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     Post or Modify Date: October 26, 1998
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        NBC   SUSTAINED        Mondays 9:30 - 10:00 pm
80751A   "PREMIERE SHOW"                   1  01-14-57  :23:00  "Festivals By Debussy", "Liebestraum"
                                                                (Litz), "Peer Gynt" (Grieg), "Carmen
                                                                Fantasy" (Horowitz)

80751B   "GERMAN SINGERS CAN'T SING"       2  01-21-57  :30:00* "Fire Dance" (DeFalla), "Carmen"
                                                                (Bizet), "Boheme" (Puccini), "Cloak",
                                                                "The Preludes"

80752A   "PEOPLE WHO ARE QUIET ABOUT       3  01-28-57  :30:00* "The Marriage Of Figaro" (Mozart),
         HATING CLASSICAL MUSIC"                                "Waltz For Piano And Orchestra",
                                                                "Hungarian Rhaposdy", "Samson An
                                                                Delilah" (Rachmaninof), "Girl Of The
                                                                Golden West" (Puccini), "Through The
                                                                Looking Glass" (Taylor)

80752B   "MUSIC FOR HOLIDAY PARTIES"       4  02-04-57  :30:00* "Village Musicians" (Mozart), "Toy
                                                                Symphony" (Hayden), "Carnival Of
                                                                Animals" (Saint-Saens), "Can Can"
                                                                (Orpheus In Underworld)(Offenbach),
                                                                "Carnival - Fossils", "Auld Lang Syne"

80753A   "THE MOST POPULAR MELODY IN       5  02-11-57  :30:00* "Wedding March" (Wagner), "Midsummer
         OPERA"                                                 Night's Dream" (Mendel), "New World
                                                                Symphony" (Dvorak), "Minute Waltz"
                                                                (Chopin), "Classical Juke Box" (Liszt)

80753B   "THE SYMPHONY"                    6  02-18-57  :30:00* "5th Symphony" (Tchiakowsky), "Don
                                                                Giovanni" (Mozart), "Clair DeLune"
                                                                (Debussy), "Danse Macabre"

80754A                                     7  02-25-57  :30:00* "Lohengrin" (Wagner), "Pomp And
                                                                Circumstance" (Elgar), "Classical
                                                                Symphony" (Prokofiev), "Vesta LaGuba"

80754B                                     8  03-04-57  :30:00* "Spanish Caprice" (Rimssky-Korsikov),
                                                                "To A Wild Rose" (MacDowell), "La
                                                                Gelida Mania" (Puccini), "Violin
                                                                Concerto" (Mendelsohn)

80755A                                     9  03-11-57  :30:00* "Unfinished Symphony" (Shubert),
                                                                "Varceroll" (Offenbach), "Handel In
                                                                The Strand" (Percy Granger), "Sweet
                                                                And Low" (Robert Shaw), "Academic
                                                                Festival Overture" (Branms)

80755B                                    10  03-18-57  :30:00* "Faust" (Gonoud), "Nutcracker Suite"
                                                                (Tchiakowsky), "Abduction From
                                                                Seraglio" (Mozart), "Tosca" (Puccini),
                                                                "Pagliacci" (Leoncavel)

80756A                                    11  03-25-57  :30:00* "Hungarian Dance" (Brahms), "Dream"
                                                                (Massenet), "March" (Prokofiev),
                                                                "Spanish Rhapsody" (Ravel), "Blue
                                                                Danube" (Strauss)

80756B                                    12  04-01-57  :30:00* "Fugue For Tin Horns", "Guys And
                                                                Dolls", "Fugue In G Minor", "Traviata"
                                                                (Verdi), "Girl From Arles-Adagio"
                                                                (Bizet), "Eine Kleine Nacht Musik"
                                                                (Mozart), "Nursery Song Variations"

80757A                                    13  04-08-57  :30:00* "Les Sylphides", "Bartered Bride",
                                                                "Valse Triste", "Caruso", "Tristan And

80757B                                    14  04-15-57  :30:00* "Stars And Stripes Forever" (Sousa),
                                                                "Traviata" (Verdi), "Pictures At The
                                                                Exhibition" (Mussorgsky), "Black Key
                                                                Study" (Chopin), "Tosca" (Puccini)

