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     Post or Modify Date: December 28, 11
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
________ _____________________________  _____  ______   _____   ______________________________________
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        STARS: Connee Boswell, Buddy Lester
        MUSIC: Lloyd Shaffer Orchester
        ANNOUNCER: Jack McCarthy
52157    "THE CIRCUS"                     13  04-05-44  :30:00*  

52158 A  "GUEST: HARRY GIBSON"            14  04-12-44  :30:00*  

52158 B  "PAUL WHITEMAN AT THE ROXIE"     16  04-26-44  :30:00* "The River Of The Roses"

51147 A  "LIBRARY FINDS"                  23  06-14-44  :30:00* "San Fernando Valley", "How Blue The
                                                                Night", "Holiday For Strings", "June
                                                                Night", "I'll Be Seeing You",

51147 B  "CONEY ISLAND"                   24  06-21-44  :30:00* "Milk Man Keep Those Bottles Flying",
                                                                "Fellow On A Furlough", "Tico Tico",
                                                                "Blues In The Night", "Goodnight
                                                                Wherever You Are"

50907 A  "FOURTH OF JULY PICNIC"          26  07-05-44  :30:00* "Come Out, Wherever You Are", "Long
                                                                Ago And Far Away", "The Continental",
                                                                "Swinging On A Star", "I'll Be Seeing
                                                                You"   Independence Day Program

50907 B  "PLAYING POST OFFICE"            27  07-12-44  :30:00* "Here Pretty Kitty Blue Eyes", "I
                                                                Don't Want To Love You", "San Fernando

        STARS: Connee Boswell, Ted Husing, Bobby Doyle
        MUSIC: Ray Block Orchestra
        ANNOUNCER: Ken Roberts
8764 C4  "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN"              1  05-06-46  :30:00*  

8764 C3  "SHOW BOAT"                       2  05-13-46  :30:00* "Suix City Sue", "Temptation",
                                                                "Laughing On The Outside", "Bill",
                                                                "Why Do I Love You?", "Can't Help
                                                                Lovin' That Man"

52162    "GUEST: LARRY DOUGLAS"           23  10-14-46  :30:00* Larry Douglas fills in for Bobby
                                                                Doyle.  "Five Minutes More",
                                                                "September Song", "To Each His Own",
                                                                "Jealousy", "You And The Night And The
                                                                Music", "Very Warm For May", "If You
                                                                Were The Only Girl In The World",
                                                                "South America Take It Away"

52162    "THE RODEO"                      24  10-21-46  :30:00* "Buttermilk Skies", "Somewhere In The
                                                                Night", "Tico, Tico", "For Evermore",
                                                                "Twilight Song", "Yankee Doodle", "The
                                                                Girl That I Married", "I Don't Know
                                                                Why I Love You Like I Do"

9218 A1  "ROMANCE"                        25  10-28-46  :29:12  "I'd Be Lost Without You", "September
                                                                Song", "Espan Harlem", "The Whole
                                                                World Is Singing My Song", "The Old
                                                                Lamplighter", "Exercise In Swing",
                                                                "Without You"

9218 A2  "NATIONAL FLOWER WEEK"           26  11-04-46  :29:46  "South America Take It Away", "To Each
                                                                His Own", "Dark Eyes", "The House I
                                                                Live In", "I'm Dreaming Of A White
                                                                Christmas", "Limehouse Blues", "You
                                                                Keep Coming Back Like A Song"

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   Total Number of Programs: 6
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