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    Post or Modify Date: December 15, 18               
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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 Series: "BEST OF ALL"                                     
        NBC SUSTAINED   Mondays 8:30-9:00 pm till 6-28 then 8:00-9:00 pm
        MUSICAL DIRECTOR: Skitch Henderson (Tonight Show with Steve Allen)s
        STARS: Sara Flemming, Clark Dennis, Donald Graham, Sylvia Michaels,
        Jack Haskill, The Texture Singers     ANNOUNCER: Kenneth Banghart
        Features different composer(s) each week week
91165A   "VINCENT YOUMANS"                 1  06-14-54  :29:50  Robert Merrill, Elizabeth Doubleday
                                                                "Drums In My Heart", "Through The
                                                                Years", "Time On My Hands", "Tea For
                                                                Two", "Great Day", "More Then You
                                                                Know", "Without A Song", "The Kareoka"

91165B   "RICHARD ROGERS AND LORENZ        2  06-21-54  :29:50  Elizabeth Doubleday, Jack Haskell
         HART"                                                  Guest Announcer: Fred Collins
                                                                "Manhatten", "Falling In Love With
                                                                Love", "My Romance", "Spring Is Here",
                                                                "Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered",
                                                                "There's A Small Hotel", "Slaughter On
                                                                Tenth Avenue"

91166    "RICHARD ROGERS AND OSCAR         3  06-28-54  :59:50  Clark Dennis   "Oklahoma", "People
         HAMERSTEIN"                                            Will Say We're In Love", "Surrey With
                                                                The Fringe On Top", "It Might As Well
                                                                Be Spring", "A Grand Night For
                                                                Singing", "You'll Never Walk Alone",
                                                                "Carousel Waltz", "If I Loved You", "A
                                                                Fella Needs A Girl", "Haven't Got A
                                                                Worry In The World", "Some Enchanted
                                                                Evening", "Cock-Eyed Optimist",
                                                                "Younger Then Springtime", "We Kiss In
                                                                A Shadow", "March Of The Siamese
                                                                Children", "Hello Young Lovers",
                                                                "Guadalcanal March", "No Other Love"
                                                                 Richard Rogers' Birthday today.  Show
                                                                changes to one-hour format

91167    "COLE PORTER"                     4  07-05-54  :59:40  "Rosalie", "The Still Of The Night",
                                                                "Night And Day", "Blue Boy Blue",
                                                                "I've Got You Under My Skin", "Easy To
                                                                Love", "Just One Of Those Things",
                                                                "Begin The Beguine", "Don't Fence Me
                                                                In", "Farewell Amanda", "You'd Be So
                                                                Nice To Come Home Home To", "Get Out
                                                                Of Town", "I Concentrate On You", "I
                                                                Love You", "So In Love", "Why Can't
                                                                You Behave", "Wunderbar"

91168    "GEORGE GERSHWIN"                 5  07-12-54 1:00:10  "Love Is Sweeping The Country",
                                                                "Strike Up The Band", "A Foggy Day In
                                                                London Town", "I'm Biding My Time",
                                                                "Somebody Loves Me", "Summertime", "It
                                                                Ain't Necessarily So", "Death, You is
                                                                My Woman Now", "Blue Monday" (Complete
                                                                One-Act Folk Opera from 1920. Runs 30

91169    "VARIOUS AMERICAN COMPOSERS"      6  07-19-54  :59:00  Fay Emerson, Earl Wrightson   Excerpts
                                                                from "On The Town", "September Song",
                                                                "Vienese Lady", Poem: "The Sound Of
                                                                American Names", Excerpts from "Gone
                                                                With The Wind", "When Johnny Comes
                                                                Marching Home", "There Must Be
                                                                Something Then Love", "The Pavan",
                                                                "Mountain High, Valley Low", "The
                                                                Nina, The Pinta, The Santa Maria",
                                                                "New Years Resolutions"   BEST OF ALL
                                                                now takes an eight week hiatus to
                                                                allow "Concerts From The Hollywood
                                                                Bowl" to be aired in this time slot.

91170    "JEROME KERN / BRIGADOON"         7  09-27-54  :59:50  Clark Dennis, Elizabeth Doubleday,
                                                                Gene Kelly, Syd Chirese  "They Didn't
                                                                Believe Me", "Look For The Silver
                                                                Lining", "You Are Love", "Why Was I
                                                                Born", "Can I Forget You", "All The
                                                                Things You Are", "Long Ago And Far
                                                                Away", "The Last Time I Saw Paris",
                                                                "Why Do I Love You", "Once In The
                                                                Highlands", "McConachay Square",
                                                                "Heather On The Hill", "Waitin' For My
                                                                Sweetie", "Almost Like Being In Love",
                                                                "I'll Go Home With Bonnie Jean"

