Jerry Haendiges Vintage Radio Logs

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    Post or Modify Date: May 16, 21                    
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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 Series: "COMMAND PERFORMANCE"                             
92650A   "THE LIFE STORY OF RUDY              08-23-40          Stars: Rudy Vallee tells the story of
         WEIDOF"                                                his teacher

 Series: "COMMAND PERFORMANCE"                             
        AFRS   Production for the entertainment of Armed Forces troops.
        The first name listed was designated the "Master of Cermonies".
        Dates listed should be taken with a grain of salt. Sometimes the AFRS
        scripts listed mastering date, sometimes release date, sometimes air
        date, and sometimes nothing at all. Where I had an air date, I listed
        that if no other dates were given.  Episode numbers are all correct.     
70358A                                     1  03-01-42          EDDIE CANTOR, Bea Wain, Ambassadors
                                                                Quartet, Joe Louis-Buddy Baer Fight
                                                                record, Danny Kaye, Dinah Shore, Merle
                                                                Oberon, Cooky Fairchild Orchestra,
                                                                Bert Gordon (The Mad Russion), Western
                                                                Union Boys (Singing Birthday
                                                                Telegram), Clip from Joe Louis - Buddy
                                                                Baer fight

70358B                                     2  03-09-42          FRED WARING & HIS PENNSYLVANIANS, Joe
                                                                E. Lewis, Tallulah Bankhead, Tommy
                                                                Riggs & Betty Lou

70359A                                     3  03-13-42          KATE SMITH, Henny Youngman, voice of
                                                                Queenie the dog, Barry Wood, Ed
                                                                Gardner "Archie", Ted Husing, Robert
                                                                Benchley, John Brown (voice)

70359B                                     4  03-18-42          FRED ALLEN, Madeleine Carroll, Kenny
                                                                Baker, Al Goodman Orchestra, John
                                                                Kieran, Gladys Swarthout, Henny
                                                                Youngman, Portland Hoffa

70360A                                     5  03-29-42          GEORGE JESSEL, Joan Edwards,
                                                                Louis-Simon Fight record, Carmen
                                                                Miranda, Tallulah Bankhead, Connee
                                                                Boswell, Oscar Levant, Mark Warnow

70360B                                     6  04-01-42          KAY KYSER & COMPANY, Bea Wain, Lou
                                                                Holtz, Wendy Davis, Ella Logan, Eddie

70361A                                     7  04-12-42          GENE TIERNEY, Betty Hutton, Gary
                                                                Cooper, Arthur Q. Bryan as Raymond
                                                                Radcliffe, Andrews Sisters, Ray Noble
                                                                Orchestra, Edgar Bergen & Charlie
                                                                McCarthy, Ginny Simms, Bob Burns, Joe
                                                                Forte (voice), Sara Berner (voice).
                                                                1ST SHOW FROM HOLLYWOOD

70361B                                     8  04-16-42          CLIFTON FADIMAN, Basin Street Society
                                                                Orchestra - Paul Laval Conductor, Phil
                                                                Baker with Beetle & Bootle, Benay
                                                                Venuta, Bill Stern, John Ringling
                                                                North, Golden Gate Quartet, Walter
                                                                O'Keefe, Dinah Shore

70362A                                     9  04-19-42          SHIRLEY TEMPLE, Martha Tilton,
                                                                Ceferino Garcia, Gordon Jenkins
                                                                Orchestra., Fanny Brice (Baby Snooks),
                                                                Hanley Stafford (Daddy), Dorothy
                                                                Lamour, Bud Abbott & Lou Costello, Six
                                                                Hits & A Miss, Frank Graham (voice),
                                                                Frank Nelson (voice), Herb Vigran
                                                                (voice), Bill Wright (voice)

70362B                                    10  04-23-42          PAT O'BRIEN, Sammy Kaye Orchestra,
                                                                Slapsie Maxie Rosenbloom, Merry Macs,
                                                                Frank Morgan with John Conte, Meredith
                                                                Willson Orchestra, Frances Langford
                                                                with Six Hits And A Miss, George Burns
                                                                & Gracie Allen, Abe Reynolds (voice),
                                                                Joe Forte (voice)

70363A                                    11  04-28-42          ADOLPHE MENJOU, Fibber McGee & Molly,
                                                                Red Skelton, Ozzie Nelson Orchestra,
                                                                Hariet Hilliard, Tito Guizar, Gloria
                                                                Jean, Virginia O'Brien, Truman
                                                                Bradley, Lucille Meredith (voice), Joe
                                                                Forte (voice), Gil Patrick (voice),
                                                                Abe Reynolds (voice), Billy Mills

70363B                                    12  05-07-42          BETTY GRABLE, Judy Canova, Robert
                                                                Benchley, Harry James Orchestra, Clem
                                                                McCarthy (recording of the 68th
                                                                Kentucky Derby), Jack Benny, Don
                                                                Wilson, Mary Livingston, Dennis Day,
                                                                Phil Harris, Rochester, Mary Marttin
                                                                with Music Maids & Hal, Bill Wright
                                                                (voice), Dave Roberts (voice)

70364A                                    13  05-14-42          EDWARD G. ROBINSON, Hedy Lamarr,
                                                                Parkyakarkas, Milton Berle, Glenn
                                                                Miller Orchestra, Ginny Simms, Ray
                                                                Eberle, Cliff Edwards (Ukelele Ike),
                                                                Modernaires, Leith Stevens Orchestra,
                                                                Maxie Rosenbloom, Dick Ryan (voice),
                                                                Abe Reynolds (voice), Joe Forte

70364B                                    14  05-18-42          GEORGE RAFT, Brenda & Cobina, Deanna
                                                                Durbin, Meade "Lux" Lewis, Eddie Paul
                                                                Orchestra, Dinah Shore, Rudy Vallee,
                                                                Sportsmen Quartet, Joe Forte (voice),
                                                                Bill Wright (voice)

70365A   "THE NATIONAL ASSOCIATTION OF    15  05-13-42  :30:00* MARLENE DIETRICH, Eddie Peabody, Bob
         BROADCASTERS SHOW"                                     Moonan Orchestra, Tommy Riggs & Betty
                                                                Lou, Kenny Baker, Johnny Auguastine
                                                                Orchestra, Mitzi Green, Al Jolson,
                                                                Charles Swink (voice)

70365B                                    16  06-02-42          MICKEY ROONEY, Betty Hutton, Bob
                                                                Burns, Amos & Andy, Betty Jane Rhodes,
                                                                Billy Artz Orchestra, Bert Gordon (the
                                                                Mad Russion), Harry Von Zell, Harry
                                                                James Orchestra

70366A                                    17  06-11-42          DON AMECHE, Merry Macs, Max Baer,
                                                                Carole Landis, John Scott Trotter
                                                                Orchestra, George Givot, Bing Crosby,
                                                                Music Maids & Hal, Hugh Herbert, Dinah
                                                                Shore, Joan Dessert (voice)

70366B                                    18  06-18-42          WILLIAM POWELL, Martha Tilton, Lou
                                                                Bring Orchestra, George Jessel, Gene
                                                                Autry & the Melody Ranch Boys with
                                                                Nora Lou, Brenda & Cobina, Judy
                                                                Garland, Al Pearce & the Gang, Joe
                                                                Forte (voice), Mel Blanc (voice)

70367A                                    19  06-23-42  :29:47  LORETTA YOUNG, Ella Fitzgerald, Ransom
                                                                Sherman, Charles Previn & the
                                                                Universal Studios Orchestra, Oscar
                                                                Levant, Phil Silvers, Reginald
                                                                Gardner, Phil Kramer (voice), Frank
                                                                Nelson (voice), Sara Berner (voice)

70367B                                    20  06-30-42          SPENCER TRACY, Mary Lee, Lou Forbes, &
                                                                the Selznick Studio Orchestra, Victor
                                                                Borge, King's Men, Pinto Colvig,
                                                                Clarence Nash (Donald Duck, Pluto,
                                                                Goofy), Pat Friday, Graucho Marx,
                                                                Barbara Stanwyck, Hans Conreid

70368A                                    21  07-07-42          BOB HOPE, Lena Horne, Victor Young &
                                                                the Paramount Studio Orchestra, Shaw &
                                                                Lee, Les Brown Orchestra, sound effect
                                                                - Hurdy Gurdy Man, Ginny Simms,
                                                                Rosalind Russell, Edith Evanson
                                                                (voice), Eddie Marr (voice)

70368B                                    22  07-14-42  :30:00* EDWARD ARNOLD, Ethel Waters, Reginald
                                                                Beane, Laura Vaughns, Ella Lashley,
                                                                Constantine Bakaleinikoff & the RKO
                                                                Studio Orchestra, Richard Hydn, Jascha
                                                                Heifetz (accompanied by Emanual Bay),
                                                                Jack Benny

70369A                                    23  07-21-42          PAT O'BRIEN, Frances Langford, Alfred
                                                                Newman & the 20th Century Fox Studio
                                                                Orchestra, Hal Peary (Gildersleeve),
                                                                Walter Tetley (Leroy), Lillian
                                                                Randolph (Birdie), Cab Calloway
                                                                Orchestar, Brenda & Cobina, Dick
                                                                Powell, Wally Maher (Voice)

70369B                                    24  07-28-42          CARY GRANT, Shirley Ross, Walter
                                                                Scharf & the Republic Studio
                                                                Orchestra, Billy Gilbert & Mrs.
                                                                Gilbert, Woody Herman Orchestra, hog
                                                                calling - Pinto Colvig, Jack Mather,
                                                                Billy Bletcher, Judy Garland, Ruth

70370A                                    25  08-04-42          CLARK GABLE, Cass Daley, Nat Finston
                                                                &the MGM Studio Orchestra, Jerry
                                                                Colonna, Carmen Miranda, Count Basie
                                                                Orchestra, Bette Davis, Dinah Shore

70370B                                    26  08-11-42          WALTER PIDGEON, Mills Brothers, Leo
                                                                Forbstein & the Warner Brothers Studio
                                                                Orchestra, Vera Vague, Johnny
                                                                Weismuller (Tarzan yell), Merry Macs,
                                                                Mary Martin & the Max Terr Chorus,
                                                                Marlene Dietrich

70371A                                    27  08-18-42          CARY GRANT, Virginia O'Brien, Joan
                                                                Davis, Charles Previn & the Universal
                                                                Studio Orchestra, sound effect - San
                                                                Francisco Foghorn, Freddy Slack
                                                                Orchestra & Ella Mae Morse, Jose
                                                                Iturbi, Bert Lahr

70371B                                    28  08-25-42          RED SKELTON, Betty Hutton, Alfred
                                                                Newman & the 20th Centry Fox Studio
                                                                Orchestra, Reggie Gardner, Benny
                                                                Goodman Orchestra, Dorothy Lamour, Joe
                                                                Lilley & the Paramount Studios Chorus,
                                                                Truman Bradley, Leo Cleary

70372A                                    29  09-04-42          TALLULAH BANKHEAD, Joan Edwards,
                                                                Colonal Stoopnagle & Art Carney, Gene
                                                                Krupa & Anita O'Day, Jane Froman,
                                                                Willie Howard, Ink Spots, Dr. Frank
                                                                Black Orchestra.   RECORDED IN NEW

70372B                                    30  09-11-42          BING CROSBY, Connee Boswell, Bert
                                                                Wheeler, & Hank Ladd, Kay Kyser's
                                                                Orchestra, James Cagney, Dr. Frank
                                                                Black Orchestra.   RECORDED IN

