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     Post or Modify Date: January 29, 08
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        NBC   SUSTAINED          Tuesdays 8:00 - 8:30 pm
        PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Dee Engelbach   MUSIC: Milton Keagan
        ANNOUNCER: Ben Grauer              WRITER: George H. Falkner
        Summer Replacement for CAVALCADE OF AMERICA and done much in the same
        manner as that program.
82768A   "THE INCOMPARABLE DOCTOR"         1  07-10-51  :30:00  A Protrait of Benjamin Franklin
                                                                Dennis King, Martin Blaine, Brook
                                                                Byron, Ivan Currey, Gavin Gordon,
                                                                Vinton Hayworth, Alan Hewitt, David
                                                                Pheffer, Ethel Wilson

82768B   "A STORM AT MONTECELLO"           2  07-17-51  :30:00  A Portrait of Thomas Jefferson
                                                                Dennis King, Denise Alexander, Martin
                                                                Blaine, William Greene, Ronald Long,
                                                                Claire Neison, Gertrude Warner

82769A   "JOHN YANKEE"                     3  07-24-51  :30:00  A Portrait of John Adams   Alan
                                                                Hewitt, Brook Byron, Martin Blaine,
                                                                Peter Cappell, Jack Edwards, Gavin
                                                                Gordon, Ronald Long, Richard Newton,
                                                                Sidney Smith

82769B   "THERE STANDS JACKSON"            4  07-31-51  :29:50  A Portrait of General Thomas Jonathan
                                                                Jackson (Stonewall Jackson)   Kent
                                                                Smith, Ed Begley, Ivan Curray, Bill
                                                                Adams, Martin Blaine, Arthur Carney,
                                                                Ronald Long, Liota Thatcher, Cynthia
                                                                Stone, Maurice Ellis

82770A   "THE STEPPING STONES"             5  08-07-51  :30:00  A Portrait of William Brewster
                                                                Fredrick Waller, Martin Blaine, Ivor
                                                                Frances, Joseph Kerns, Ronald Long,
                                                                Jack Manning, James Monk, Kermit
                                                                Murdock, Richard Newton, Guy Sorrell,
                                                                John Stanley, Cynthia Stone, Ann
                                                                Tieman, Lawson Zerbe

82770B   "THE SWORD OF KENTUCKY"           6  08-14-51  :30:20  A Portrait of George Rogers Clark
                                                                Martin Blaine, Jan Minor, Kermit
                                                                Murdock, Ronald Long, Richard Newton,
                                                                Dan Occo, Guy Sorrell

82771A   "REVEILLE"                        7  08-21-51  :30:00  A Portrait of Baron Von Steubben
                                                                Stefan Snabol, Kermit Murdock

82771B   "KEEPSAKE"                        8  08-28-51  :30:00  A Portrait of Abraham Lincoln   Karl
                                                                Swenson, Kermit Murdock

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