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     Post or Modify Date: October 25, 2010
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        Syndicated Series 
        Produced, directed and written by Steven Thomas Oney.
70001    "PLAYBACK"                        1    1982   1:07:30  A serial killer dares police to catch
                                                                him by mailing them tape recordings of
                                                                his crimes.

70002A   "A TEST FOR MURDER"               2    1983    :43:00  This episode finds Captain Waverly
                                                                Underhill investegating the mysterious
                                                                stabbing of a famous art critic at a
                                                                crowded gallery.

70002B   "THE CALLER ON LINE ONE"          3    1984    :34:20  A madman stalks a radio talk-show host
                                                                ... by telephone.

70003    "MR. HUGO'S NIGHT TO REMEMBER"    4    1985    :59:00  This episode takes us all the way to
                                                                the ocean floor for a mystery lampoon
                                                                that unfolds amid the wreckage of the

70004A   "THE HYPNOTIST"                   5    1986    :41:30  Explosive tale of a fiendish killer, a
                                                                comatose witness, and a compassionate
                                                                psychiatrist caught up in a race
                                                                against time.

70004B   "THE LEGACY OF EURIAH PILLER"     6    1987    :40:50* An eccentric millionaire's will sets
                                                                off a chain reaction of the treachery
                                                                and murder.

70005    "THE BUOY"                        7    1988    :59:40  A traveler is mysteriously abducted
                                                                from his hotel room and strapped to a
                                                                Sea Buoy ... which seems no more than
                                                                a bizarre nuisance ...  until the
                                                                strengthening current begins to drag
                                                                the buoy underwater!

70006    "FIVE FATHOM RIP"                 8    1989    :55:20  This episode is set on a dilapidated
                                                                fishing vessel, where a fantastic
                                                                catch is merely the prelude to a
                                                                series of shocking murders.

70007    "THE CASE OF THE MURDERED         9    1990   1:09:30  Sparkling mystery that asks the
         MISER"                                                 intriguing question ... Who Killed
                                                                Ebenezer Scrooge?  Christmas Program

70008    "THE CASE OF THE SHOOTING        10    1991    :51:50  Underhill exposes an ingenious
         STAR"                                                  insurance fraud scheme and gets a
                                                                meteorite named after him at the same

70009    "THE GOLDEN IDOL, THE MAGWITCH   11    1992   1:07:20  Underhill employs a clever ruse and a
         AND THE DONKEY'S TAIL"                                 thousand-year-old lie detector test to
                                                                break up a potentially deadly

70010    "THE WHEREABOUTS OF HEIDI MC     12    1993   1:09:40   

70011    "THE CURSE OF THE WHALES         13    1994   1:16:20   

70012    "DANGER AT SEVEN MILE BEND       14    1995    :60:00*  
         PART 1"

70013    "DANGER AT SEVEN MILE BEND       15    1995    :60:00*  
         PART 2"

70014    "THE JUNEBUG MYSTERY"            16    1996    :60:00*  

70015    "MURDER FROM THE BRIDGE"         17    1996    :35:00* It appears a suicide has been commited
                                                                by somebody jumping from the Sagamore
                                                                Bridge.  In a dinner game of "Twenty
                                                                Questions" between Captain Underhill
                                                                and Doctor Scofield, designed to
                                                                sharpen the good doctor's deducing
                                                                abilities, Captain Underhill recalls
                                                                this bizarre case of suicide.  Or was

70016    "SOME PEOPLE ARE MISSING ON      18    1997    :49:00*  
         CANEL STREET"

70017    "THE CASE OF THE AUTOMATIC       19    1998    :49:00* Mrs. Langhorne's granddaughter Cybil
         MURDERS"                                               has predicted her murder based on
                                                                disparaging entries in Cybil's diary.
                                                                Doctor Shofield brings Captain
                                                                Underhill into what was originally
                                                                thought to be a medical problem, but
                                                                now looks like like more.

70018    "THE MYSTERY OF ANNA GALE"       20    1999    :43:00*  

70019    "MURDERING DICKENS"              21    2000    :60:00*  

70020    "THE WHIRLPOOL"                  22    2001    :60:00*  

70021    "THE CASE OF THE INDIAN          23    2002   1:15:00*  

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