70373A                                    31  08-30-42          BING CROSBY, Kay Kyser & Company, Hedy
                                                                Lamarr, Connee Boswell, Abbott &
                                                                Costello, Dr. Frank Black Orchestra.
                                                                RECORDED IN WASHINGTON

70373B                                    32  09-22-42          DON AMECHE, Vivian Blaine, Hanley
                                                                Stafford & Fannie Brice, Tommy Dorsey
                                                                Orchestra, Nelson Eddy, Edgar Bergan &
                                                                Charlie McCarthy, Constantine
                                                                Bakaleinikoff & the RKO Studio

70374A                                    33  09-29-42  :30:00* BOB BURNS, Tommy Dorsey Orchestra,
                                                                Count Basie Orchestra, Lionel Hampton
                                                                Orchestra, Spike Jones & His City
                                                                Slickers, Ken Carpenter, Dinah Shore

70374B                                    34  10-07-42  :30:00* CARY GRANT, Spike Jones & His City
                                                                Slickers, Joan Davis, Rise Stevens,
                                                                Ethel Waters, Larry Adler, Abbott &
                                                                Costello, Ginny Simms

70375A                                    35  10-09-42          BOB HOPE, Claudette Colbert, Judy
                                                                Garland, Lana Turner, Dave Rose

70375B                                    36  10-13-42          BING CROSBY, Mary Martin, Dinah Shore,
                                                                Charioteers, Don Wilson, Music Maids &
                                                                Hal, Ambassadors, John Scott Trotter

70376A                                    37  10-21-42          FRANCES LANGFORD, Bob Burns, Don
                                                                Wilson, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra, Helen
                                                                O'Connell, Bob Eberly

70376B                                    38  10-24-42  :29:50  LINDA DARNELL, Red Skelton, Virginia
                                                                O'Brien, Zero Mostel, Harriet
                                                                Hilliard, Erskine Hawkins Orchestra,
                                                                Truman Bradley, Walter Scharf & the
                                                                Republic Studio Orchestra

70377A                                    39  10-27-42          RITA HAYWORTH, Cass Daley, Hall
                                                                Johnson Choir, Spike Jones & His City
                                                                Slickers, Frank Morgan, John Conte,
                                                                Meredith Willson, Lena Horne, Lou
                                                                Forbes & the Selznic Productions

70377B                                    40  11-03-42          BETTY GRABLE, Freddy Slack Orchestra
                                                                with Ella Mae Morse, Judy Canova,
                                                                Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy &
                                                                Mortimer Snerd, Kenny Baker, Morris
                                                                Stoloff & the Columbia Pictures

70378A                                    41  11-10-42          JACK BENNY, Alice Faye, Cass Daley,
                                                                Marlene Fingerle, Arthur Schutt,
                                                                Rochester, Eddie Marr, John Lake,
                                                                Alfred Newman & the 20th Century Fox

70378B                                    42  11-15-42          LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI & the NBC Symphony
                                                                Orchestra, Dorothy Maynor, Mischa
                                                                Elman     RECORDED IN NEW YORK

70379A                                    42  12-09-42          DINAH SHORE, Merry Macs, Ethel Waters,
                                                                Tommy Dorsey Orchestra, Count Basie
                                                                Orchestra, Dorothy Lamour & the Joe
                                                                Lilley Paramount Chorus, Harry James
                                                                Orchestra, Mills Brothers     THIS IS
                                                                ACTUALLY #42a RECORDED IN HOLLYWOOD

111      "CARY GRANT"                     43  12-12-42  :30:19  CARY GRANT, Andrews Sisters, Gene
                                                                Krupa Orchestra, Charioteers, Edgar
                                                                Bergen & Charlie McCarthy, Ginny Simms
                                                                & the Bombardiers, "Captain" Meredith
                                                                Willson conducting the Orchestra.

111      "KAY KYSER"                      44  12-28-42  :15:00  KAY KYSER, Bing Crosby, Music Maids &
                                                                Hal, Victor Borge, Kay Kyser Orchestra
                                                                & Company, Jose Iturbi, Charioteers,
                                                                Brenda & Cobina. (Disc 1 of 2 o0nly)

70379B                                    45  01-02-43          LINDA DARNEL, Inkspots, Cass Daley,
                                                                Jascha Heifetz, Cab Calloway, Abbott &
                                                                Costello, Jane Froman

70381A                                    46  01-06-43          ROBERT TAYLOR, King Sisters, Joan
                                                                Davis, Harry James Orchestra & Helen
                                                                Forrest, Neslon Eddy, Lum & Abner,
                                                                Captain Meredith Willson Orchestra

70381B                                    47  01-10-43  :15:00* JOAN BLONDELL, Florence George, Connie
                                                                Haines, Benny Carter Orchestra, Sons
                                                                of the Pioneers with Bob Nolan, Roy
                                                                Rogers, Lou Morgan Trio, Captain
                                                                Meredith Willson Orchestra
                                                                Incomplete-part 1 only

70382A                                    48  01-16-43          JEANETTE MacDONALD, Virginia O'Brien,
                                                                Dale Evans, Eddie South & His
                                                                Orchestra, Mills Brothers, Eddie
                                                                LeBaron Orchestra

70382B                                    49  01-23-43          BOB HOPE, Joan Blondell, Lena Horne,
                                                                Ginny Simms, Carlos Ramirez,

70383A                                    50  01-30-43          DINAH SHORE, Chill Wills, Ann Miller,
                                                                Kathryn Grason, Charioteers

70383B                                    51  02-06-43          RITA HAYWORTH, Betty Hutton, George
                                                                Burns & Gracie Allen, Richard Haydn,
                                                                Kenneth Specer, Pfc. Gail Laughton

70384A                                    52  02-13-43          BING CROSBY, Richard Crooks, Pat
                                                                O'Malley, Merry Macs, Music Maids,
                                                                Charioteers, Janet Blair, Martha

70384B                                    53  02-20-43          OLIVIA DE HAVILLAND, Allan Jones,
                                                                Frances Langford, Jinx Falkenburg, Kay
                                                                Kyser Orchestra, Jim Wakeley and His

70385A                                    54  02-24-43          BOB HOPE, Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore,
                                                                Carmen Miranda, Eddie Dunstedter & the
                                                                Army Air Force Band

70385B                                    55  02-27-43          BETTY GRABLE, Marian Andreson, Pat
                                                                O'Malley, Charioteers, Mel Blanc,
                                                                Freddie Slack Orchestra with Margaret

111                                       56  03-06-43  :15:13  GINNY SIMMS, Bombardiers, Mabel Todd,
                                                                Alan Hale, Sons of the Pioneers, Benny
                                                                Goodman Orchestra & Peggy Lee  (Disc 1
                                                                of 2)

70386B                                    57  03-13-43          DINAH SHORE, Cornelia Otis Skinner,
                                                                Allan Jones, Freddy Martin Orchestra

70387A                                    58  03-20-43          JUDY GARLAND, John Charles Thomas,
                                                                Kenny Baker, Virginia O'Brien, Woody
                                                                Herman Orchestra

70387B                                    59  03-27-43          KAY KYSER Orchestra, Lennie Hayton,
                                                                Hedda Hopper, Balalaika Gypsy Band,
                                                                Ralina Zarova, Spike Jones & His City

70388A                                    60  04-01-43          BING CROSBY, Dinah Shore, Charioteers,
                                                                Bob Burns, Music Maids & Phil, John
                                                                Scott Trotter Orchestra

70388B                                    61  04-03-43          BOB HOPE, Judy Garland, Johnny Mercer,
                                                                Lee Sweetland

70389A                                    62  04-17-43          DINAH SHORE, Fay McKenzie, Glen Gray &
                                                                the Casa Loma Orchestra, Pied Pipers

70389B                                    63  04-24-43          ANN SHERIDAN, Paul Whiteman, Gracie
                                                                Allen, Jose Iturbi, Bonnie Baker

70390A                                    64  05-01-43          KATE SMITH, John Charles Thomas, Cass
                                                                Daley, Freddie Slack

70390B                                    65  05-05-43          GINNY SIMMS, Gene Autry & Trios: Eddie
                                                                & Jimmie Dean, Johnny Bond, Freddie
                                                                Martin Orchestra, Pat O'Malley & Madge

70391A                                    66  05-08-43          MARTHA RAYE, Chief Petty Officer Rudy
                                                                Vallee, U.S. Coast Guard Orchestra,
                                                                Jimmie Grier, Bartlett & Robertson,
                                                                Mel Blanc

70391B                                    67  05-15-43          JOAN BLONDELL, Dick Powell, Rochester,
                                                                Judy Canova, Sportsmen, Martha Tilton,
                                                                Virginia O'Brien

70392A                                    68  05-22-43  :30:40  DINAH SHORE, Sportsmen's Quartet, Bill
                                                                Thompson, Ticker Freeman, Chick
                                                                Chandler, Carlos Ramirez, Ruth Hussey

70392B                                    69  06-05-43          BETTY HUTTON, Amos & Andy, Jose
                                                                Iturbi, Woody Herman Orchestra

70393A                                    70  06-12-43  :30:30  BOB CROSBY, Count Basie Orchestra,
                                                                Jimmy Wakely & The Rough Riders,

70393B                                    71  06-19-43          BING CROSBY, DINAH SHORE, Fanny Brice,
                                                                Hanley Stafford, Mel Blanc, Vaughn
                                                                Monroe Orchestra, Murphy Sisters,
                                                                Ziggie Talent

70394A                                    72  06-26-43          FRED MacMURRAY, Alice Faye, Bea
                                                                Benaderat, Sergeant Skinney Ennis,
                                                                Phil Harris, Jerry Colonna, Gene
                                                                Austin, Count Basie Quartet

70394B                                    73  07-03-43          KAY KYSER, Orchestra, Gertrude Niesen,
                                                                Alan Carney, Wally Brown, Lena Horne,
                                                                Eddie "Rochester" Anderson

70395A                                    74  07-10-43          RONALD COLMAN, Jeanette MacDonald,
                                                                Ginny Simms, Ella Mae Morse, Jimmy
                                                                Davis, Dick Ryan

70395B                                    75  07-11-43          BING CROSBY, Betty Grable, Harry
                                                                James, Artur Rubinstein, Leo Sherrin

70396A                                    76  07-24-43          DINAH SHORE, Tommy Dorsey, Robert
                                                                Benchley, Rise Stevens

70396B                                    77  07-31-43          KATHARINE HEPBURN, Jesters (Buy
                                                                Bonham, Red Latham & Wemp Carlson), Ed
                                                                Gardner, Kathryn Grayson, Ted Lewis

70397A                                    78  08-07-43          GREER GARSON, Gloria Warren, Nelson
                                                                Eddy, Cass Daley, Pinto Colvig, Bill
                                                                Bletcher, 43rd Army Air Forces
                                                                Orchestra, Gardner Field

70397B                                    79  08-14-43          ROSALIND RUSSELL, Carlos Ramirez,
                                                                Jimmy Wakeley, & the Rough Riders,
                                                                Judy Canova, Xavier Cugat Orchestra

70398A                                    80  08-21-43          GINGER ROGERS, Frank Sinatra, Mel
                                                                Blanc, Alice Faye, Ed Gardner, Arthur
                                                                Q. Bryan, 43rd Army Air Forces
                                                                Orchestra, Gardner Field, Bank

70398B                                    81  08-28-43          JIMMY DURANTE, Bing Crosby, Judy
                                                                Garland, Kay Kyser Orchestra, Georgia
                                                                Carroll, Julie Conway, Pinto Colvig

