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    Post or Modify Date: November 21, 01
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
________ _____________________________  _____  ______   _____   ______________________________________
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        CBS  SUSTAINED             Sundays 8:00 - 8:30
        PRODUCED by Orson Welles under the auspices of the CIA.
        MUSIC: Lud Gluskin and his Orchestra
87235A   "CARMEN MIRANDA"                  1  11-15-42  :30:00*  

87235B   "THE CHRIST OF THE ANDES"         2  11-22-42  :30:00* Gerald Mohr, Edmond O'Brien, Agnes
                                                                Moorehead, Ray Collins, Hans Conreid,
                                                                Pedro De Cordova

87236A   "SANTA DOMINGO - HIATI"           3  11-29-42  :30:00* Ray Collins, Hans Conreid

87236B   "THE ALPHABET OF THE ISLANDS"     4  12-06-42  :30:00* Hans Conreid, Agnes Moorehead, Ray
                                                                Collins, Miguelito Valdez, Ted Reid

87237A   "ALPHABET OF THE ISLANDS -        5  12-13-42  :30:00* Lou Merrill, Gerald Mohr
         PART 2"

87237B   "THE STORY OF ABENDGO, THE        6  12-20-42  :30:00* Gerald Mohr, Ted Reid, Norman Field

87238A   "THE BAD WILL AMBASSADOR"         7  12-27-42  :30:00* Hans Conreid, Norman Field, Ted Reid,
                                                                Pedro De Cordova, John Tucker Battle

87238B   "RHYTHMS OF THE AMERICAS"         8  01-03-43  :30:00* Tito Guizar, Dick Joy, Miguelito
                                                                Valdez, Sir Lancelot.  Orson Welles
                                                                did not appear due to illness

87239A   "MEXICO"                          9  01-10-43  :30:00* Hans Conreid, Lou Merrill, Laird
                                                                Cregar, Agnes Moorehead, Ray Collins

87239B   "DEED TO THE WORLD"              10  01-17-43  :30:00* Frank Readick, Eddie Jerome, Karl
                                                                SwensonJack Mass, Louie Solomon,
                                                                Joseph Cheshire     Severe volume drop
                                                                throughout first half of show

87240A   "ROMANTIC RHYTHMS OF THE         11  01-24-43  :30:00* Carlos Romariz, Migualito Lopez

87240B   "PAN-AMERICANISM"                12  01-31-43  :30:00* Ray Collins

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