theater of the Air
    Meredith Wilson's Musical Revue
    Metropolitan Opera Auditions of the Air
    The MGM Theater of the Air
    The Adventures of Michael Shayne
    The Mickey Mouse Theater of the Air
    Milton Berle Show - Texaco Star Theater
    Miscellaneous Programs
    Mr. Ace and Jane
    Mr. And Mrs. Blandings
    The mazing Mr. Malone
    Moon Over Africa
    Moon River
    The Moonstone
    The Morton Downey Show
    Murder At Midnight
    Murder By Experts
    Musical Moments
    Mystery In The Air
    Myrt And Marge
    Mystery Is My Hobby

    National Hour
    National Lampoon Radio Hour
    NBC Presents Eugene O'Neill
    NBC Star Playhouse
    The Adventures of Nero Wolfe
    New Theater
    Night Beat
    Night Cap Yarns
    Norman Corwin's One World Flight
    Notes From Your Soldier's Notebook
    Now Hear This
    The Nutcracker

    Official Detective

    Old Gold Comedy Theater
    On Stage
    One World Flight
    Orbit One Zero
    Oregon Shakesperean Festival
    Origin Of Superstition
    Orson Welles' Radio Almanic
    Our Freedom's Blessings
    Our Miss Brooks
    Out of the Silent Planet

    The Packard Hour
    The Packard Summer Hour
    Pappy Smith and His Hired Hands
    Paul Whiteman Coast To Coast
    Paul Whiteman - Kraft Music Hall
    Paul Whiteman Presents
    Paul Whiteman's Housewarming Party
    Paul Whiteman's Musical Varieties
    The Penny Singleton ShowNew Shows Added*
    Pete Kelly's Blues
    Philco Radio Hall of Fame
    Philco Radio Mysteries On The Air
    Philip Morris Playhouse
    The Adventures of Philip Marlowe
    Phyl Coe Mysteries
    Philo Vance
    Pick And Pat
    Planet Man
    The Player
    Presenting Charles BoyerNew Shows Added*

    Quality Set For Music
    The Quiz Kids

    Radio Almanic
    Radio City Playhouse
    The Radio Edition of The Bible
    The Radio Hall of Fame
    The Railroad Hour
    Rate Your Mate
    The Ray Milland Show
    Recollections At 30
    Red Nichols Show
    Red Ryder
    Request Performance
    The Revuers
    Richard Diamond, Private Detective
    Riding High
    Rocky Fortune
    Rocky Jordan
    Rogers Of The Gazette
    Rogue's Gallery
    Romance of the Ranchos
    The Rosemary Clooney ShowNew Shows Added*
    The Roy Rogers ShowNew Shows Added*
    The Rudy Vallee Show

    The Saint
    Sam Spade
    Scout About Town
    Screen Director's Playhouse
    Screen Guild Theater
    The Sealed Book
    Sealtest Variety Theater
    Sealtest Villiage Store
    Second Chance
    Secret Agent K-7 ReturnsNew Shows Added*
    The Secret of Dominion
    The Shadow
    Shell Chateau
    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes
    The Silver Theater
    Sing It Again
    The Singing Lady
    Sister Elizabeth Kenney Revue
    Sleep No More
    The Six Shooter
    Sky King
    Skyline Roof
    Smilin' Ed's Buster Brown Gang
    The Smiths of Hollywood
    The Smiths of San Fernando
    Snow Village Sketches
    Soconyland Sketches
    Soldiers Of The Press
    Something Wicked This Way Comes
    Somewhere Over the Rainbow
    Songs By Morton Downey
    Adventures of Sonny and Buddy
    Space Patrol
    Speed Gibson of The International Secret Police
    Stairway To The Stars
    The Stan Kenton Show
    Standard Hour
    Standard School Broadcast
    Star Wars
    The Star-Spangled Theater
    Story Of All Of Us
    The Story of Dr. Kildare
    The Story of Myrt And Marge
    Straight Arrow
    Strange Dr. Weird
    Strange Wills
    Stroke Of Fate
    Studio One
    Studio X
    SupermanNew Shows Added*

    Tales From The Other Side
    Tales Of The Texas Rangers
    Tell It Again
    Ten-Two-Four Ranch
    Ten Million Wheels
    The Tennessee Ernie Ford Show
    The Tex and Jinx Show
    Texaco Star TheaterNew Shows Added*
    The Texaco Star Theater
    Starring: Gordon MacRae     
         Starring: Milton Berle
         Starring: James Melton
    Texaco Town
    That was the Year
    Theater of Romance
    Theater Guild On The Air
    Theater Of Stars
    The Third Man
    Thirty Minutes In HollywoodNew Shows Added*
    This Is Our AmericaNew Shows Added*
    This Is War
    This Is Your FBI
    The Tide Show
    Time Out
    Tinker, Taylor, Soldier, Spy
    Tonight at 9:30
    Tonight On Broadway
    Top Secret
    Town Hall Tonight
    True Detective Mysteries
    Truth Or Consequences
    Twenty Five Years Ago Today
    Two Thousand Plus

    Under Arrest
    The Unexpected
    The United States Steel Hour
    Up For Parole

    The Vaughn Monroe Show
    Vernon Crane's Scrapbook
    Vick's Romantic Bachelor
    Voyage of the Scarlet Queen

    Walk Softly, Peter Troy
    Walter Winchell
    Warner Brothers Academy Theater
    Wayside Theater
    We Came This Way
    We The People
    What Are We Fighting for?
    The Whisperer
    White Fires Of Inspiration
    Whitehall 1212
    The Witch's Tale
    Wings To Victory
    The Wonder Show
    Words At War
    Wormwood Forest
    The WOW Show

    X Minus One

    You Are There
    You Bet Your Life
    Young Love
    Your Coca Cola Program
    Your Radio Almanic
    Yours Very Truly, Little Jack Little

    The Zero Hour

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