70399B                                    82  09-09-43          MARLENE DIETRICH, Shirley Ross, Solito
                                                                de Solis, Zero Mostel, Martha Tilton,
                                                                Ella Mae Morse, Johnny Mercer, The
                                                                Pied Pipers.  AFRS records show two
                                                                episode 82s with slightly different
                                                                cast and different mastering dates.
                                                                But as far as I can tell, both were
                                                                edited into only one final release

70400A                                    83  09-06-43          DINAH SHORE, Jeanette MacDonald, Garry
                                                                Moore, Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra

70400B                                    84  09-11-43          GINNY SIMMS, Andrews Sisters, Mitch
                                                                Ayres, Orchestra, Roy Acuff & the
                                                                Smokey Mountain Boys, Pinto Colvig,
                                                                Frank Graham

70401A                                    85  09-18-43          RONALD COLMAN, Jascha Heifetz, Rise
                                                                Stevens, Lena Horne, Robert Benchley,
                                                                Walter Tetley, 43rd Army Air Forces
                                                                Gardner Field Band

70401B                                    86  09-25-43          BOB HOPE, BING CROSBY, Frances
                                                                Langford, Tony Romano, Charioteers

70402A                                    87  10-02-43          DON AMECHE, Betty Hutton, Vagabonds,
                                                                Al Dexter, King Cole Trio, Jack

70402B                                    88  10-09-43          BOB YOUNG, Tex Ritter, Salty Holmes,
                                                                Cass Daley, Charlie Spivac, Orchestra,
                                                                Janet Blair

70403A                                    89  10-16-43          BETTE DAVIS, John Charles Thomas,
                                                                Garry Moore, Rise Stevens, Georgia
                                                                Gibbs, Delta Rhythm Boys

70403B                                    90  10-23-43          BOB HOPE, Carole Landis, Shirley Ross,
                                                                Vronsky & Babin, Jimmy Cash, Joseph

70404A                                    91  10-30-43          JUDY GARLAND, Dinah Shore, Shirley
                                                                Ross, Ginny Simms, Bombardiers, San
                                                                Bernardino Band

70404B                                    92  11-13-43          BOB HOPE, Jimmy Durante, Betty Hutton,
                                                                Judy Garland, Charioteers, Lana Turner

70405A                                    93  11-20-43          IDA LUPINO, Phil Harris, Gracie
                                                                Fields, Garry Moore, Hoosier Hot
                                                                Shots, Master Sergeant Skinnay Ennis &
                                                                the O.T.C. Band

70405B                                    94  11-27-43  :29:50  HERBERT MARSHALL, Bob Wills & Tommy
                                                                Duncan, Anita Ellis, Edgar Bergan &
                                                                Charlie McCarthy, Virginia O'Brien,
                                                                Tommy Cook, Paul Douglas, Frances
                                                                Langford, Six Hits & a Miss, Conrad

70406A                                    95  12-04-43  :30:00  DINAH SHORE, Lulu Belle & Scotty, Fats
                                                                Waller, Jerry Colonna, Abbott &
                                                                Costello, Gloria Jean

70406B                                    96  12-11-43  :30:50  BOB HOPE, Martha Raye, Frances
                                                                Langford, Anna Lee, Kaye Francis,
                                                                Carole Landis, Mitzi Mayfair
                                                                SPECIAL NORTH AMERICAN SHOW

70407A   "BING CROSBY, DINAH SHORE, THE   97  12-18-43  :30:30  BING CROSBY, Dinah Shore, The
         CHARIOTEERS, UKIE"                                     Charioteers, Ukie

70407B                                    98  12-20-43  :29:50  FRED ALLEN, Ginny Simms, Lauritz
                                                                Melchior, Golden Gate Quartet, Benny
                                                                Goodman Orchestra, Gypsy Rose Lee
                                                                 FROM NEW YORK

70408A                                    99  12-21-43  :30:00  FRED WARING, Orchestra, Kate Smith,
                                                                Orson Welles, Ilka Chase, Phil Baker,
                                                                Jimmy Wallington, Alec Templeton,
                                                                Andres Segovia         FROM NEW YORK

70408B                                   100  01-08-44          SHIRLEY ROSS, Harry James Orchestra,
                                                                Carmen Miranda, Jimmy Cash, Maurice
                                                                Rocco, Veronica Lake

70409A                                   101  01-15-44          FRANCES LANGFORD, Virginia O'Brien,
                                                                The Revuers, Phyllis Brooks, Spike
                                                                Jones & his City Slickers, Jimmy

70409B                                   102  01-22-44  :31:00  BOB HOPE, Benny Goodman Orchestra,
                                                                Dennis Day, Joan Leslie, Deanna Durbin

70410A                                   103  01-31-44          ROBERT YOUNG, Glenn Miller, Mary
                                                                Martin, Kate Smith   DUBBED SHOW FROM
                                                                SEVERAL TRACKS RECORDED IN NEW YORK

70410B                                   104  02-01-44          BING CROSBY, Frank Sinatra, Dinah
                                                                Shore, Ticker Freeman

70411A                                   105  02-05-44          JERRY COLONNA, Fibber McGee & Molly,
                                                                Ethel Waters, Cass Daley, Francis

70411B                                   106  02-12-44          BOB HOPE, Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland

70412A                                   107  02-19-44  :30:00* LORETTA YOUNG, Frances Langford, Ginny
                                                                Simms, Connee Boswell, Larry Adler

70412B                                   108  02-26-44          DOROTHY LAMOUR, Virginia O'Brien, Dick
                                                                Haymes, Vivian Della Chiesa, Jimmy
                                                                Dodd, Ruth Carroll

70413A   "KATE SMITH, RANDOLPH SCOTT,    109  03-04-44          KATE SMITH, Randolph Scott, Joe
         JOE DERITA, BILLY GILBERT"                             DeRita, Billy Gilbert, Saundra
                                                                Berkova, Jim Wakeley, Spade Cooley,
                                                                Marvin Moazel

70413B                                   110  03-11-44          FRANK SINATRA, Dinah Shore, Ginny

70414A                                   111  03-18-44          BEA WAIN, Luboshultz, & Nimenoff,

70414B                                   112  03-25-44          DON AMECHE, Cass Daley, Carmen
                                                                Miranda, Fay McKenzie, Roy Rogers, Jan

70415A                                   113  04-01-44          GINNY SIMMS, Irene Manning, Catherine
                                                                Craig, Lena Horne, Spike Jones, Riders
                                                                of the Purple Sage

111                                      114  04-08-44  :30:00* JERRY COLONNA, Jo Stafford, Connie
                                                                Haines, Yvette, Frances Langford,
                                                                Ishkabibble, Fred Lowry, Dick Aurandt

70416A                                   115  04-15-44          BING CROSBY, Dinah Shore, Yehudi
                                                                Menuhin, Lula Belle & Scotty, Shirley
                                                                Mitchell, Ukie, Ticker Freeman

70416B                                   116  04-22-44  :29:30  GENE TIERNEY, Roy Acuff, Martha
                                                                Tilton, Charles Cantor (Clifton
                                                                Finnegan), Frank Morgan, Virginia

47087 A                                  117  04-29-44  :30:00* OLIVIA de HAVILLAND, Bob Crosby
                                                                Orchestra, Merry Macs, Dennis Day,
                                                                Ella Mae Morse, Ida James

70417B                                   118  05-06-44  :30:00* BOB HOPE, Bing Crosby, Betty Hutton,
                                                                Gypsy Rose Lee, Music Maids, Ticker

70418A                                   119  05-13-44  :31:00  DINAH SHORE, Helen Forrest, Lena
                                                                Horne, Frances Langford, Jerry Colonna

70418B                                   120  05-20-44  :29:40  PAULETTE GODDARD, Anita Ellis, Louis
                                                                Armstrong, Jimmy Durante, Johnny
                                                                Mercer, Georgia Gibbs

70419A                                   121  05-27-44  :29:30  DICK HAYMES, Virginia O'Brien, Louis
                                                                Jordan Orchestra, Dinah Shore, Hoosier

70419B                                   122  06-03-44          BOB HOPE, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra,
                                                                Jerry Colonna, Judy Garland, Lena
                                                                Horne, Connie Haines, Lotte Lehmann,
                                                                Frances Langford, Shirley Ross

70420A                                   123  06-03-44  :30:10  CONNIE HAINES, Shirley Ross, Lena
                                                                Horne, Lotta Lehman, Frank  Sinatra,
                                                                Bing Croaby, Bob Hope, Frances
                                                                Langford, Jerry Colonna

70420B                                   124  06-10-44  :30:30  BETTE DAVIS, Marilyn Maxwell, Arti
                                                                Shaw, Jimmy Durante, Jose Iturbi,
                                                                Nancy Walker

70421A                                   125  06-17-44  :29:40  JACK BENNY, Bing Crosby, Harpo Marx,
                                                                Gary Cooper, Ann Miller, Georgia Gibbs

70421B   "ALL WESTERN COMMAND            126  06-24-44  :30:00  BOB HOPE, Andrews Sisters, Cottonseed
         PERFORMANCE"                                           Clark, Roy Rogers, Carole Landis,
                                                                Frank Sinatra, Riders Of The Purple
                                                                Sage, Johnny Mercer

47092 A                                  127  07-01-44          MAXINE SULLIVAN, Neslon Eddy, Garry
                                                                Moore, Tommy Dorsey, Bill Goodwin,
                                                                Harry Von Zell, George Murphy

70422B                                   128  07-08-44  :29:10  CLAUDETTE COLBERT, Alan Hale, Jimmy
                                                                Durante, Betty Hutton, Ronald Colman,
                                                                Dale Evans

70423A                                   129  07-15-44          BING CROSBY, Judy Garland, Andrews
                                                                Sisters, Les Paul, Nat Cole

70423B                                   130  07-22-44  :29:00  RONALD COLMAN, Ginny Simms, Ida
                                                                Lupino, Dame Mae Whitty, Cary Grant,
                                                                Sir Aubrey Smith, Reggie Gardner
                                                                ALL ENGLISH COMMAND

70424A                                   131  07-30-44          BARBARA STANWYCK, Dick Haymes, June
                                                                Allyson, Linda Darnell, Sterling
                                                                Holloway, Errol Flynn, Cass Daley

70424B                                   132  08-05-44  :30:20  GINGER ROGERS, George Murphy, Jimmy
                                                                Durante, Virginia O'Brien, Golden Gate

47095 A                                  133  08-12-44  :30:00* GLORIA DE HAVEN, Lois Butler, Johnny
                                                                Mercer, Cass Daley, Jo Stafford, Pied
                                                                Pipers & June, Spencer Tracy

70425B                                   134  08-19-44  :30:10  HELEN FORREST, Judy Garland, Lauritz
                                                                Melchior, Danny Kaye

70426A                                   135  08-26-44  :29:30  FRED ALLEN, Portland Hoffa, Rochester,
                                                                Paul Lucas, Ginny Simms, Charlie
                                                                Cantor, Alan Reed, Martha Mears, John
                                                                Brown, Harry Von Zell, Bombadiers

70426B   "ALL-GIRL COMMAND PERFORMANCE"  136  09-02-44  :29:49  BETTY GRABLE, Florence Gill, Beatrice
                                                                Kaye, Phil Silvers, Helen Traubel,
                                                                Maxine Sullivan, Constance Moore

70427A                                   137  09-09-44  :29:39  GROUCHO MARX, Gloria De Haven, Frank
                                                                Morgan, Dick Lane, Georgia Gibbs,
                                                                Kenny Baker

70427B                                   138  09-13-44  :29:57  BOB HOPE, Johnny Mercer, Gloria De
                                                                Haven, June Allyson, Ethel Smith,
                                                                Frances Langford, Jerry Colonna, Jane
                                                                Russell, Beatrice Kay

70428A                                   139  09-23-44          MARTHA RAYE, Jack Carson, Jane Wyman,
                                                                Hoosier Hot Shots, Rise Stevens,
                                                                Mischa Auer, Lina Romay, Bob
                                                                McReynolds & the Texas Playboys
                                                                Announcer Ken Carpenter celebrates his
                                                                2nd annaversary on the show.

