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     Post or Modify Date: November 29, 08
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS  SUSTAINED       Lou Merrill stars as Host: THOMAS HYLAND.
        MUSIC: Bernard Herrmann.     Directors: Elliott Lewis, Ken McMannus
        Producer: Elliott Lewis      Stories: Morton Fine, David Friekin
        Announcers: Bob Lemond, Roy Rowen, Larry Thor
        Mondays at 8:00pm till 9-30-53 then Wednesdays at 9:30pm
86531A   "THE CRIME OF BATHSHEBA         AUD  12-03-52  :28:10  Mary Jane Croft, Herb Butterfield, Sam
         SPOONER, THE FIRST WOMAN TO BE                         Edwards, Tudor Owen, Ben Wright, Bill
         TRIED FOR MURDER IN THE U.S                            Johnstone, Georgia Ellis.

86531B   "THE CRIME OF BATHSHEBA           1  06-15-53  :29:30  Mary Jane Croft, Herb Butterfield, Sam
         SPOONER, THE FIRST WOMAN TO BE                         Edwards, Tudor Owen, Ben Wright, Bill
         TRIED FOR MURDER IN THE U.S                            Johnstone, Georgia Ellis.

86550B   "THE SHOCKINGLY PEACEFUL          2  06-22-53  :29:50  Herb Butterfield, Betty Harford, Terry
         PASSING OF THOMAS EDWIN                                Kilburn.

86532A   "THE CHECKERED LIFE AND SUDDEN    3  06-29-53  :29:50  Mary Jane Croft, Martha Wentworth,
         DEATH OF COLONEL JAMES FISK,                           Bill Johnstone, Betty Harford, Irene
         JUNIOR"                                                Tedrow, Tony Ellis

86532B   "THE SHRAPNELLED BODY OF          4  07-06-53  :29:50* Terry Kilburn, Paul Frees, Ben Wright,
         CHARLES DREW, SENIOR"                                  Bill Johnstone, Betty Harford, Irene
                                                                Tedrow, Tony Ellis

86533A   "THE TERRIBLE DEED OF JOHN        5  07-13-53  :29:50  Herb Butterfield, Jay Novello, Jean
         WHITE WEBSTER, AND HIS CRIME                           Howell, Junius Matthews, Paula
         THAT SHOCKED THE NATION."                              Winslowe, Larry Thor, Martha Wentworth

86533B   "THE DEATH OF A PICTURE           6  07-20-53  :29:50  Joe Granby, Joe Kearns, Charlotte
         HANGER"                                                Lawrence, Paul Frees, Clayton Post,
                                                                Sam Edwards, Paula Winslowe

86534A   "THE FINAL DAY OF GENERAL         7  07-27-53  :29:30  Paula Winslowe, Russell Simpson, Sarah
         KETCHUM AND HOW HE DIED"                               Selby, Herb Butterfield, Bill Bissell,
                                                                Dave Young, Hy Averback.

86534B   "MR. THROWER'S HAMMER"            8  08-03-53  :29:50  Bill Johnstone, Joseph Kearns, Jay
                                                                Novello, Tudor Owen, Eric Snowden,
                                                                Alastair Duncan, Paula Winslowe

86535A   "THE AXE AND THE DROOT FAMILY:    9  08-10-53  :29:50  Herb Butterfield, Mary Jane Croft,
         HOW THEY FARED"                                        Clayton Post, Sam Edwards, Paul Frees,
                                                                Charles Davids

86535B   "THE INCREDIBLE TRIAL OR LAURA   10  08-17-53  :29:50  Mary Jane Croft, Florence Walcott,
         D. FAIR"                                               Bill Johnstone, Paula Winslowe, Joe
                                                                Granby, Jean Wood, Herb Butterfield

86536A   "THE ALSOP FAMILY: HOW IT        11  08-24-53  :29:10  Ellen Morgan, Herb Butterfield, Terry
         DIMINISHED AND GREW AGAIN."                            Kilburn, Ben Wright, Betty Harford,
                                                                Richard Peel, Ray Lawrence

