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        ** STEREO SURROUND SOUND **     Stories of Ray Bradbury.

        PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Mike McDonough     NARRATOR: Paul Frees




82561A   "BRADBURY ON BRADBURY"          AUD  06-15-89  :29:00  Producer Mike McDonough interviews

                                                                author Ray Bradbury

82561B   "THE MAN"                         1  06-22-89  :29:00  From: "THE ILLUSTRATED MAN".   Weary

                                                                Captain Hart, the first Earthman to

                                                                reach the distant planet, arrives one

                                                                day too late.   Mike Flynn, Max

                                                                Golightly, Mike McDonough, Lynn

                                                                McKinlay, Scott Wilkinson.

82562A   "THE RAVINE"                      2  06-29-89  :29:00  From: "DANDELION WINE".   Terror in a

                                                                small town, as three women face  "The

                                                                Lonely One".   Helen Beauman, Barta

                                                                Heiner, Duane Hiatt, Bob Nelson,

                                                                Beverly Rowland, Oscar Rowland.

82562B   "NIGHT CALL, COLLECT"             3  07-06-89  :29:00  From: "THE STORIES OF RAY BRADBURY".

                                                                The haunting story of an 80-year-old

                                                                man harrassed by phone calls from the

                                                                empty planet Mars.    Ivan Crosland,

                                                                Mike McDonough, Morgan White.

82563A   "THE VELDT"                       4  07-13-89  :29:00  From: "THE ILLUSTRATED MAN".   A

                                                                child's electronic playroom becomes a

                                                                terrifying reality.   Mark Alston,

                                                                Neal Barth, Ivan Crosland, Jennifer

                                                                Kuhlman, Janet Swenson.

82563B   "THERE WAS AN OLD WOMAN"          5  07-20-89  :29:00  From: "THE STORIES OF RAY BRADBURY".

                                                                The man in black waits for Aunt Tildy

                                                                to die.   Nathan Hale, Ruth Hale,

                                                                Duane, Hiatt, Kim Jensen, Tonya Neff,

                                                                Bob Nelson, Morgan White.

82564A   "KALEIDOSCOPE"                    6  07-27-89  :29:00  From: "THE ILLUSTRATED MAN".   An

                                                                explosion flings seven men like

                                                                squirming silverfish into the depths

                                                                of space.   James Arrington, Ivan

                                                                Crosland, Logan Field, Mike Flynn,

                                                                Mike McDonough, Rick Macey.

82564B   "HERE THERE BE TYGERS"            7  08-03-89  :29:00  From: "THE DAY IT RAINED FOREVER".

                                                                Travelers to a far-flung galaxy are

                                                                seduced by a forlorn planet.   Michael

                                                                Drury-Beck, Tim Eisenhart, Bruce

                                                                Newbold, Jeff Rader, Max Robinson.

82565A   "DARK THEY WERE, AND              8  08-10-89  :29:00  From: "S IS FOR SPACE".   Henry

         GOLDEN-EYED"                                           Bittering and his family are prey to

                                                                the mystique of Mars.   Jay Bernard,

                                                                Bryce Chamberlain, Colman Creel.Steve

                                                                Densley, Nathen Hale, Jennifer

                                                                Kuhlman, Max Robinson

82565B   "THE WIND"                        9  08-17-89  :29:00  From: "THE OCTOBER COUNTRY".   It

                                                                wasn't a gentle breese, nor a raging

                                                                tornado, but it brought a night of

                                                                terror to Allen.   Jessie Bennet, Mike

                                                                Flynn, Bob Nelson, Charlotte Nelson,

                                                                Janet Swenson.

82566A   "THE FOX AND THE FOREST"         10  08-24-89  :29:00  From: "THE ILLUSTRATED MAN".   A small

                                                                Mexican town becomes a hunting ground

                                                                for fugitives from the future.   Neal

                                                                Barth, Jay Bernard, Barta Heiner,

                                                                Janet Swenson, Lynwood Thompson.

82566B   "THE HAPPINESS MACHINE"          11  08-31-89  :29:00  From: "DANDELION WINE".   Leo Aufman,

                                                                self-appointed inventor, builds  the

                                                                world's first Happiness Machine.

                                                                Mark Alston, Jesse Bennett, Jean

                                                                Jenkins, Lynn Mckinley.

82567A   "THE SOUND OF THUNDER"           12  09-07-89  :29:00  From: "THE ILLUSTRATED MAN".   A

                                                                safari into the past crashes headlong

                                                                into the future.   Jay Bernard, Bryce

                                                                Chamberlain, Duane Hiatt, Jennifer

                                                                Olauson, Jeff Rader, Max Robinson.

82567B   "THE SCREAMING WOMAN"            13  09-14-89  :29:00  From: "S IS FOR SPACE".   No one

                                                                listens to a 10-year-old Margaret

                                                                Leary, especially when she hears

                                                                screams from beneath the ground.

                                                                Mark Alston, Neal Barth, Bryce

                                                                Chamberlain, Coleman Creel


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