70428B   "ALL AMERICAN JAM SESSION"      140  09-30-44  :30:10  DEANNA DURBIN, Jack Benny, Martha
                                                                Tilton, Ginger Rogers, James Cagney,
                                                                Margaret Whiting, Don Wilson.   THE
                                                                JAM SESSION: Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw,
                                                                Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Buddy
                                                                Rich, Ziggy Elman, Ed McKinney,
                                                                Illinois Jacquet, Les Paul

70429A                                   141  10-07-44          DINAH SHORE, Ed Gardner, Kay Thompson,
                                                                Chico Marx, Art Tatum, Charlie Cantor,
                                                                Connie Haines

70429B   "HIGHLIGHTS OF 1944"            142  10-14-44  :30:00* KEN CARPENTER,  Bob Hope, Lena Horne
                                                                and "Rochester", Dinah Shore, Groucho
                                                                Marx, Harpo Marx, Tommy Dorsey,
                                                                Ilinois Jacquet, Artie Shaw, Count
                                                                Basie, Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton,
                                                                Sgt. Ed McKinney, Sgt. Siggy Elman,
                                                                Les Paul, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland,
                                                                The Andrews Sisters.

70430A                                   143  10-21-44          EDDIE CANTOR, Loumell Morgan Trio,
                                                                Vera Vague, Janet Blair, Billy
                                                                Gilbert, Danny Thomas, Corinna Mura,
                                                                Mora Lou Martin, Lou Merrill, Lt. Don

70430B   "WINGED VICTORY EDITION"        144  10-26-44  :29:30  CLARK GABLE, Winged Victory Chorus &
                                                                Cast, Ginny Simms, Peter Lynd Hayes

70431A                                   145  11-01-44  :29:30  ETHEL MERMAN, Joe E. Lewis, Harrington
                                                                & Hyers, Mel Allen, Connee Boswell,
                                                                Eddie Heywood Sextet, Johnny Sebastien

70431B                                   146  11-08-44          FRED WARING, Kate Smith, Louis Prima,
                                                                Pearl Bailey, Dorothy Kilgallen, Louis
                                                                Sobol, Leonard Lyons     FROM NEW YORK

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             147  11-08-44          KATE SMITH, Fred Waring, Jay Jostyn,
                                                                Maxine Sullivan, Herman Chitteson
                                                                Trio, Phil Baker, Ward Wilson
                                                                FROM NEW YORK

70432B                                   148  11-01-44          Assembled Show, with Ken Carpenter

70433A                                   149  11-07-44          CLAUDETTE COLBERT, Tommy Dorsey
                                                                Orchestra, Jimmy Durante, Igor Gorin,
                                                                Corinna Mura, Victor Young Orchestra,
                                                                Bob Burns, Verna Felton

70433B                                   150  11-18-44  :28:50  LINDA DARNELL, Martha Tilton, Cliff
                                                                Nazarro, Woody Herman, Frank Morgan,
                                                                Amos & Andy

70434A                                   151  11-25-44          LARRY ADLER, Ginny Simms, Carlos
                                                                Ramirez, Al Pearce, Diana Lynn

70434B                                   152  12-02-44  :30:00  IRENE DUNN, Hoosier Hot-Shots, Connie
                                                                Haines, Johnny Mercer, Jerome Kern,
                                                                Johnny Burke, Jimmy Van Heusen, Pied
                                                                Pipers, Hoagy Carmichael, Jimmy McHugh

70435A                                   153  12-09-44  :29:53  FIBBER McGEE & MOLLY, Ed Gardner, Cass
                                                                Daley, Charles Cantor, Martha Mears,
                                                                Lynn Bari, Illinois Jacquet

70435B                                   154  12-16-44  :30:00  BOB HOPE, Bing Crosby, Stan Kenton,
                                                                Anita O'Day, Lauren Bacall, Andrews
                                                                Sisters, Ann Sheridan

70436A                                   155  12-16-44  :30:00  BOB HOPE, Bing Crosby, Stan Kenton,
                                                                Anita O'Day, Lauren Bacall, Andrews
                                                                Sisters, Ann Sheridan

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             156  12-30-44          JACK BENNY, Orson Welles, Ernst
                                                                Lubitsch, Greer Garson, Santa Ana
                                                                Swing Wing, John Brown

70437A                                   157  01-11-45  :28:50  LINDA DARNELL, Jimmy Durante, Arthur
                                                                Treacher, Janet Blair, Gloria Jean,
                                                                Andy Devine, William Gargan, Ed
                                                                Brophy, Hugh Herbert, Sterling
                                                                Holloway, Allen Jenkins, Alan Hale,
                                                                Robert Benchley, Eloise, Jack

70437B                                   158  01-18-45  :30:20  GEORGE BURNS, GRACIE ALLEN, Connie
                                                                Haines, Rafael Mendez, Dame Mae
                                                                Whitty, Sir Aubry Smith, Joe Lilley

70438A                                   159  01-25-45  :29:50  FRANK MORGAN, Andrews Sisters, Frank
                                                                Sinatra, Bob Nolan, Sons Of The
                                                                Pioneers, Nelson Eddy, Brenda &
                                                                Cobina, Foy Willing & the Riders of
                                                                the Purple Sage

70438B                                   160  02-01-45  :29:30  GLORIA DE HAVEN, Jack Carson, Bing
                                                                Crosby, Edward Arnold, Carmen Miranda,
                                                                Mel Torme Group

70439A                                   161  02-08-45  :29:50  JEANNE CRAIN, William Bendix, Edward
                                                                Everett Horton, Harry James Band, Gene
                                                                Krupa, Kitty Kallen, Willie Smith

70440    "DICK TRACY IN B-FLAT"          162  02-15-45  :56:22  Bing Crosby, Dinah Shore, Jimmy
                                                                Durante, Judy Garland, Cass Daley,
                                                                Frank Sinatra, Frank Morgan, Bob Hope,
                                                                Harry Von Zell, Jerry Colonna, Andrews
                                                                Sisters, Joe Lilley Chorus, Lou Crosby

70439B                                   163  02-22-45  :29:20  JOHN GARFIELD- Ginny Simms, Dick
                                                                Haynes, Danny Thomas, The Sportsmen,

70441A                                   164  03-01-45  :29:30  HELEN FORREST, Jack Carson, Andy
                                                                Russell, Roy Rogers, Alexis Smith,
                                                                Basil Rathbone, Charlie Cantor,
                                                                Hoosier Hot Shots, Arthur Treacher

70441B                                   165  03-08-45  :30:00  FRANK SINATRA, Frances Langford,
                                                                Elizabeth Taylor, Gary Crosby, Roddy
                                                                McDowall, Margaret O'Brien, Peggy Ann
                                                                Garner, the Crosby Children

70442A                                   166  03-15-45  :29:31  HERBERT MARSHALL, Janet Blair, Jimmy
                                                                Durante, Lauren Bacall, Humphrey
                                                                Bogart, Edward Arnold, Sons Of The

70442B   "GIRL'S FINISHING SCHOOL"       167  03-22-45  :30:00  JERRY LESTER, Dinah Shore, Martha
                                                                Stewart, Elvia Allman, Mel Torme & the
                                                                Meltones, Marilyn Maxwell, Judy
                                                                Canova, Lina Romay, Sportsmen

70443A                                   168  03-29-45  :29:50  BOB HOPE, Ingrid Bergman, The King
                                                                Sisters, Walter Pidgeon, Ella Mae
                                                                Morse, Charles Boyer, William Bendix

70443B                                   169  04-05-45  :29:56  BING CROSBY, Marilyn Maxwell, Johnny
                                                                Mercer, Dame Mae Whitty, Lionel
                                                                Barrymore, Charioteers

70444A                                   170  04-12-45  :29:50  GARY COOPER, Kay Kyser, Edward G.
                                                                Robinson, Jerry Colonna, Swing Wing,
                                                                Pat Friday

70444B                                   171  04-19-45  :30:00  MARTHA STEWART, Peter Lorre, Jack
                                                                Oakie, Jack Carson, Verna Felton,
                                                                Carlos Ramirez, Sidney Greenstreet,
                                                                Sportsmen.    "My Heart Sings",
                                                                "Brazen Little Raisin"

70445A   "NIGHTCLUB TALENT SEARCH"       172  04-26-45  :30:00  BING CROSBY, Jimmy Durante, Lauritz
                                                                Melchior, Ella Mae Morse.    "My
                                                                Dreams Are Getting Better All The
                                                                Time", "A Little On The Lonely Side",
                                                                "Morning", "Ac-cent-tchu-ate The
                                                                Positive", "After Awhile"

70445B   "A SALUTE TO WALT DISNEY"       173  05-03-45  :30:00* PINTO COLVIG, Clara Cluck, Mel Blanc,
                                                                Arthur Q. Bryan, Harry Von Zell, Lina
                                                                Romay, Donald Duck, Panchito, Jose

70446A                                   174  05-10-45  :29:52  JACK BENNY, Paulette Goddard, Hoagy
                                                                Carmichael, Miguelito Valdes, B.S.
                                                                Pulley, Jeri Sullivan, Frank Nelson,
                                                                Mel Blanc

70446B   "THE MERCURY WONDER SHOW"       175  05-17-45  :30:00* DANNY THOMAS, Orson Welles, King
                                                                Sisters, Eddie Marr, Peggy Lee, Larry
                                                                Adler, Alfred Drake, Bob Jellison

70447A   "SUPPRESSED DESIRES"            176  05-24-45  :29:40  LUCILLE BALL, Kitty Kallen, Jack
                                                                Carson, Robert Benchley, The Town
                                                                Criers, Phil Regan.    "I'm Beginning
                                                                To See The Light", "Idaho",
                                                                "Too-Ra-Loo-Ra-Loo-Ral", "Aunt Bessie
                                                                Got Her Bustle Caught In The Ringer
                                                                -or- That's What Made Her Hangover

70447B                                   177  05-31-45          JACK BENNY, Rita Hayworth, Jean
                                                                McKeon, Angela Lansbury, Charles
                                                                Boyer, King Cole Trio, Smart Set,
                                                                Robert Armbruster Orchestra

                                         178  06-07-45  :30:00* MYRNA LOY, Robert Armbruster,
                                                                Orchestra, Jimmy Durante, Sidney
                                                                Greenstreet, Dick Haymes, Cass Daley,
                                                                Connie Haines

70448B                                   179  06-14-45  :30:40  BOB HOPE, Ann Rutherford, King
                                                                Sisters, Jerry Colonna, Chu Chu
                                                                Martinez, Gloria de Haven, Alan Ladd

70449A                                   180  06-21-45          JACK CARSON, Joan Edwards, Town
                                                                Criers, Paulette Goddard, Arthur
                                                                Treacher, David Street, Randolph Scott

70449B                                   181  06-22-45          JACK HALEY, Marlyn Maxwell, Lina
                                                                Romay, Les Paul, Herbert Marshall

70450A   "JUKE BOX NIGHT"                182  07-05-45  :29:40  BING CROSBY, G.I. Jill, Tommy Dorsey,
                                                                Ella Mae Morse, Red Ingle w/ Spike
                                                                Jones Orchestra.  "Sentimental
                                                                Journey", "Stardust", Cow Cow Boogie",
                                                                "Chloe", "Don't Fence Me In", "Paper
                                                                Doll", "I'll Walk Alone", "I'll Be
                                                                Seeing You"

70450B                                   183  07-12-45  :29:57  JANET BLAIR Rise Stevens, Victor
                                                                Borge, Jimmy Durante

70451A                                   184  07-19-45          JUDY CANOVA, Hoosier Hot Shots, Danny
                                                                Kaye, Eve Arden, Olga San Jaun

9355 B2                                  185  07-26-45  :30:48  ORSON WELLES, Herb Shriner, Larry
                                                                Stevens, Donna Dae, Theodora Lynch

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             186  08-02-45          Nelson Eddy, Perry Como, Carmen
                                                                Cavallaro, Robert Benchley, Vera Vague

70452B                                   187  08-09-45  :30:40  MARILYN MAXWELL, Walter O'Keefe, Town
                                                                Criers, Rita Hayworth, Les Paul Trio

                                         188  08-23-45  :30:00* FRANCHOT TONE, Margaret Whiting, Joan
                                                                Davis, Andy Russell, Phil Harrmonica
                                                                Trio, Franchot Tone, Edgar Bergen

70453B                                   189  08-30-45  :29:32  FRANK SINATRA, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren
                                                                Bacall, Victor Borga, Pied Pipers

70454A                                   190  09-06-45  :30:00* BOB HOPE, Bing Crosby, Judy Garland,
                                                                Frank Sinatra, Major Meredith Willson
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra.