86536B   "YOUR LOVING SON, NERO"          12  08-31-53  :29:50  Bill Conrad, Betty Lou Gerson, Sammie
                                                                Hill, Edgar Barrier, Hy Averback,
                                                                Martha Wentworth

86537A   "THE TORMENT OF HENRIETTA        13  09-07-53  :29:50  Sammie Hill, Betty Harford, Joseph
         ROBINSON, AND WHY SHE KILLED."                         Kearns, Sam Edwards, Lamont Johnson,
                                                                Paula Winslowe, Ben Wright

86537B   "THE BLOODY, BLOODY BANKS OF     14  09-30-53  :29:10  FIRST SHOW OF NEW SEASON    Irene
         FALL RIVER"                                            Tedrow, Herb Butterfield, Jeanette
                                                                Nolan, Bill Johnstone, Betty Harford,
                                                                Sarah Selby, Paul Frees.    The Story
                                                                of Lizzie Borden     Show moves to
                                                                Wednesday 9:30pm

86538A   "THE HANGMAN AND WILLIAM         15  10-07-53  :29:10  Jay Novello, Betty Harford, Ellen
         PALMER: WHO WON"                                       Morgan, Alastair Duncan, Joe Kearns,
                                                                Ben Wright

86538B   "THE SEVEN LAYERED ARSENIC       16  10-14-53  :29:30  Edgar Barrier, Irene Tedrow, Bill
         CAKE OF MADAME LAFARGE"                                Conrad, Eve McVeigh, Joe Kerns.
                                                                Sponsored by 54' Plymouth.

86539A   "BILLY BONNY BLOODLETTER: ALSO   17  10-21-53  :29:50  Dick Beals, Sam Edwards, Clayton Post,
         KNOWN AS "THE KID""                                    Harry Bartell, Barney Phillips,
                                                                Lillian Buyeff, Fred Shields, Tony
                                                                Barrett, Bill Conrad

86539B   "JOHN HAYES--HIS HEAD--AND HOW   18  10-28-53  :28:50  Betty Harford, Ben Wright, Alastair
         THEY WERE PARTED"                                      Duncan, Richard Peel, Bill Johnston,
                                                                Charles Davis, Jeanette Nolan

86540A   "RASCHI AMONG THE CROCODILES,    19  11-04-53  :30:20  Edgar Barrier, Jack Edwards, Jane
         AND THE PRANK HE PLAYED"                               Webb, Jack Kruschen, Ben Wright, Bill
                                                                Conrad, Eric Snowden

86540B   "BLACKBEARD'S FOURTEENTH WIFE:   20  11-11-53  :29:50  Bill Conrad, Ben Wright, Jack
         WHY SHE WAS NO GOOD FOR HIM"                           Kruschen, Alastair Duncan, Joe Kearns,
                                                                Richard Peel, Betty Harford

86541A   "THE TRIANGLE ON THE ROUND       21  11-18-53  :29:10  Bill Conrad, Bill Johnstone, Ben
         TABLE"                                                 Wright, Lamont Johnson, Edgar Barrier,
                                                                Ellen Morgan, Bob Cole.    The story
                                                                of "King Arthur"

86541B   "THE KILLING STORY OF WILLIAM    22  11-25-53  :27:50  Betty Harford, Richard Peel, Joe
         CORDER AND THE FARMER'S                                Kearns, Jeanette Nolan, Alma Lawton,
         DAUGHTER"                                              Donald Lawton

86542A   "IF A BODY NEED A BODY, JUST     23  12-02-53  :29:00  Jack Kruschen, Jay Novello, William
         CALL BURKE & HARE"                                     Johnstone, Jeanette Nolan, Charles
                                                                Davis, Betty Harford, Richard Peel

86542B   "THE ASSASINATION OF ABRAHAM     24  12-09-53  :28:50  Irene Tedrow, Herb Butterfield, Barney
         LINCOLN"                                               Phillips, Clayton Post, Mary Jane
                                                                Croft, Betty Lou Gerson, Bill Conrad,
                                                                Roy Glenn, Jack Edwards, Junius
                                                                Matthews, Sammie Hill

