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     Post or Modify Date: February 23, 05


Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments

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        PRODUCER/ DIRECTOR: William Malley

        ANNOUNCER: Terry O'Sullivan, Art Ballenger



82758A   "SATCHMO - THE LOUIS ARMSTRONG    1            :30:00* Narrated by Bing Crosby


82758B   "THE MAN EVERYBODY LIKED"         2            :30:00* Pat Buttram as Will Rogers

82759A   "A PREVIEW OF COMING              3            :30:00* Sebastion Cabet as Cecil B. DeMille


82759B   "A STORY OF TWO GIANTS"           4            :30:00* Ed Begley as John Gutson Borgum

82760A   "PORGY, BESS AND GEORGE?"         5            :30:00* Ross Martin as George Gershwin

82760B   "FLIGHT BEFORE FURY - A           6            :30:00* Michael Anderson


82761A   "PORTRAIT OF A PHOTOGRAPHER"      7            :30:00* Richard Crenna as Matthew Brady,

                                                                Raymond Burr

82761B   "A DAY TO TEST, A DAY TO          8            :30:00* Henry Fonda as Frank Lloyd Wright


82762A   "WESTWARD THE PAINTER"            9            :30:00* Richard Widmark as Frederick Remington

82762B   "HENRY WODSWORTH LONGFELLOW,     10            :30:00* Dan O'Herlihy.   Introduction by

         POET"                                                  Raymond Massey

82763A   "TO HEAR A DIFFERENT DRUMMER"    11            :30:00* John Forsythe as Henry David Thoreau,

                                                                Parley Baer

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              12            :30:00*  

82763B   "COUNT-DOWN FOR A CHAMP"         13            :30:00* Lawrence Dobkin as Sam Gumpers


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    Total Number of Programs: 13

    Total Possible Episodes:  13        Missing Programs: 1       Total Programs in Collection: 12


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