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    Post or Modify Date: March 23, 22                  
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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 Series: "DIXIELAND CLUB"                                  
        AFRS Production
        Host: Hal Murray
        Features: Preacher Rollo & The Four Saints, Tony Paretti & The Rag
        This was originally a Mutual series titled: "Dixieland Matinee"
86793B1  "COPENHAGEN"                     56  09-05-51  :15:42  "Copenhagen", "Bluin' the Blues",
                                                                "Down The Road Apeice", "Bye, Bye

86793B2  "JAZZ ME BLUES"                  61  10-10-51  :15:41  "Jazz Me Blues", "You Know What It
                                                                Means To Miss Newe Orleans", "Ida",
                                                                "The Old Spinning Wheel",

54893 C  "THE MILENBERG JOYS"             91  05-07-52  :14:28  "Milenberg Joys", "I Cried For You",
                                                                "Lover's Lement", "Lady Be Good",
                                                                "It's Only A Paper Moon"

54893 D  "THE BUGLE CALL RAG"             96  06-04-52  :15:27  "Bugle Call Rag", " ", "Don't Take
                                                                Your Love From Me", "Love In Blume",
                                                                "Sensation", "Canadian Capers"

54894 A  "THE YELLOW DOG BLUES"          111  09-24-52  :15:28  "Yellow Dog Blues", "Slow And Easy",
                                                                "Preachin' The Boogie", "At Sundown"

54894 B  "COPENHAGEN"                    136  03-18-53  :15:31  "Copenhagen", "Don't Blame Me", "Scrub
                                                                Me Mama With A Boogie Beat",
                                                                "Louisiana Hayride"

54894 C  "TAILGATE RAMBLE"               141  04-22-53  :15:29  "Tailgate Ramble", "Tenderly", "My
                                                                Gal, Sal", "Shiek Of Araby"

54894 D  "MUSKRAT RAMBLE"                156  08-05-53  :15:32  "Muskrat Ramble" "Doodly Doo", "Beat
                                                                Me Daddy, Eight To The Bar", "Rose Of
                                                                The Rio Grande"

111      "SOUTH RAMPART STREET PARADE"   169  03-30-52  :15:39  "South Rampart Street Parade",
                                                                "Someday, Sweetheart", "Canadian
                                                                Capers", "When My Dreamboat Comes

111      "THAT'S A PLENTY"               170  05-01-52  :15:42  "That's A Plenty", "On The Sunny Side
                                                                Of The street", "Tuxedo Junction",
                                                                "Who's Sorry Now?",

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