86543A   "JOHN AND JUDITH, THEIR CRIME,   25  12-16-53  :29:00  Ben Wright , Betty Harford, Jeanette
         AND WHY THEY DIDN'T GET TO                             Nolan, Irene Tedrow, Norma Vardon,
         ENJOY IT."                                             Alec Harford

86543B   "COYLE & RICHARDSON -- WHY       26  12-30-53  :29:00  Clayton Post, Walter Tetley, Georgia
         THEY HUNG IN A SWINGING                                Ellis, Herb Butterfield, Gladys
         BREEZE."                                               Holland, Charles Calvert   Show of
                                                                12-23 Pre-empted for Christmas

86544A   "THE YOUNGER BROTHERS: WHY       27  01-06-54  :29:30  Barney Phillips, Sam Edwards, Clayton
         SOME OF THEM GREW NO OLDER"                            Post, Jimmy Eagles, Bill Bissell, Sam
                                                                Edwards, Walter Tetley

86544B   "HOW SUPAN GOT THE HOOK          28  01-13-54  :29:50  Bill Conrad, Byron Kayne, Lillian
         OUTSIDE BOMBEY"                                        Buyeff, Julie Bennett, Jack Kruschen,
                                                                Alastair Duncan

86545A   "MADELINE SMITH, MAID OR         29  01-20-54  :29:40  Florence Walcott, John Dehner, Betty
         MURDERESS: WHICH?"                                     Harford, Bill Johnstone

86545B   "THE BOORN BROTHERS & THE        30  01-27-54  :29:50* Virginia Gregg, Lamont Johnson, Bill
         HANGMAN: A STUDY IN NIP AND                            Conrad, Jack Kruschen, Irene Tedrow,
         TUCK."                                                 Joe Kearns, Herb Butterfield

86546A   "THE INCREDIBLE HISTORY OF       31  02-03-54  :29:50* Jerry Deamond, Ellen Morgan, Alastair
         JOHN SHEPARD"                                          Duncan, D.J. Thompson, Richard Peel,
                                                                Ben Wright, Betty Harford

86546B   "TWENTY-THREE KNIVES AGAINST     32  02-10-54  :29:30  Edgar Barrier, Betty Harford, Hy
         CAESAR"                                                Averback, Lou Krugman, Harry Bartell,
                                                                Marvin Miller, Irene Tedrow

86547A   "JEAN BAPTISTE TROPPMANN:        33  02-17-54  :28:40  Larry Dobkin, Jack Edwards, Kurt
         KILLER OF MANY"                                        Martell, Joe Kearns, Irene Tedrow,
                                                                Junius Matthews, Dix Davis

86547B   "THE GOOD SHIP JANE: WHY SHE     34  02-24-54  :29:50* Ben Wright, Gary Montgomery, Herb
         BECAME FLOATSAM"                                       Butterfield, Paul Frees, Steve
                                                                Roberts, Bill Johnstone

86548A   "ROGER NEMS: HOW HE, THOUGH      35  03-03-54  :29:00  Ben  Wright, Alastair Duncan, Richard
         DEAD, WON THE GAME"                                    Peel, Betty Harford, Ellen Morgan,
                                                                Gary Montgomery

41321 B  "NEW HAMPSHIRE, THE TIGER AND    36  03-10-54  :29:50* Lamont Johnson, Jeanne Bates, Jack
         BRAD FERGUSON WHAT HAPPENED                            Kruschen, Mary Jane Croft, Parley
         THEN"                                                  Baer, Paula Winslowe, John Dehner

86549A   "OLD SIXTOES: HOW HE STOPPED     37  03-17-54  :30:00  Herb Butterfield, Jane Webb, Jack
         CONSTRUCTION ON THE B.B.C. AND                         Edwards, Jack Kruschen, Ben Wright

