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     Post or Modify Date: June 13, 03


Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments

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        NBC   PACKARD MOTOR CARS    Tuesdays 9:30 - 10:00pm

        STARS: Johnny Green

        WITH: Jimmy Blair, Jane Rhodes, Trudy Woods



71182    "THEY CAN'T TAKE THAT AWAY        1  06-29-37  :59:30  "They Can't Take That Away From Me",

         FROM ME"                                               "Maybe", Say It With Music", "Where Or

                                                                When", It's Swell Of You", "Cuban

                                                                Pete", "Waltz In Swing Time", "The

                                                                Goose Hangs High", Noel Coward Medley,

                                                                "Little Hula Heaven", "Night And Day",

                                                                Medley, "Night Ride", "Piedad", Rhythm


71183    "WHO"                             2  07-06-37  :59:30  "Who", "Wake Up And Live", "The Folks

                                                                Who Live On The Hill", "Things I

                                                                Want", "The Peanut Vendor", "April In

                                                                Paris", "Wabash Blues", "Allegheny

                                                                Al", "Stompin' At The Savoy", "Smoke

                                                                Gets In Your Eyes", "Shall We Dance",

                                                                "Will You Merry Me Tomorrow Maria",

                                                                "Can I Forget You", "Foot Loose And

                                                                Fancy Free", "Happy Birthday To Love",

                                                                "High Wide And Handsome", Closing


71184    "SEPTEMBER IN THE RAIN"           3  07-13-37  :59:30  Opening, "September In The Rain",

                                                                There's A Small Hotel", "Serenade To A

                                                                Wealthy Widow", "Sailboat In The

                                                                Moonlight", (Trudy Woods), "Smarty"

                                                                (Jane Rhodes), "Hallelujah", "Three

                                                                Cheers For Love", "Won't You Stay For

                                                                Tea?" (Jane Rhodes), "Me Myself, and

                                                                I" (Jane Rhodes), "There's A Lull In

                                                                My Life" (Trudy Woods), "Dancing In

                                                                The Dark" (Jimmy Blair), "After You",

                                                                " Merry Widow Waltz", Johnny One Note"

71185    "SING YOU SINNERS"                4  07-20-37  :59:30  "Sing You Sinners", "Delighted To Meet

                                                                You", "All God's Chillun Got Rhythm",

                                                                "Whispering", "Loose Ends", "You Can't

                                                                Run Away From Love", "Dinah", "Big Boy

                                                                Blue", "Please", "Love Bug", "Looks

                                                                Like Rain", "Night Ride", "Valse



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