80758A                                    15  04-29-57  :30:00* Jim Backus (Mr. McGoo): "Hi-Fi Music",
                                                                "Overture To Il Signor Bushino"
                                                                (Rossini)    Program of 4-22

80758B                                    16  05-06-57  :30:00* "Nutcracker" (Tchaikowsky), "Lucia
                                                                Sextet" (Donizetti), "Vienese Caprice"
                                                                (Fritz Kriesler), "Orpheus In
                                                                Underworld" (Offenbach), "Manon"

80759A   "GILBERT AND SULLIVAN"           17  05-13-57  :30:00* "Pinafore", "Patience", "Gondoliers",
                                                                "Mikado", "Rudigore", "Yoeman Of Guam"

80759B                                    18  05-20-57  :30:00* "Piano Concerto" (Liszt), "Italian
                                                                Caprice" (Tchiakowsky), "Moonlight
                                                                Sonata" (Beetoven), "Nutcracker"
                                                                (Tchaikowsky), "Piano Sonata No. 9"

80760A                                    19  05-27-57  :30:00* "Till Eulenspiegel" (Strauss), "Faust"

80760B   "PUCCINI"                        20  06-03-57  :30:00* "La Boheme", "Mano Lescaut",
                                                                "Turondot", "Madame Butterfly"

80761A                                    21  06-10-57  :30:00* "Perpetual Motion" (Strauss),
                                                                "Golliwog's Cake Walk" (DeBussy),
                                                                "Meistersinger" (Wagner), "Waltz From
                                                                Facade" (Walton), "Telephone"
                                                                (Menotti), "Cloat" (Puccini), "Hero's
                                                                Life" (Strauss)

80761B   "ROSSINI"                        22  06-24-57  :30:00* "Barber Of Seville", "William Tell"
                                                                Program of 6-17 Pre-Empted

80762A                                    23  07-01-57  :30:00* "Afternoon Of The Faun" (Debussy),
                                                                "Ibert Suite" (Jagnes), "Piano
                                                                Concerto No. 2" (Rachmoninov)

80762B                                    24  07-08-57  :30:00* "Prelude In C Sharp Minor"
                                                                (Rachmonov), "Liebestraum" (Liszt),
                                                                "Polonaise Miliare" (Chopin),
                                                                "Humeresque" (Dvorak)

80763A                                    25  07-15-57  :30:00* "Scheherazade" (Rimsky-Korsikov),
                                                                "Asia" (Ravel)

80763B                                    26  07-22-57  :30:00* "Pictures At Exhibition" (Mussorgsky),
                                                                "Rigoletto" (Verdi), "Toy Shop"
                                                                (Resphegi), "Dance For Piano" (Satie),
                                                                "Well Tempored Clavicord" (Bach), "Ava
                                                                Maria" (Gonoud)

80764A                                    27  08-05-57  :30:00* "Voices" (Verdi), "Othello" (Verdi),
                                                                "Aidia" (Verdi), "Faust" (Gonoud), "My
                                                                Heart At Thy Sweet Voice", "Don
                                                                Giovani" (Mozart)   Program of 7-29

80764B                                    28  08-12-57  :30:00* "Walkure" (Wagner), "Vocal Melody"
                                                                (Rachmoninov), "Butterfly Etude"
                                                                (Chopin), "El Capitan" (Sousa)

80765A                                    29  08-19-57  :30:00* "Concerto For Saxiphone" (Jacques
                                                                Elbert), "Adagio For Musical Glasses"
                                                                (Mozart), "Concerto For Guitar And
                                                                Orchestra" (Tedesco), "Tales From The
                                                                Vienna Woods" (Strauss), "Pines Of
                                                                Rome" (Resprghi)

80765B                                    30  08-26-57  :30:00* "Clare de Lune" (Debussy), Third
                                                                Movement, First Symphony" (Brahms),
                                                                "Pathotique Sonata" (Beetoven), "Dance
                                                                Music For Solo Violin Gavotte" (Bach)