*na*     "FRANCISCO PIZARRO: HIS HEART    38  03-24-54  :29:50* Edgar Barrier, Bill Conrad, John
         ON A GOLDEN KNIFE"                                     Dehner, Harry Bartell, Jack Kruschen,
                                                                Hy Averback

86550A   "ROBBY-BOY BALFOUR: HOW HE       39  03-31-54  :29:50* Ben Wright, Bill Johnstone, Betty
         WRECKED A BIG PRISON'S                                 Harford, Virginia Gregg, Steve
         REPUTATION"                                            Roberts, Norman Field

86551A   "A GENERAL'S DAUGHTER, CZAR'S    40  04-07-54  :29:50* Hy Averback, John Dehner, Lillian
         LIEUTENANT AND THE LINEN                               Buyeff, Barney Phillips, Vic Perrin,
         CLOSET: A RUSSIAN TRAGEDY"                             Irene Tedrow

86551B   "JAMES EVANS, FIREMAN: HOW HE    41  04-14-54  :29:40  Ben Wright, Florence Walcott, Betty
         EXTINGUISHED A HUMAN TORCH"                            Harford, Richard Peel, Paula Winslowe,
                                                                Alastair Duncan

86552A   "CESARE BORGIA: HIS MOST         42  04-21-54  :28:40  Whitfield Connor, Bill Conrad, Betty
         DIFFICULT MURDER"                                      Lou Gerson, Lamont Johnson, Edgar
                                                                Barrier, Hy Averback, Larry Thor

86552B   "WIDOW MAGEE AND THE THREE       43  04-28-54  :29:30  Hy Averback, Shep Menkin, Bill Conrad,
         GYPSIES - - A VERMONT                                  Sammie Hill

86553A   "BUNNY BAUMLER: HIS CLOSE        44  05-05-54  :29:30  Howard McNear, Irene Tedrow, Jack
         BRUSH WITH FAME"                                       Kruschen, Paula Winslowe, Edgar
                                                                Barrier, Benny Rubin, Martha Wentworth

86553B   "MR. CLARKE'S SKELETON IN MR.    45  05-12-54  :29:50  Ben Wright, Richard Peel, Betty
         ARAM'S CLOSET: THE NOISE IT                            Harford, Ellen Morgan, Herb
         MADE"                                                  Butterfield, Charles Davis, Bill

86554A   "THE LETHAL HABIT OF MARQUISE    46  05-26-54  :29:30  Mary Jane Croft, Herb Butterfield,
         DE BRINVILLIERS"                                       Lamont Johnson, Joe Kearns, Shep
                                                                Menkin, Truda Marson, Irene Tedrow,
                                                                Barney Phillips

86554B   "MR. JONATHON JEWETT: HOW,       47  06-02-54  :29:50* Lee Miller, Elliott Lewis, John
         MOST PECULIARLY, HE CHEATED                            Dehner, Vic Perrin, Junius Matthews,
         THE HANGMAN"                                           Byron Kane

86555A   "THE ASSASSINATION OF LEON       48  06-09-54  :29:50* Herb Butterfield, Irene Tedrow, Jack
         TROTSKY"                                               Kruschen, Miliza Kahlke, Barney
                                                                Phillips, Edgar Barrier, Charles

86555B   "THE DEATH OF A BALTIMORE        49  06-16-54  :29:50* Ted deCorsia, Jerry Hausner, Paula
         BIRDIE AND FRIEND"                                     Winslowe, Mary Jane Croft, Charles

86556A   "ALI PASHA; A TURKISH DELIGHT"   50  06-23-54  :29:00  Hans Conreid, Jack Kruschen, Paula
                                                                Winslowe, Lillian Buyeff, Kurt
                                                                Martell, Vic Perrin, Edgar Barrier

86556B   "GOOD EVENING, MY NAME IS JACK   51  06-30-54  :29:50* Betty Harford, D.J. Thompson, Ben
         THE RIPPER"                                            Wright, Paula Winslowe, James
                                                                McCallion, Irene Tedrow, Richard Peel.
                                                                  Final Broadcast of the Series.

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