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    Post or Modify Date: March 9, 17
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS  Sustained
9370 B3  "CHEER THE WEARY TRAVELER"                     :15:00* Program #507. World Broadcasting
                                                                System transcription. 1. Cheer The
                                                                Weary Traveler (partial) 2. This Train
                                                                Is Bound For Glory 3. I Have Another
                                                                Building 4. When The Moon Goes Down In
                                                                The Valley Of Time 5. Didn't Know My
                                                                Trouble Was So Hard

9370 B1  "DON'T CALL THE ROLL"                          :25:00* Program #U-288. Standard Program
                                                                Library. 1. Don't Call The Roll ('Til
                                                                I Get There) 2. Alphabets Of The Bible
                                                                3. Dese Bones Gwine Rise Again 4.
                                                                Moses Smote The Waters 5. My Father's
                                                                Rich 6. What Did Jesus Say 7. Old Lamb
                                                                8. Samson and Delilah 9. Great Gettin'
                                                                Up Morning

9370 B2  "GIT ON BOARD, LITTLE                          :25:00* Program #U-287. Standard Program
         CHILDREN"                                              Library. 1. Git On Board, Little
                                                                Children 2. Don't Drive Your Children
                                                                Away 3. Little David Play On Your Harp
                                                                4. Joshua Fit The Battle Of Jericho 5.
                                                                Go Where I Send Thee 6. Dip Your
                                                                Fingers Into Some Water 7. Blind
                                                                Barnabas 8. Over My head 9. Walk
                                                                Together Children 10. Job 11 11. See
                                                                Four and Twenty Elders On Their Knees

9370 B4  "PEOPLE YOU GO AND I'LL GO                     :15:00* Program #(500) 7044-7048. World
         WITH YOU"                                              Program Service transcription. 1.
                                                                People You Go and I'll Go With You 2.
                                                                Go Where I Send Thee 3. There's Rest
                                                                For The Weary 4. When Was Jesus Born
                                                                5. How We Got Over

9370 B5  "HEY LAWDY MAMA"                     06-07-44  :15:00*  

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