80766A                                    31  09-02-57  :30:00* "Bumblebee" (Rimsky- Korsikov),
                                                                "Sleigh Ride" (Mozart), "Bulldog
                                                                Dance" (Elgar), "Clock Symphony"
                                                                (Hayden), "Alphabet Song"

80766B                                    32  09-09-57  :30:00* "Anitra's Dance" ("Pier Gynt")(Grieg),
                                                                "Fire Bird Suite" (Strauss), "Zampa

80767A                                    33  09-16-57  :30:00* "Water Music" (Bouree), "Andante And
                                                                Allegro", "Pinafore" (Gilbert And

80767B   "GERSHWIN, MOTZART,              34  09-23-57  :30:00*  

80768A   "GILBERT AND SULLIVAN"           35  09-30-57  :30:00* "Pirates Of Pinzance", "Sorceror",
                                                                "Princess Ida", "Mikado", "Rudigore"

80768B                                    36  10-14-57  :30:00* "Unfinished Symphony" (Shubert),
                                                                "Piano Concerto" (Tchiakowsky), "Force
                                                                Of Destiny" (Verdi)   Program of 10-7

80769A                                    37  10-21-57  :30:00* "Rosenkavalier Waltz" (Strauss),
                                                                "Minuet" (Boccherini), "Tango From
                                                                Last American Symphonet" (Morton

80769B                                    38  10-28-57  :30:00* "Norfolk Rhapsody" (Vaughn Williams),
                                                                "Academic Festival Overture" (Brahms),
                                                                "Martha" (Flotow) "2nd Symphony"

80770A                                    39  11-04-57  :30:00* "Don Juan" (Strauss), "Le Mer"
                                                                (DeBussy), "Swan Of Tuonela"

80770B                                    40  11-18-57  :30:00* "Rigeletto Quartette" (Verei), "Samson
                                                                & Delilah" (Saint-Saens), "Carmen"
                                                                (Bizet), "Travatore" (Verdi)
                                                                Program of 11-11 Pre-empted

80771A                                    41  11-25-57  :30:00* "3rd Symphony" (Mendelsohn), "Fantasy
                                                                For Violin and Orchestra" (Block),
                                                                "Lucia de L'Amamore" (Donizetti),
                                                                "Scotch March" (Debussy)

80771B   "MUSIC FOR CHILDREN"             42  12-02-57  :30:00* "The Nutcracjker" (Tchiakowsky),
                                                                "Daydreams" (R. Schumann), "Cinderella
                                                                Overture" (Rossini), "Goliwog's Cake
                                                                Walk" (DeBussy), "Hansel & Gretel"

80772A   "OFFENBACH/GILBERT &             43  12-09-57  :30:00*  

80772B                                    44  12-30-57  :30:00* "Copeelia" (Waltz), "Swan Lake"
                                                                (Tchiakowsky), "Faust" (Gonoud),
                                                                "Sebastia" (Menotti)   Programs of
                                                                12-16 and 12-23 Pre-Empted

80773A                                    45  01-06-58  :30:00* "Pagliacci" (Leoncavello), "Madame
                                                                Butterfly" (Puccini), "Carmen"
                                                                (Bizet), "Il Trovitore" (Verdi)

80773B                                    46  01-13-58  :30:00* "Barber Of Saville" (Rosini), "La
                                                                Traviata" (Verdi), "Madame Butterfly"

80774A                                    47  01-20-58  :30:00* "Gypsy Rondo" (Haydn), "Andar
                                                                Cantable" (Tchiakowsky) "Quintet"
                                                                (Dvorak), "String Quartet" (Verdi)

80774B                                    48  01-27-58  :30:00* "Gypsy Airs" (Sarasete), "Piano
                                                                Concerto" (McDowell), "Pearl Fishers",
                                                                (Biset), "Mississippi Suite" (Grofe)

80775A   "FOLK DANCE MUSIC"               49  02-03-58  :30:00*  

80775B   "ERICH LEINSDORF"                50  02-17-58  :30:00* Program of 2-10 Pre-Empted