70454B                                   191  09-13-45  :30:00* GROUCHO MARX, Gloria DeHaven, Frank
                                                                Morgan, Georgia Gibbs, Dick Lane,
                                                                Kennu Baker

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             192  09-20-45          KING SISTERS, Janet Blair, Garry
                                                                Moore, Thurston Knudsen, Miguelito
                                                                Valdez, Eddie Heywood Band

70455B                                   193  09-27-45  :29:48  BETTY GRABLE, June Haver, Jack Carson,
                                                                Carlos Ramirez, Town Criers

70456A                                   194  10-04-45          DINAH SHORE, Lum & Abner, Allan Reed,
                                                                Cee Pee Johnson, Bill Seckler Singers

70456B                                   195  10-11-45  :29:39  RALPH EDWARDS, Connie Haines, Edgar
                                                                Kennedy, Bill Frawley, Bob Hope

47127                                    196  10-18-45  :29:42  BOB HOPE, Maureen O'Hara, Abigail &
                                                                Buddy, Jerry Colonna, Les Paul Trio,
                                                                Kitty Kallen, Paula Winslow.  PLEASE
                                                                NOTE: The quality of this show is
                                                                horrible, hardly even listenable!

70457B                                   197  10-25-45  :30:00* EDDIE CANTOR, Mel Torme & The
                                                                Meltones, Margaret Whiting, Linda
                                                                Darnell, Bert Gordon

70458A                                   198  11-01-45  :30:00* GINNY SIMMS, The Sportsmen, The
                                                                Charioteers, Ensign Dennis Day, Jimmy

70458B   "THE GREAT GILDERSLEEVE"        199  11-08-45  :30:00* FRANCES LANGFORD, Bob Crosby, Cyril
                                                                Smith, Peters Sisters, Hal Peary
                                                                (Gildersleeve), Walter Tetly (Leroy)

70459A                                   200  11-15-45  :30:00* GARRY MOORE, Jo Stafford, Carole
                                                                Landis, Chu Chu Martinez, Joey Preston

70459B                                   201  11-29-45  :30:00* LINDA DARNELL, Lena Horne, Phil Moore,
                                                                Jack Kirkwood, Lillian Leigh, Gene
                                                                LaValle, Jimmy Wallington, Bob
                                                                Mitchell's Boys Choir

70460A                                   202  12-13-45          ANDREWS SISTERS, Garry Moore, Delta
                                                                Rhythm Boys, Jimmy Durante, Celeste

70460B                                   203  12-20-45  :30:00* DENNIS DAY, Jack Benny, June Christy,
                                                                Hoosier Hot Shots, Rita Hayworth, Mary
                                                                Jane Croft

70461A                                   204  12-27-45  :30:00* GINGER ROGERS, Virginia O'Brien, Jimmy

111                                      205  01-03-46  :30:00* Frances Langford, Mel Torme & The
                                                                Meltones, Ella Mae Morse "Buzz Me,"
                                                                Edgar Bergen & Charlie McCarthy

70462A                                   206  01-10-46  :29:39  BUD ABBOTT & LOU COSTELLO, The Andrews
                                                                Sisters, Miguelito Valdes, Carmen
                                                                Cavallaro, The Pied Pipers, Jo
                                                                Stafford, Johnny Mercer

70462B   "ARMY NURSE CORPS ANNIVERSARY   207  01-07-46  :30:00  BETTY HUTTON, Denning Sisters, Larry
         SHOW"                                                  Storch, Dennis Day, Four Hits

70463A                                   208  01-24-46  :30:00* BOB HOPE, Benny Goodman Orchestra,
                                                                Dennis Day, Joan Leslie, Deanna Durbin

70463B                                   209  01-31-46  :30:00* CHICO MARX, Lina Romay, The
                                                                Charioteers, Jack Benny, Dave Rose and
                                                                the AFRS Orchestra

70464A                                   210  02-07-46  :30:00* Larry Adler, Mischa Auer, Beatrice
                                                                Kaye, Count Basie, Tommy Dorsey, Arti
                                                                Shaw, Buddy Rich, Lionel Hampton,
                                                                Sergeant Ziggy Elman, Sergeant Ed
                                                                McKinney, Les Paul, Charles Trenier,
                                                                Johnny Mercer

70464B                                   211  02-14-46  :30:00  VIVIAN BLAINE, Bob Burns, Carole
                                                                Landis, Jack Carson, Eddie Duchen,
                                                                Slim Gaylord Trio

47135 A                                  212  02-21-46          BING CROSBY, Bob Hope, Ann Sheridan,
                                                                Dame Mae Whitty

70465B                                   213  02-28-46  :30:00  FRANK MORGAN, Marilyn Maxwell, Andrews
                                                                sisters, Ampalo Iturbi, Fanny Brice
                                                                (Baby Snooks) & Hanley Stafford

70466A                                   214  03-07-46          Ginger Rogers, Kay Starr, Burl Ives,
                                                                Ozzie & Harriet Nelson

70466B                                   215  03-14-46  :29:41  JUNE HAVER, Desi Arnez, Larry Stark,
                                                                Red Skelton, Verna Felton, Pat

70467A                                   216  03-21-46          EDDIE CANTOR, Janet Blair, Eddie
                                                                Duchin, Loumel Morgan Trio, Vera
                                                                Vague, Corrina Mura, Danny Thomas

70467B   "AWARDS CEREMONY"               217  04-14-46          BOB HOPE, Ray Milland, Joan Crawford,
                                                                Frank Sinatra, Eric Johnson, George
                                                                Murphy, Ingrid Bergman, Charles Boyer,
                                                                Bing Crosby, Johnny Gray Orchestra.
                                                                Broadcast from Grauman's Chinese

70468A   "FRED ALLEN, PORTLAND HOFFA,    218  04-21-46  :29:59  FRED ALLEN, Portland Hoffa, Ginny
         GINNY SIMMS AND THE SPORTSMEN"                         Simms and The Sportsmen, Eddie
                                                                Anderson (Rochester), Jack Benny,
                                                                Martha Mears, Paul Lukas, Major
                                                                Meredith Willson and AFRS Orchestra

70468B                                   219  04-28-46          DINAH SHORE, Jimmy Durante, The
                                                                Andrews Sisters, Dave Rose and the
                                                                AFRS Orchestra

70469A                                   220  05-05-46  :30:00  KAY KAYSER, Alan Young, Ester
                                                                Williams, Lina Romay, Jean Sablon,
                                                                Alan Young, Michael Douglas, Lucy Ann
                                                                Polk, Esther Williams

111                                      221  05-12-46  :30:23  BETTY GRABLE, Oscar Levant, Gregory
                                                                Ratoff, Slim Gaillard Trio, Danny Kaye

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             222  05-19-46          LINDA DARNELL, Benay Venuta, Arthur
                                                                Treacher, Eddie Anderson (Rochester),
                                                                The King Sisters, Jimmy Durante

8928 A2                                  223  05-26-46  :30:07  JUNE ALLYSON, Clifton Finnegan, The
                                                                Charioteers, Dick Powell, Les Paul

                                         224  06-02-46          MARILYN MAXWELL, Jack Carson, Victor
                                                                Borga, Tito Guizar, Betty Grable, June

                                         225  06-09-46          GLORIA DeHAVEN, Sidney Greenstreet,
                                                                Billy Berg, Hubert Updike, Ish
                                                                Kabibble, Michael Rosha Orchestra with
                                                                Samuel Hoffman

70472A                                   226  06-16-46  :30:00* SHIRLEY TEMPLE, Anita Ellis, Peter
                                                                Lawford, Hume Cronyn, Kennan Wynn,
                                                                Jack Haley, Larry Adler.    "Amada
                                                                Mia", "St. Louis Blues"

70472B                                   227  06-23-46  :30:00* ESTHER WILLIAMS, Peggy Lee, Ransom
                                                                Sherman, Jack Fina, Chester Lauck,
                                                                Norris Goff (Lum & Abner).    "I Don't
                                                                Know Enough About You", "Bumble

70473A                                   228  06-30-46  :29:41  JANET BLAIR, Alan Reed (Falstaff
                                                                Openshaw), Danny Kaye, Carmen Miranda,
                                                                Hal Canter, Ben Gage

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             229  09-08-46          Cast Unknown

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             230  09-15-46          KAY KYSER, Lina Romay, Alan Young,
                                                                Esther Williams, Edgar Bergen and
                                                                Charlie McCarthy, Les Paul Trio, The

8928 B1  "ASSEMBLED SHOW"                231  09-22-46          DINAH SHORE "There'll Be Some Changes
                                                                Made", Laughing On The Onside", "Coax
                                                                Me A Bit"

70475A                                   232  09-22-46  :29:38  JANET BLAIR, David Street, Clifton
                                                                Finnegan, Jane Powell (16 years old),
                                                                Jerry Colonna

111                                      233  09-29-46  :28:56  JUNE HAVER, Wally Brown, The Pied
                                                                Pipers, Johnny Johnson, Eve Arden

111                                      234  09-29-46  :29:22  MARY PICKFORD, Mel Blanc, Dave Barry

70476B                                   235  10-20-46  :29:50  TYRONE POWER, Shirley Booth, Ilona
                                                                Massey, Walter O'Keefe, Abagale &
                                                                Buddy, Miss Duffy, The Town Criers

47147 A                                  236  10-27-46  :30:05  ROBERT YOUNG, Janis Paige, Sara
                                                                Berner, Slim Gillard Trio, Tommy Rix,
                                                                Charlie Kemper, Wally Marr

47147 B                                  237  11-03-46  :29:38  KAY KYSER, Ann Blyth, The
                                                                Starlighters, Michael Douglas, Laureen

70478A   "SUPERMAN"                      238  11-10-46  :30:49  BOB HOPE, Bela Lugosi, Sterling
                                                                Holloway, Wendell Niles, The King
                                                                Sisters, Paulette Goddard

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             239  11-17-46          LINA ROMAY, Ed Gardner (Archie), Diana
                                                                Lynn, Jack Powers, Kenny Delmar
                                                                (Senator Claghorn)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             240  11-24-46          DONNA REED, Ish Kibibble, Garry Moore,
                                                                Connie Haines