91171    "IRVING BERLIN"                   8  10-04-54 1:00:50  Bing Crosby, Rosemary Cloney, Polly
                                                                Bergen   "Alexander's Ragtime Band",
                                                                "You Can't Get A Man With A Gun", "I
                                                                Love You", "It's A Lovely Day Today",
                                                                "Marie From Sunny Italy", "Snow",
                                                                "Love, You Didn't Do Right By Me",
                                                                "Blue Skies", "Mandy", "The Best
                                                                Things Happen When You're Dancing",
                                                                "Sisters", "Count Your Blessings",
                                                                "Gee, I Wish I Was Back In The Army",
                                                                "White Christmas"

91172    "JUDY GARLAND TRIBUTE"            9  10-11-54 1:00:10  Judy Garland, Jinx Falkenberg   "If
                                                                You Feel Like Singing, Sing", "Over
                                                                The Rainbow", "I'm Biding My Time",
                                                                "Zing Went The Strings Of My Heart",
                                                                "The Man Who Got Away", "Born In a
                                                                Trunk", Have Yourself A Very Merry

91173    "DAVID ROSE"                     10  10-18-54 1:00:50  "Manhatten Swuaredance", "Nostalgic",
                                                                "Four-Twenty AM", "Dance Of The
                                                                Spanish Onion", "Portrait Of A Flirt",
                                                                "Mississippi Suite", "Little Missy
                                                                Poo", "Anna Lucia", "Tango In D",
                                                                "Subway Ride", "lover", "Autumn In New
                                                                York", "Singing In The Rain", Tenament

91174    "AMERICAN MUSICAL COMEDIES"      11  10-25-54  :59:20* "Love Is Sweeping The Country", "Body
                                                                And Soul", "If There Is Someone Lovier
                                                                Then You", Annamary Dickey: "Strange
                                                                Music", "March Of The Siamese
                                                                Chrildren", "Bewitched, Bothered And
                                                                Bewildered", "There Must Be Something
                                                                Better Then Love", "My Time Of Day",
                                                                "There's A Small Hotel", "Speak Low",
                                                                "Luck Be A Lady", "Everything's Up To
                                                                Date In Kansas City", "My Darling",
                                                                "I'm Your Girl", "Blue Room"

91175    "OSCAR HAMMERSTEIN II - CARMEN   12  11-01-54  :59:40  "Carmen Overture", "Opening Medely",
         JONES"                                                 "Helen Ada", "The Flower Song", Otto
                                                                Preminger interview, "Dance Bohem",
                                                                "The Gypsy Dance", "Stand Up And
                                                                Fight", "There's A Cafe On The
                                                                Corner", "My Joe", Oscar Hammerstein
                                                                II interview, "Finale"

91176    "FANNY"                          13  11-08-54  :60:00* "Restless Heart", Herold Rome
                                                                interview, "Why Be Afraid To Dance",
                                                                "Fanny", Florence Henderson interview,
                                                                "Be Kind To Your Parents", Ezio Pinza
                                                                interview, "Welcome Home"

91177    "THE LAST TIME I SAW PARIS"      14  11-15-54 1:00:30  Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson, Donna
                                                                Reed, Walter Pidgeon   "That's What
                                                                makes Paris Paree", "Domino", "La Vie
                                                                En Rose", "The Last Time I Saw Paris",
                                                                "Valentina", "My Foolish Heart", "If
                                                                You Love Me, Really Love Me"

91178    "OUTSTANDING MUSICAL             15  11-22-54  :60:00* "Who Cares", "The Most Beautiful Girl
         COMPOSITIONS"                                          In The World", "I Told Every Little
                                                                Star", "Summertime", "Soon", "My
                                                                Beloved", "Mad About The Boy", "Begin
                                                                The Beguine", "The Lady Is A Tramp",
                                                                "Hello Young Lovers", "When I Marry
                                                                Mr. Snow", "`S Wonderful", "Younger
                                                                Then Springtime", "Body And Soul",
                                                                "All The Things You Are", "Lover, Come
                                                                Back To Me"

91179    "SIGMOND ROMBERG - DEEP IN MY    16  11-29-54  :60:00* Jose Ferrer, Helen Traubel, Rosemary
         HEART"                                                 Clooney.  "Deep In My Heart" medley,
                                                                "My Marilyn", "You Will Remember
                                                                Vienna", "Dear Mr. Frued",
                                                                "Aufwedersein", "Seranade" from The
                                                                Student Prince, "Sweetheart", "Mister
                                                                And Missus", "Dancing Around With The
                                                                O'Brien Family", "Lover Where Can You
                                                                Be", "Bursting", "Stout Hearted Men",
                                                                "When I Grow Too Old To Dream"

91180    "40TH ANNIVERSARY SALUTE TO      17  12-06-54  :60:00* Richard Rogers, Arthur Harback, John
         ASCAP"                                                 Golden, Irving Berlin, Eddie Fisher
                                                                "Nancy Dolphin", "Johnny Has Gone For
                                                                A Soldier", "The March Of The Toys",
                                                                "Ode To A Rose", "Japanese Sandman",
                                                                "Im Always Chasing Rainbows", "Falling
                                                                In Love With Love", "You Were Meant
                                                                For Me", "New York Town", "Make Her
                                                                Mine", "Nevertheless", "The Boy Next
                                                                Door", "Counting My Blessings"