80776A   "ITALIAN CONCERTO"               51  02-24-58  :30:00*  

80776B   "ROBERT MERRILL"                 52  03-03-58  :30:00*  

80777A   "BRAMS/STRAVINSKY/CHOPIN/ROSSI   53  03-10-58  :30:00*  

80777B   "MUSIC WITH A MELODY"            54  03-17-58  :30:00*  

80778A   "MUSIC FOR MALEFACTORS"          55  03-24-58  :30:00*  

80778B   "INFANT CHRIST"                  56  03-31-58  :30:00* By: Berlioz   Easter Program

80779A   "RHYTHM OF MUSIC"                57  04-07-58  :30:00* "5th Symphony" (Beetoven), "Schumann's
                                                                Piano Cncerto", "Tchiakowsky's
                                                                Symphony", "Pier Gynt" (Grieg)

80779B                                    58  04-14-58  :30:00* "Daphine & Chleo" (Ravel), "Salome"
                                                                (Strauss), "Pines Of Rome" (Respighi),
                                                                "4th Symphony" (Tchiakowsky)

80780A                                    59  04-21-58  :30:00* "Il Trovitore" (Verdi)

80780B                                    60  04-28-58  :30:00* "Burlesque" (R. Strauss), "Fires Night
                                                                In The Gardens Of Spain" "Rhaposody
                                                                For Piano & Orchestra" (Rachmoninov),
                                                                "Piano Concerto" (Ravel)

80781A                                    61  05-05-58  :30:00* "Marriage Of Figaro" (Mozart),
                                                                "Tannhauser" (Wagner), "Pathatique"

80781B                                    62  05-12-58  :30:00* "Moulin Rouge" (George Auric),
                                                                "Fountain Of Youth" "Dames In
                                                                Distress" (Gershwin), "Piano Prelude",
                                                                "Spellbound" (Miklos Rozas), "Violin

80782A   "MAURICE RAVEL"                  63  05-19-58  :30:00*  

80782B                                    64  05-26-58  :30:00* "Pagliacci" (Leoncavillo), "Il
                                                                Trovitore" (Verdi), "Rigoletto"
                                                                (Verdi), "Magic Flute" (Mozart)

80783A                                    65  06-02-58  :30:00* "Aida" (Verdi), "Pastoral Symphony"
                                                                (Beetoven), "La Boheme" (Puccini)

80783B                                    66  06-09-58  :30:00* "Faust" (Gonoud)

80784A   "VIOLIN MUSIC"                   67  06-16-58  :30:00* "Beetoven Concerto", "Rumanian Dance"
                                                                (Bach), "Gavotte" (Tchiakowsky),
                                                                "Tchiakowsky's 4th Symphony"

80784B   "CLOSE HARMONY"                  68  06-23-58  :30:00* "Carmen" (Bizet), "Lakme" (Delibes),
                                                                "Norma" (Bellini), "Three Little
                                                                Maids" (Gilbert & Sullivan)

80785A                                    69  06-30-58  :30:00* "Mignon" (Thomas), "Midsummer Night's
                                                                Dream" (Mendelsohn), "El Capitan"
                                                                (Sousa), "Fireworks" (Stravinsky)

80785B                                    70  07-14-58  :30:00* "Spanish Rhasody" (Ravel) "8th
                                                                Symphony" (Beethoven), "Damnation Of
                                                                Faust" (Berlioz), "Lullabye" (Brahms)
                                                                 Program of 7-7 Pre-Empted

80786A   "LIGHT MUSIC"                    71  07-21-58  :30:00* "Fantastic Toy Shop"
                                                                (Rossini-Respighi), "Funeral March Of
                                                                The Marionettes" (Gonoud), "Burgeose
                                                                Gentleman" (R. Strauss), "Clown Music"
                                                                (Rachmoninov), "Facade Polka" (William

80786B   "FAREWELL"                       72  07-28-58  :30:00* "Festivals" (DeBussy), "Mimi's
                                                                Farewell" from "La Boheme" (Puccini),
                                                                "Enigma Variations" (Elgar)   Final
                                                                Show of the Series

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    Total Number of Programs: 72
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