70479B                                   241  12-01-46          JUDY GARLAND, Phil Silvers, Frank
                                                                Sinatra, Andre Previn

70480A                                   242  12-08-46          RUDY VALLEE, Lolita Castegnaro,
                                                                Dorothy Patrick, Hal March and Bob

111                                      243  12-15-46  :30:00* BETTY JANE RHODES, Hedda Hopper, Jack
                                                                Carson, Mel Torme and The Meltones

111                                      244  12-22-46  :30:09  SHIRLEY ROSS, Lucille Ball, Lum &
                                                                Abner, Larry Adler

111                                      245  12-29-46  :30:00* CONSTANCE MOORE, Jack Douglas, Ricky
                                                                Jordan, Gildersleeve, George Murphy

111                                      246  01-05-47  :30:00* MARTHA RAYE, Groucho Marx, Bob Sweeney
                                                                and Hal March

111                                      247  01-12-47  :30:00* FRANK SINATRA, Joan Edwards, Gene
                                                                Kelly, Marie McDonald

8928 B2                                  248  01-19-47  :30:02  Janet Blair, Cornell Wilde, Frank

111                                      249  01-26-47  :30:00* GLORIA DeHAVEN, Fredric David, Andy
                                                                Russell, George Burns and Gracie Allen

111                                      250  02-02-47  :30:00* JANET BLAIR, Bob Burns, Claudette
                                                                Colbert, Jimmy Durante, Tommy Dorsey

70484B                                   251  02-09-47          DON WILSON, Victor Borge, Shirley
                                                                Ross, Garry Moore, Jimmy Durante, Ray
                                                                Sinatra Orchestra

111                                      252  02-16-47  :30:00* Virginia Mayo, Betty Jane Rhodes, Jack

70485B                                   253  02-23-47          GINGER ROGERS, Rose Marie, Carmen
                                                                Cavallaro, Phil Baker

70486A                                   254  12-26-46          CAROLE LANDIS, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy
                                                                Durante, Clark Dennis, The Smart Set

70486B                                   255  03-09-47          DICK HAYMES, Helen Forrest, Peter Lind
                                                                Hayes, Four Hits and a Miss, Saul
                                                                Davis Trio

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             256  03-16-47          JOHN PAYNE, Ozzie Nelson and Harriet
                                                                Hilliard, Jack Paar, The King Sisters,
                                                                Benay Venuta, Tommy Bernard

70487B                                   257  03-23-47          GLENN FORD, Marilyn Maxwell and The
                                                                Four Hits, Phil Silvers, Larry

70488A                                   258  03-30-47          LINA ROMAY, Garry Moore, Virginia
                                                                O'Brien, Alan Reed, Sophie Wayne and
                                                                Madeline Wayne

9012 A1                                  259  04-06-47  :30:00* GINNIE POWELL, Alan Young, Esther
                                                                Williams, The Crew Chiefs

70489A                                   260  04-13-47  :31:08  DONNA REED, The Meltones, Leo
                                                                Durocher, Jeannie McKeon, Danny
                                                                Thomas, James Stewart

47159 B                                  261            :30:00* LINA ROMAY, Slim Gillard Trio, Red
                                                                Skelton, Donald O'Connor, Gee Gee
                                                                Pearson, Clark Dennis

111                                      262  04-20-47  :30:00* VIRGINIA MAYO, Betty Jane Rhodes, Jack
                                                                Carson, Clarsen Triplets

111                                      263            :30:23  JO STAFFORD, Don Ameche, Peter Lind
                                                                Hayes, The Meltones

111                                      264            :30:00* ANN WARREN, Kay Kyser, Marie McDonald,
                                                                The Charioteers

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             265                    PAULETTE GODDARD, Joan Barton, Hoagy
                                                                Carmichael, Frank Morgan, The Crew

70492A                                   266            :30:00* GEORGE MURPHY, Martha Tilton, The
                                                                Charioteers, Jerry Colonna

111                                      267  04-07-47  :30:00* SHIRLEY ROSS, Garry Moore, Margo
                                                                Albert and Eddie Albert, Page Cavanagh
                                                                Trio, Dix Davis and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      268            :30:00* EVA GARDINER, Marion Morgan, Jimmy
                                                                Durante, Arthur Treacher

111                                      269            :30:00* FRANCES LANGFORD, Ernie Felice
                                                                Quartet, Bob Burns, Turhan Bey

70494A                                   270            :30:00* ROBERT WALKER, Janet Blair, Jack Paar,
                                                                Frankie Laine

70494B                                   271  05-14-47  :30:00* JUNE HAVOC, Connie Haines, Edgar
                                                                Bergan and Charlie McCarthy, Johnny
                                                                White Quartet

70495A                                   272  05-04-47  :30:50  MARILYN MAXWELL, Johnny Mercer, Benny
                                                                Goodman Sextet, Ed Gardner (ARHCIE),
                                                                Frank Sinatra, Dave Berry

70495B   "TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT"           273  06-18-47          PHIL BAKER, Sergeant Ted Bently,
                                                                Sergeant Bernie McCrae, Private Dean
                                                                Bradley, First Sergeant Ted Bess, Al
                                                                Sack Orchestra

111                                      274  07-01-47  :30:00* KAY KYSER, Anita Ellis, Ish Kabibble,
                                                                Val Delmer, Linda Darnell, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70496B   "MEREDITH WILSON AND HIS        275            :29:49  LINA ROMAY, Paulina Carter, Meredith
         TALKING PEOPLE"                                        Willson and his Talking People

111      "HARRY BABBITT, ALAN YOUNG,     276            :30:00* HARRY BABBITT, Alan Young, Jane
         JANE RUSSELL"                                          Russell, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

111                                      277            :30:00* Cast Unknown

111                                      278            :30:23  JUNE HAVER, Garry Moore, Beryl Davis,
                                                                Victor Moore

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             279  07-08-47          DINAH SHORE, Victor Borge, Art Lund,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70499A                                   280  07-08-47          Esther Williams, Andy Russell, Danny
                                                                Thomas, Joan Barton, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

70499B                                   281  07-15-47  :30:21  EDDIE CANTOR, Joan Davis, "The Mad
                                                                Russian", Imogene Carpenter, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             282  07-29-47          AUDREY TROTTER, Johnny Desmond, Arthur
                                                                Treacher, Betty Russell, Hy Averback,
                                                                Jim Backus, Earnie Felice Quartet,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             283  07-22-47          LINA ROMAY, Clifton Finnegan, Donald
                                                                O'Connor, Jimmy Dodd, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

70501A                                   284  08-05-47  :30:06  JUDY CANOVA, Dave Street, Mel Blanc,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             285  08-26-47          MARIE MCDONALD, Lorrie Raine, Harry
                                                                Lang, Jack Mather, Beth Whelan, Martha
                                                                Shaw, Woody Herman, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             286  08-12-47          LINA ROMAY, Lum and Abner, Frank
                                                                Saputo, Donald O'Connor, Knox Manning,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             287  09-16-47          MARGUERITE CHAPMAN, Kay Kyser, Dorothy
                                                                Shay, Hanley Stafford, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

70503A                                   288  09-02-47          PENNY SINGLETON, Virginia O'Brien,
                                                                Jack Haley, The Bob Mitchell Choir,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      289  09-30-47  :30:00* GROUCHO MARX, Martha Tilton, Bud
                                                                Widom, Will Scott, Abe Burrows, June
                                                                Peney, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             290  12-02-47          ELLA RAINES, The Mello Larks, Garry
                                                                Moore, Anita Gordon, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      291  08-19-47  :30:00* GLORIA DeHAVEN, Donald O'Connor, Val
                                                                Delmar, Gwen O'Connor, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

70505A                                   292  09-09-47  :30:00* RUDY VALLEE, Dorothy Patrick, Lolita
                                                                Castegnaro, Bob Sweeney and Hal March,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      293  09-23-47  :30:00* MARTHA STEWART, Jack Carson, Lionel
                                                                Stander, June Foray, Feginald Gardner,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70506A                                   294  12-09-47  :29:51  BILL GOODWIN, Audrey Trotter, Bud
                                                                Windom, Martha Stewart, Jack Carson,
                                                                Frank Loesser, Meredith Willson, and
                                                                The Talking People, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

70506B                                   295  12-16-47  :30:00* PETER LIND HAYES, Mary Healy, The
                                                                Mello Larks, Turhan Bey.  Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      296  10-07-47  :30:00* RHONDA FLEMING, Lenny Sherman, Frances
                                                                Langford, Clarissa the Cow (Florence
                                                                Gill), Michel Perriere and the AFRS

111                                      297  10-14-47  :30:14  MONICA WHELAN, Marjorie Reynolds, Herb
                                                                Jeffries, Red Skelton, Verna Felton,
                                                                June Foray, Michel Perriere and the
                                                                AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             298  11-10-47          JUNE HAVOC, Gale Robbins, Frank
                                                                Saputo, Alan Young, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

70508B                                   299  11-18-47          MARGARET WHITING, Lionel Stander, June
                                                                Foray, Doris Singleton, Tommy Cook,
                                                                Abigal and Buddy, The Novelty Aces,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70509A                                   300  10-21-47  :29:45  FRANK SINATRA, Doris Day, Jim Backus,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70509B                                   301  10-28-47          JOAN BARTON, Hoagy Carmichael, The
                                                                Rhythmaires, Howard Duff, Victor
                                                                Moore, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

*na*                                     302  12-23-47          KAY KYSER, Ilene Woods, Marsha Hunt,
                                                                Ish Kabibble, The Crew Chiefs, Pat
                                                                Patrick, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             303  12-30-47          MARJORIE REYNOLDS, Guy Turney, Garry
                                                                Moore, Sir Lancelot, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

111      "AT HOME WITH THE KIRKWOODS"    304  01-06-48  :30:27  Gloria Grahame, Dorothy Cordray, Jack
                                                                Kirkwood, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             305  02-24-48          JUNE HAVOC, Bud Widom, Arnold Stang,
                                                                Roger Dann, Jack Carson, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             306  01-13-48          RUTH WARRICK, Abe Burrows, Jerry
                                                                Colonna, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

70512B                                   307  01-20-48  :30:34  ANITA ELLIS, Harpo Marx, Bob Sweeney
                                                                and Hal March, Doris Singleton, Bud
                                                                Widom, Vance Caling, Tommy Bernard,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             308  02-17-48          BERYL DAVIS, Jerry Colonna, Clifton
                                                                Finnegan, The Andrews Sisters, Ozzie
                                                                Nelson and Harriet Hilliard, Janet
                                                                Blair, Harry Von Zell, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             309  02-10-48          KAY THOMSON, The Williams Brothers,
                                                                Reginald Gardner, Danny Kaye, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      310  02-03-48  :30:00* VIVIAN BLAINE, Clifton Finnegan, Chili
                                                                Williams, Candy Candido, Garry Moore,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             311  01-27-48          MARGARET WHITING, The Crew Chiefs,
                                                                Alan Young, Ken Carson, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             312  03-09-48          JANE RUSSELL, Dave Street, Steve
                                                                allen, Eddie Bracken, June Foray,
                                                                Frank Nelson, Vance Colvig, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             313  03-16-48          FRANCES LANGFORD, Arthur Treacher, The
                                                                Pied Pipers, Michel Perriere and the
                                                                AFRS Orchestra