91181    "THERE'S NO BUSINESS LIKE SHOW   18  12-13-54  :44:50  Irving Berlin, Dan Dailey   "When That
         BUSINESS"                                              Midnight Choo Choo leaves For Alabam",
                                                                "A Man Chases A Girl Until She Catches
                                                                Him", "After You Get What You Want,
                                                                You Don't Want It", "If You Believe",
                                                                "Play That Simple Melody", "Heat
                                                                Wave", "A Sailor's Not A Sailor Until
                                                                He's Had A Tatoo", "Alexander's
                                                                Ragtime Band", "There's No Business
                                                                Like Show Business"     Program
                                                                changes to a 45 minute format Mondays
                                                                8:15 - 9:00 pm

91182    "THE SMALL ONE"                  19  12-20-54  :44:20  Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney
                                                                "Jingle Bells", "The Twelve Days Of
                                                                Christmas", "I'm Doing My Christmas
                                                                Dreaming A Little Early This Year",
                                                                "Sleigh Ride", "Winter Wonderland", "I
                                                                Wonder As I Wander"    Christmas

91183    "THE BEST OF BEST OF ALL"        20  12-27-54  :45:50  "If You Feel Like Singing, Sing", "The
                                                                Last Time I Saw Paris", "On The Town",
                                                                "Welcome Home", "People Will Say We're
                                                                In Love", "Blue Monday"

91184    "VICTOR HERBERT"                 21  01-03-55  :46:30  "I Want What I Want When I Want It",
                                                                "A Kiss In The Dark", "Sweetheart",
                                                                "Spanish Seranade", "The Gypsy Love
                                                                Song", "Angelus" from Sweetheart,
                                                                "Rose Of The World", "Indian Summer",
                                                                "Meet The Southern Moon", "I'm Falling
                                                                In Love With Someone"

91185    "RUDOLPH FRIML"                  22  01-10-55  :45:20  "Rose Marie", "Gianina Mia", "Love Me
                                                                Tonight", "Donkey Serenade", "Gather
                                                                The Roses", "Give Me One Hour",
                                                                "Mabell", "Lamour, Tajour, Lamour",
                                                                "Alah's Holiday", "Tis The End So

91186    "EDDIE SAUTER AND BILL           23  01-17-55  :45:00  "Autumn Leaves", "Wild Wings In The
         FINEGAN"                                               Woods", "Midnight Sleighride",
                                                                "Concerto For Jazz Band And Symphony
                                                                Orchestra", "April In Paris",
                                                                "Thunder's Break"

91187    "GIAN CARLO MENOTTI"             24  01-24-55  :45:00  "Hello Aria", "Amahl And The Night
                                                                Visitors", "The Old Black Swan", "The
                                                                Teacher's Song", "Just The Way You
                                                                Look Tonight"

91188    "JEROME KERN"                    25  01-31-55  :44:30  Mimi Benzel, Robert Merrill

91189    "CINERAMA HOLIDAY"               26  02-07-55  :45:00  Lowell Thomas   "The Hot-sta-za",
                                                                "Tiger Rag", "Cinerama Holiday Suite",
                                                                "Skater's Waltz"

91190    "SALUTE TO THE NATIONAL          27  02-14-55  :47:00   

91191    "BEST OF ALL FROM A VARIETY OF   28  02-21-55  :45:10   

91192    "PASSIONS IN PINK - MUSICAL      29  02-28-55  :41:00  HOST: Ben Grauer

91193    "HIT THE DECK"                   30  03-07-55  :45:10  Jane Powell, Debbie Reynolds, Joe
                                                                Pasternac, Kay Armen    "Hallaluja",
                                                                "Sometimes I'm Happy"

91194    "PLAIN AND FANCY"                31  03-14-55  :41:00   

91195    "SPRING"                         32  03-21-55  :46:00  Kay Armen

91196    "THE SEVEN LITTLE FOYS"          33  03-28-55  :41:00   

91199    "STEVE ALLEN"                    34  04-18-55  :45:20   

91198    "LIONEL BARRYMORE TRIBUTE"       35  04-25-55  :30:30   

91199    "NATIONAL MUSIC WEEK"            36  05-02-55  :44:50   

91200    "FIFTY YEARS OF OPERATIC         37  05-09-55  :45:00  Van Cliburn, Karen Tuttle (viola),
         SINGING"                                               Harold Feldman (oboe), Bidu Sayao

   Total Number of Titles:   37                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 37
   Total Possible Episodes:  37         Missing Programs: None    Total Programs in Collection: 37
   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   37
    Total Number of Programs: 37
    Total Possible Episodes:  37        Missing Programs: None    Total Programs in Collection: 37
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