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     Post or Modify Date: Saturday August 15, 1998
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
________ _____________________________  _____  ______   _____   ______________________________________
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        STARS: Maxine Gray, Alvino Rey
        ANNOUNCER: Rolley Thomas
70239A1  "ITS A HUNDRED TO ONE"            1  12-06-39  :14:30  "Its A Hundred To One" "Happy Birthday
                                                                To Love" "Dardinala" "Your A Lucky
                                                                Guy" "South Of The Border"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               2  12-08-39  :14:30*  

70239A2  "MAKE WITH THE KISSES"            3  12-13-39  :14:30  "Make With The Kisses" "Indian Summer"
                                                                "I Thought About You" "A Little

70239B1  "STOP KICKING MY HEART AROUND"    4  12-15-39  :14:30  "Stop Kicking My Heart Around"
                                                                "Scatter Brain" "Rain On The Roof"

70239B2  "STOP! ITS WONDERFUL"             5  12-20-39  :14:30  "Stop! Its Wonderful" "Vagabond
                                                                Dreams" "12th Street Rag" "I Didn't
                                                                Know What Time It Was"

70240A1  "GOOD MORNIN"                     6  12-22-39  :14:30  "Good Mornin'" "Lover" "Pagen Love
                                                                Song" "Winter Wonderland" "Lilacs In
                                                                The Rain"

70240A2  "HAP HAP HAPPY DAY"               7  12-27-39  :14:30  "Hap Hap Happy Day" "Faithful Forever"
                                                                "A Little Cooperation" "Indian Summer"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               8  12-29-39  :14:30*  

70240B1  "THREE LITTLE WORDS"              9  01-03-40  :14:30  "Three Little Words" "Don't Think It
                                                                Hasn't Been Charming" "Happy Birthday
                                                                To Love"

70240B2  "HAP HAP HAPPY DAY"              10  01-05-40  :14:30  "Hap Hap Happy Day" "I Thought About
                                                                You" "Bluebirds In The Moonlight" "All
                                                                The Things You Are"

70241A1  "MA, HE'S MAKING EYES AT ME"     11  01-10-40  :14:30  "Ma, He's Making Eyes At Me" "Darn
                                                                That Dream" "A Little Street In

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              12  01-12-40  :14:30*  

70241A2  "PASS THE PLATE"                 13  01-17-40  :14:30  "Pass The Plate" "Careless" "Can I
                                                                Help It" "I'll Remember" "Goody

70241B1  "DIXIELAND ONE STEP"             14  01-19-40  :14:30  "Dixieland One Step" "Blue River" "La
                                                                Rosita" "Faithful Forever" "I Know
                                                                That You Know"

70241B2  "STUMBLING"                      15  01-24-40  :14:30  "Stumbling" "Make Love With A Guitar"
                                                                "Blue Bird In The Moonlight" "Speaking
                                                                Of Heaven"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              16  01-26-40  :14:30*  

70242A1  "STOP-IT'S WONDERFUL"            17  01-31-40  :14:30  "Stop! It's Wonderful" "On A Little
                                                                Street In Singapore" "How To Make Love
                                                                With A Guitar" "Rancho Grande"

70242A2  "HAP HAP HAPPY DAY"              18  02-05-40  :14:30  "Hap Hap Happy Day" "Careless" "Holy
                                                                Smoke" "I've Got My Eyes On You"

70242B1  "SNUGGLED ON YOUR SHOULDER"      19  02-07-40  :14:30  "Snuggled On Your Sholder" "Indian
                                                                Summer" "Happy Birthday To Love" "This
                                                                Changing World"

70242B2  "YOU'RE A LUCKY GUY"             20  02-12-40  :14:30  "You'Re A Lucky Guy" "Crazy Rhythm"
                                                                "Make Love With A Guitar" "On A Little
                                                                Street In Singapore"

70243A1  "IS IT POSSIBLE"                 21  02-14-40  :14:30  "Is It Possible" "I've Got My Eyes On
                                                                You" "Where Was I" "American Patrol"

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??              22  02-16-40  :14:30*  

70243A2  "YOU'RE A LUCKY GUY"             23  02-26-40  :14:30  "You'Re A Lucky Guy" "She Didn't Say
                                                                Yes, She Didn't Say No" "Darn That
                                                                Dream" Vagabond Dream" "Hindustan"

70243B1  "TUXEDO JUNCTION"                24  02-28-40  :14:30  "Tuxedo Junction" Confuses Say"
                                                                "Silent Hour" "It's De Lovely" "Sweet
                                                                And Low"

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    Total Number of Programs: 24
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