70516A                                   314  03-23-48  :29:36  MARTHA TILTON, Jack Douglas, Edgar
                                                                Bergan and Charlie McCarthy, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             315  03-02-48          BETTY JANE RHODES, Garry Moore, Victor
                                                                Borge, The First Piano Quartet, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70517A                                   316  03-30-48  :30:00* CELESTE HOLM, Garry Moore, Trenier
                                                                Twins, Frank Nelson, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      317  04-06-48  :30:00* GLORIA GRAHAME, Ilene Woods, Ozzie
                                                                Nelson, Harriet Hilliard, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             318  04-13-48          ELLA RAINS, Joan Barton, Eve Arden,
                                                                Jack Carson, Bud Widom, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      319  04-27-48  :30:00* CONSTANCE MOORE, Bob Sweeney and Hal
                                                                March, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             320  04-27-48          MARIE McDONALD, Trudy Erwin, Johnny
                                                                Green, Arthur Treacher, Jim Backus,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             321  05-04-48          ANITA ELLIS, Bill Goodwin, Victor
                                                                Moore, Raimund Carne, Doris Singleton,
                                                                Bud Widom, Michel Perriere and the
                                                                AFRS Orchestra

111                                      322  05-11-48  :30:00* LINA ROMAY, Bea Benaderet, Bob Burns,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70520B                                   323  05-18-48          JACK McCOY, Evelyn Knight, The Deep
                                                                River Boys, Dan Dailey, Juses Munshin,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70521A                                   324  05-25-48          GLORIA DeHAVEN, Andre Previn, Donald
                                                                O'Connor, Gwen O'Connor, Bud Widom,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

70521B                                   325  06-01-48  :28:54  EDDIE CANTOR, The Mad Russian, Art
                                                                Linkletter, The King's Men, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             326  06-08-48          JUNE HAVOC, Garry Moore, Johnny
                                                                Mercer, Conrad Binyon, Roger Dann
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             327  06-15-48          ESTHER WILLIAMS, Mildred Mulcay, Jim
                                                                Mulcay, Patricia Karen, Jack Carson,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             328  06-22-48          BETTY JANE RHODES, Sara Berner, Lenny
                                                                Sherman, Joey Preston, Bud Widom,
                                                                Peter Lorre, Michel Perriere and the
                                                                AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             329  06-29-48          BILL GOODWIN, Marilyn Maxwell, Four
                                                                Hits and a Miss, Victor Moore, June
                                                                Foray, Paul Winchell and Jerry
                                                                Mahoney, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             330  07-06-48          DENNIS DAY, Martha Stewart, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             331  07-13-48          BERYL DAVIS, Frank Sinatra, Mary Jane
                                                                Croft, Virginia Gregg, Bud Widom,
                                                                Vance Colvig, Michel Perriere and the
                                                                AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             332  07-20-48          ARLENE DAHL, Anita Ellis, Alan Young,
                                                                Ken Carson, Michel Perriere and the
                                                                AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             333  07-27-48          EVELYN KNIGHT, Jimmy Durante, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             334  08-03-48          BILL GOODWIN, George Burns, Betty
                                                                Garrett, Robert Maxwell, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             335  08-10-48          CELESTE HOLM, Elvia Allman, Groucho
                                                                Marx, Michel Perriere and the AFRS

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             336  08-17-48          DICK HAYMES, Larry Gilbert, Martha
                                                                Tilton, Bob Sweeney and Hal March,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      337  08-24-48  :29:54  MARION HUTTON, Gil Stratton, Jack
                                                                Carson, Ken Carson, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

111                                      338  09-21-48  :29:49  SHIRLEY ROSS, Frank Graham, Red Ingle
                                                                and Karen Tedder, June Foray, Jim
                                                                Backus and Henny Backus, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             339  08-31-48          GLORIA GRAHAME, Michael Douglas, Phil
                                                                Baker, Doodles Weaver, Michel Perriere
                                                                and the AFRS Orchestra

70529A                                   340  09-07-48          LINA ROMAY, Roger Dann, The Skylarks,
                                                                Garry Moore, Steve allen, Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             341  09-14-48          AVA GARDNER, Herb Jeffries, Jack
                                                                Douglas, June Foray, Steve Allen

70530A                                   342  09-28-48          MARIE McDONALD, Sterling Holloway,
                                                                Richard Widmark, Frankie Laine, Toni

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             343  10-12-48          DICK POWELL, Bud Widom, Martha
                                                                Stewart, June Foray

111                                      344  10-05-48  :30:00* PAULINA CARTER, Meredith and the
                                                                Talking People, Josef Marais, Miranda

111                                      345  10-26-48  :30:00* RUTH MARTIN, Doris Singleton, Bud
                                                                Widom, Bea Benaderet, Ben Gage, Esther

111      "SPOTLIGHT REVUE - SPECIAL      346  11-02-48  :30:00* SPIKE JONES and his City Slickers,
         EDITION"                                               Dorothy Shay, Marie McDonald, Doodles

70532B                                   347  10-19-48  :31:20  MARGARET WHITING, Jack Kirkwood and
                                                                The Gang, The Modernaires

*na*     "GI JIVE'S 2,000TH SHOW         348  11-09-48          GI JILL and LARRY THOR, Johnny Mercer,
         CELEBRATION"                                           The Pied Pipers, Jo Stafford

111                                      349  11-23-48  :29:49  CONSTANCE MOORE, Danny Schollm Garry

111                                      350  12-07-48  :29:54  VIRGINIA O'BRIEN, Trenier Twins
                                                                (Claude & Cliff), Jerry Colonna

111                                      351  12-28-48  :30:00* BETTY GARRETT, Bud Widom, Donald
                                                                O'Connor, Andre Previn

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             352  11-16-48          SPIKE JONES and his CITY SLICKERS,
                                                                Dorothy Shay, Dane Clark, Doodles

70535B   "HOST: VINCENT PRICE"           353  11-30-48  :45:00* VINCENT PRICE, Joan Davis, Kay Starr,
                                                                Robert Maxwell, June Foray, Bud Widom.
                                                                 Recorded 10-20-48.

111                                      354  12-14-48          GORDON MacRAE, The Andrews Sisters,
                                                                Eve Arden

111                                      355  01-04-49  :30:00* KAY STARR, Bud Widom, Andre Previn,
                                                                Red Skelton, Verna Felton, Pat
                                                                McGeehan, June Foray

111                                      356  01-11-49  :30:00* CELESTE HOLM, Bud Widom, Garry Moore,
                                                                Clifton Finnegan, June Foray

70537B                                   357  02-08-49  :29:55  BETTY GRABLE, Danny Kaye, Gregory
                                                                Ratoff, Carmen Miranda

111                                      358  01-18-49  :30:00* MARIE McDONALD, Jack Carson, Danny

111                                      359  12-21-48  :30:00* BOB HOPE, Jane Russell, Leonard
                                                                Pinnario, Ruth Martin, Hal March,
                                                                Abigail and Buddy, Frank Gerstly, Ben
                                                                Wright, Howard Culver, Byron Kane,
                                                                Clayton Post

70539A                                   360  02-01-49  :30:00* ALAN YOUNG, Adele Mara, Abe Burrows,
                                                                June Harvey, Milton DeLugg Orchestra

111                                      361  02-15-49  :29:48  BETTY GARRETT, Mel Henke, Jimmy

70540A                                   362  02-22-49  :29:47  GERTRUDE NIESEN, Danny Kaye, Ray

111                                      363  03-08-49  :30:00* JANET BLAIR, Victor Moore, Frank
                                                                Nelson, The Modernaires

111                                      364  03-01-49  :30:00* MARTHA RAYE, Dick Haymes, Dix Davis
                                                                (Richard Dix) Orchestra and Chorus

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             365  01-25-49          JIMMY DURANTE, Evelyn Knight, Bob

111                                      366  03-15-49  :30:00* DENNIS DAY, Constance Moore, Hans

111                                      367  03-22-49  :30:00* MARILYN MAXWELL, Jerry Colonna, The

91295 B1                                 368  03-29-49  :30:00* LINA ROMAY, Ed Gardner (Archie), Diana
                                                                Lynn, Danny Thomas, Kenny Delmar

111                                      369  04-05-49  :30:00* ESTHER WILLIAMS, Bud Widom, Ben Gage,
                                                                Mel Blanc, Mary Jane Smith, Lum and

111                                      370  04-19-49  :30:00* MARIE McDONALD, Bob Crosby, Hal
                                                                Cantor, The Andrews Sisters

111                                      371  04-13-49  :30:00* ROBERT CUMMINGS, The Merry Macs, Ruth
                                                                Hussey, Victor Borge, Richard
                                                                LaGrange, Dix Davis (Richard Dix)
                                                                Orchestra and Glee Club

111                                      372  05-24-49          JUDY CANOVA, Mel Blanc, The Sportsmen

111                                      373  04-26-49  :30:00* BILL GOODWIN, Betty Garnett, The Phil
                                                                Moore Four

111                                      374  05-17-49  :30:00* JO STAFFORD, Bill Goodwin, Jimmy
                                                                Durante, Bud Widom, The Starlighters

56600                                    375  05-03-49  :29:44  GLORIA DeHAVEN, Frank Sinatra, The
                                                                Phil Moore Four, June Foray

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             376  06-21-49          EVELYN KNIGHT, Dick Powell

111                                      377  05-10-49  :30:00* MARIE McDONALD, Alan Young, Robert
                                                                Maxwell, Dink Trout, Bobby True Trio

47200    "LUCILLE BALL"                  378  05-31-49  :47:09  LUCILLE BALL, Bob Hope, Leonard
                                                                Pennario (Pianist), The Pied Pipers.
                                                                Announcer: Hi Averback.  Un-edited.

70548B                                   379  06-14-49  :30:00* MARGARET WHITING, Jack Smith, Steve

111                                      380  06-07-49          AUDREY TROTTER, Garry Moore, Kay Starr

111                                      381  07-05-49  :30:00* GERTRUDE NIESEN, Ed Gadner (ARCHIE),
                                                                Lauritz Melchior

111                                      382  06-28-49  :30:00* GENE TIERNEY, Jerry Colonna, Virginia

111                                      383  07-12-49  :30:00* CONSTANCE MOORE, Bud Widom, Reginald
                                                                Gardner, Howard Duff

111                                      384  07-19-49  :30:00* LINA ROMAY, Jim Backus, Victor Moore,

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             385  07-26-49          BENAY VENUTA, Clark Dennis, Art Tatum,
                                                                Dane Clark, Pinto Colvig

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             386  07-05-49          Shirley Ross, Errol Garner, Yogi
                                                                Yorgesson, Arthur Treacher, Mark
                                                                Stevens, June Foray

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             387  08-02-49          JANE HARVEY, Eddy Arnold, Abigal and

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             388  08-09-49          EVE ARDEN, Joe Venuti, Nadine Connor,
                                                                Kirk Douglas

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             389  08-16-49          BOB HOPE, Hoosier Hot Shots, Rhonda

111                                      390  08-23-49  :30:00* JOSE FERRAR, Betty Garnett, Larry
                                                                Parks, Phyllis Hill

111      "SUSPENSE"                      391  08-30-49  :30:28  JOHN CHARLES THOMAS, Chili Williams,
                                                                Alan Young, June Foray.  Announcer:
                                                                Howard Petrie.

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             392  09-13-49          BILL GOODWIN, Marjorie Reynolds, The
                                                                Merry Macs, Carolina Cotton, Connie
                                                                Haines, Pinky Lee

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             393  09-20-49          CELESTE HOLM, Jerry Hilliard, Robert

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             394  09-27-49          JOHN LUND, Fran Warren, Danny O'Neill,
                                                                Donald O'Connor, Sidney Miller

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             395  10-04-49          DINAH SHORE, Tommy Farrell, Gene
                                                                McCarthy, Buddy Clark

70557A                                   396  10-11-49          GARRY MOORE, Linda Darnell, Ernie
                                                                Felice Quartet, Bob Carroll

70557B   "ASSEMBLED SHOW"                397  10-18-49  :30:00* ALEXIS SMITH, Dean Martin, Jerry
                                                                Lewis, Robert Merrill, Gigi Pearson,
                                                                June Foray.    "Kentucky Babe", "The
                                                                Open Road", "The Whiffenpoof Song",
                                                                The Sheik of Araby sketch.  Moderate
                                                                disc noise.

70558A                                   398  10-25-49  :29:53  MARILYN MAXWELL, Nellie Lutcher, Jack
                                                                Carson, Bobby Jordan, Bud Widom, June

70558B                                   399  11-01-49          RALPH EDWARDS, Ezra Stone, The Pied
                                                                Pipers, Bea Benederet, Elvia Allman,
                                                                Muriel Maxwell

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             400  11-08-49          JACK SMITH, Joya Hodges, Jerry
                                                                Colonna, Benay Venuta

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             401  11-15-49          DANE CLARK, Anita Ellis, Frankie
                                                                Carle, Jimmy Wakely

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             402  12-06-49          JACKIE GLEASON, Margaret Whiting, Jack

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             403  11-22-49          GERTRUDE NIESEN, June Foray, Mel
                                                                Blanc, Joe Venuti, Sidney Greenstreet,
                                                                Michel Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             404  11-29-49          VIRGINIA BRUCE, Merle Travis, The Moon
                                                                Mists, Groucho Marx

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             405  12-27-49          VICTOR MATURE, Mabel Todd, Pauline
                                                                Carter, Meredith Willson

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             406  12-20-49          EVE GARDINER, Marion Hutton, Jack
                                                                Douglas, Jose Marais and Miranda
                                                                Marais, Robert Walker

111      "BARBARA HALE'S ONLY            407  12-13-49  :50:33  BARBARA HALE, Joan Brooks, Alan Young,
         APPEARANCE"                                            Bud Widom, Liberace

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             408  01-03-50          GLORIA DeHAVEN, Phil Silvers, Andre
                                                                Previn, The Merry Macs

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             409  01-10-50          EVELYN KNIGHT, Vic Damone, Arthur
                                                                Blake, Sons Of The Pioneers

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             410  01-17-50          BILL GOODWIN, Mary Wilson, Patty
                                                                Moore, Ben Lessey, Bob Craig, Toni

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             411  02-14-50          BLORIA DeHAVEN, Bob Hope, Jane
                                                                Russell, Librace, The Merry Macs

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             412  01-24-50          VIVIAN BLAINE, Bud Widom, The Broome
                                                                Brothers, Robert Maxwell, Edgar Bergan
                                                                and Charlie McCarthy

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             413  01-31-50          JO STAFFORD, Bob Hope, The
                                                                Starlighters, Hopalong Cassidy
                                                                (William Boyd)

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             414  02-07-50          PEGGY LEE, Jerry Colonna, The Four
                                                                Knights, Danny Thomas

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             415  12-20-49          DOROTHY SHAY, Hoosier Hot Shots, Danny
                                                                Kaye, Four Hits And A Miss

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             416  02-27-50          Unknown Cast

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??             417  03-07-50          Unknown Cast

70568B   "ASSEMBLED SHOW"                418  03-14-50  :30:20  JO STAFFORD, Kay Thompson, Danny Kaye,
                                                                Reginald Gardner.    "Look For The
                                                                Golden Rainbow", "Scarlet Ribbons",
                                                                "True To You Darling In My Fashion"

   Total Number of Titles:   35                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 419
   Total Possible Episodes:  419        Missing Programs: 76      Total Programs in Collection: 343

 Series: "COMMAND PERFORMANCE"                             
        These are special shows not included in the regular series
92693    "CHRISTMAS 1942"                     12-24-42  :59:30  BOB HOPE, Elmer Davis, Andrews
                                                                Sisters, Red Skelton, Harriet
                                                                Hilliard, Spike Jones & City Slickers,
                                                                Ginny Simms & Bombardiers, Bing
                                                                Crosby, & the Charioteers, Ethel
                                                                Waters, Edgar Bergen & Charlie
                                                                McCarthy, Charles Laughton, Dinah
                                                                Shore, Jack Benny, Fred Allen
                                                                Christmas Program

92694    "CHRISTMAS 1943"                     12-25-43 1:33:30  BOB HOPE, Fred Allen, Jack Benny,
                                                                Jimmy Durante, Kay Kyser Orch., Gen
                                                                George Marshall, Frances Langford, Ed
                                                                Gardner, Nelson Eddy, Spike Jones &
                                                                his City Slickers, Red Ingle, Ginny
                                                                Simms, Charioteers, Dinah Shore, Ken
                                                                Darby Chorus    Christmas Program

92695    "CHRISTMAS 1944"                     12-25-44 1:51:30  BOB HOPE, Virginia O'Brien, Xavier
                                                                Cugat, Jerry Colonna, Jimmy Durante,
                                                                Dinah Shore, Spike Jones and His City
                                                                Slickers, Ginny Simms, Jack Benny,
                                                                Fred Allen, Kay Kyser, Frances
                                                                Langford, Verna Felton, Sully Mason,
                                                                Judy Garland, Johnny Murcer, Dorothy
                                                                Lamour, W.C. Fields, Danny Kaye,
                                                                Spencer Tracy, Ken Darby Chorus, Frank
                                                                Nelson, Howard Duff, Lee J. Cobb,
                                                                Griff Barnett, Elliott Lewis, Harry
                                                                Bartell, Skippy Homeier, Gen. George
                                                                Marshall, Secretary of War Henry
                                                                Stimson, Navy Secretary James
                                                                Forrestal.    Christmas Program

92696    "VICTORY EXTRA"                      08-14-45 1:39:57  JIMMY DURANTE, Bette Davis, Jose
                                                                Iturbi, Ed Gardner, Jinx Falkenberg,
                                                                Marlene Dietrich, Frank Sinatra, Bing
                                                                Crosby, Danny Kaye, Ida Lupino,
                                                                Loretta Young, Bergess Meredith, Orson
                                                                Welles, Rita Hayworth, Herbert
                                                                Marshall, Ginger Rogers, Claire
                                                                Trevor, Lucille Ball, Desi Arnez,
                                                                Edward G. Robinson, Robert Montgomery,
                                                                Bill Power, Lena Horne, Carmen
                                                                Miranda, Greer Garson

92697    "CHRISTMAS 1945"                     12-25-45 1:47:00  JERRY COLONNA, Bob Hope, Bing Crosby,
                                                                Dinah Shore, Herbert Marshall, Harry
                                                                James, Pied Pipers, Jimmy Durante,
                                                                Ginny Simms, Cass Daley, Kay Kyser,
                                                                Frances Langford, Judy Garland, Johnny
                                                                Murcer, Frank Sinatra, Ed Gardner,
                                                                Eddie Jackson, Joe Lilley, President
                                                                Harry Truman    Christmas Program

92698    "ARMY DAY SPECIAL"                   04-19-46  :44:56  BOB HOPE, Dinah Shore, Bette Davis,
                                                                Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Spike
                                                                Jones, Andrews Sisters, Harry Von
                                                                Zell, Gereral Dwight D. Eisenhower

8727 A1  "FOURTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"         05-29-46 1:31:38  BOB HOPE Introducing exerpts from
                                                                popular wartime AFRS programs:
                                                                DOWNBEAT, MELODY ROUND-UP, SHOWTIME,
                                                                MAIL CALL, GI JIVE, JUBILEE, HYMNS
                                                                FROM HOME, GI JOURNAL, REMEMBER, WORDS
                                                                AND MUSIC, COMMAND PERFORMANCE, and
                                                                PURPLE HEART

71893    "CHRISTMAS 1946"                     12-25-46 1:00:10  BOB HOPE, The Merry Macs, Dinah Shore,
                                                                Garry Moore, Jimmy Durante, Gloria
                                                                DeHaven, Commandant of Armed Forces
                                                                Radio Service, Marlene Dietrich, Slim
                                                                Gaylard Trio, Ginny Simms, Edgar
                                                                Bergan & Charlie McCarthy

92699    "FIFTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"          05-29-47  :59:55  LIONEL BARRYMORE, Nelson Eddy, Dinah
                                                                Shore, Ginny Simms, Jimmy Durante,
                                                                Greer Garson, Orson Welles, Jack
                                                                Benny, Ernest Lubitsch, Lt. General J.
                                                                Lawton Collins, Judy Garland, Lauritz
                                                                Melchior, Danny Kaye, Bing Crosby,
                                                                Lina Romay, Fred Allen, Eddie Anderson
                                                                (Rochester), Paul Lukas, Frank
                                                                Sinatra, Secretary of War: Robert P.
                                                                Anders, George Murphy, Peter Lind
                                                                Hayes, Don Wilson, Clark Gable.
                                                                Assembled Show,

71892    "SIXTH ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL"          05-29-48 1:00:17  BOB HOPE, Dinah Shore, Bing Crosby,
                                                                Frank Sinatra, Jerry Colonna,
                                                                Claudette Colbert, Jimmy Durante,
                                                                Ronald Colman, Betty Hutton, Dennis
                                                                Day, Jack Benny, Rita Hayworth, Ticker
                                                                Freeman.    Assembled Show

92700    "DEAR JOHN CLUB OF THE AIR"          10-20-48  :45:10  VINCENT PRICE, Kay Starr, June Foray,
                                                                Robert Maxwell, Joan Davis

92701    "CHRISTMAS 1948"                     12-25-48 2:02:00  KEN CARPENTER, Ann Southern, Edmund
                                                                Gwenn, Gene Autry, Bing Crosby,
                                                                Andrews Sisters, Lisa Roy, Jacques
                                                                Mart, Hoosier Hot Shots, Harry
                                                                Babbitt, Pied Pipers, Harry James, Bob
                                                                Hope, Lauritz Melchoir, Chester Lauk,
                                                                Norris Goff, Cass Dailey, Jerry
                                                                Colonna, Mel Blanc, William Conrad.
                                                                Christmas Program

*na*     "CHRISTMAS 1949"                     12-25-49 1:30:00* BOB HOPE, The Merry Macs, Dinah Shore,
                                                                Gloria DeHaven, Marlene Dietrich, Slim
                                                                Gaillard Trio, Ginny Simms, Edgar
                                                                Bergan and Charlie McCarthy,  Michel
                                                                Perriere and the AFRS Orchestra,
                                                                Speech by President Harry S. Truman.
                                                                Assembled repeat of the 1945 Christmas

92702    "THIRTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY            05-29-77  :55:32  ASSEMBLED SHOW, Host: Bob Hope.
         SPECIAL"                                               Announcer: Ken Carpenter, Eddie
                                                                Cantor, Dinah Shore, Frank Sinatra,
                                                                Fanny Bryce (Baby Snooks) and Hanley
                                                                Stafford (Daddy), Jimmy Durante, Eegar
                                                                Bergan and Charlie McCarthy, Jack
                                                                Benny, Mary Livingstone, Dennis Day,
                                                                Bing Crosby, Bud Abbott and Lou
                                                                Costello, Red Skelton, Dorothy Lamour,
                                                                Judy Garland

   Total Number of Titles:   14                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 14
   Total Possible Episodes:  14         Missing Programs: 1       Total Programs in Collection: 13
   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   50
    Total Number of Programs: 434
    Total Possible Episodes:  419       Missing Programs: 77      Total Programs in Collection: 357
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