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    Post or Modify Date: November 29, 14
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        CBS     SUSTAINED
        STARS: Will Rogers Jr., Georgia Ellis
7934 C2  "AUDITION SHOW"                 AUD  05-15-50  :14:40  This Pilot was actually titled
                                                                "Country Editor"    Incomplete ..
                                                                first half only

90901B   "NEWSPAPER BEING TAKEN OVER"      1  06-10-53  :24:50  (UNEDITED VERSION)   Mrs Fenimore
                                                                Hannable & Lance O'Neil's Diary

90889A   "NEWSPAPER BEING TAKEN OVER"      1  07-08-53  :30:00  Mrs. Fenimore Hannable & Lance
                                                                O'Neil's Diary.  Byron Kane, John
                                                                Dehner, Parley Baer, Mary McGovern,
                                                                Howard McNear    THURSDAYS

90902B   "JIMMY REYNOLDS STORY"            2  07-03-53  :26:35  (UNEDITED VERSION)   Young Jimmy
                                                                Reynolds is arrested for drunkeness.

90889B   "JIMMY REYNOLDS STORY"            2  07-15-53  :30:00  Young Jimmy Reynolds is arrested for
                                                                drunkeness.   Larry Dobkin, Harry
                                                                Bartell, Johnny McGovern, Tom McKee,
                                                                Constance Crowder

90902A   "DIRTY POLITICS"                  3  06-12-53  :32:20  (UNEDITED VERSION)   Ava Lawson runs
                                                                for Town Council.

90890A   "DIRTY POLITICS"                  3  07-22-53  :30:00  Ava Lawson runs for Town Council.
                                                                Parley Baer, Byron Kane, John Dehner,
                                                                Mary McGovern, Will Wright, Virginia
                                                                Gregg, John Stevenson

90890B   "SURPRISE ENGAGEMENT"             4  07-29-53  :29:05  (FULL SHOW)   Jock Deliten & Melissa
                                                                Walters get Surprise Wedding
                                                                announcement sprung on them.   Parley
                                                                Baer, Merry McGovern, Sam Edwards,
                                                                Karen Steele, Sarah Selby, Eleanore

90891A   "THAT TAYLOR BOY"                 5  07-30-53  :28:15  (UNEDITED VERSION)   Judge Beal has
                                                                Bud Taylor paroled to Will's custody.
                                                                  Jack Kruschen, Joseph Kearns, Peter
                                                                Rankin, John Dehner, Harry Bartell

90891B   "THAT TAYLOR BOY"                 5  08-05-53  :29:00  (FULL SHOW)   Judge Beal has Bud
                                                                Taylor paroled to Will's custody.
                                                                Jack Kruschen, Joseph Kearns, Peter
                                                                Rankin, John Dehner, Harry Bartell

90892A   "LAND DEAL"                       6  08-12-53  :29:00  (FULL SHOW)   Dan Partridge & Surveyor
                                                                cause secret intrest in "Section 19,
                                                                Parcel 3"    Eleanore Tanin, Vic
                                                                Perrin, Helen Kleeb, John Stephenson,
                                                                Howard McNear, Joseph Kearns

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               7  08-19-53          Merry McGovern, John Stephenson, James
                                                                Griffith, Sammie Hill

90892B   "C.J. GRIFFITH, JOURNALISM        8  08-26-53  :29:00  (FULL SHOW)   Visiting Journalistic
         STUDENT"                                               Student, C.J. Griffith, is a girl.
                                                                Parley Baer, Karen Steele, Harry
                                                                Bartell, Ann Morrison, Edgar Barrier

*na*     "THE BESSIE RICHARDS STORY"       9  09-02-53          Parley Baer, Vic Perrin, Helen Kleeb,
                                                                Joe DuVal, Howard McNear

*na*     "FOUNDER'S DAY"                  10  09-09-53          Parley Baer, Constance Crowder, Lois

90893A   "ILLYRIA BOX LUNCH"              11  09-16-53  :29:00  (FULL SHOW)   Benefit for the boys at
                                                                Cora Willobee Farm of Illyria.
                                                                (COULD NOT FIND A PITCH FOR "Meet Mr.
                                                                McNutly")?    -SEE 7300 A2-    John
                                                                Dehner, PArley Baer, Merry McGovern,
                                                                Vivi Janiss

90893B   "FARM SALE DAY"                  12  09-23-53  :29:00  (FULL SHOW)   Special Farm edition
                                                                with Typographical error in a
                                                                fertilizer ad.     (AH! HERES THE
                                                                PITCH FOR "Meet Milly" & "McNutly")
                                                                  -SEE 7300 A1-    Parley Baer, John
                                                                Dehner, Harry Bartell, Vic Perrin, Joe

90894A   "LEAH'S EUDORA NOTES"            13  10-08-53  :29:00  (FULL SHOW)   Peaceful Little Eudora
                                                                as reported by Lea Sentney    SHOW OF
                                                                9/30 PRE-EMPTED    Parley Baer,
                                                                Lawrence Dobkin, John Dehner, Vic
                                                                Perrin, Jeanette Nolan

90894B   "MAGGIE & BARBARA"               14  10-15-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Barbara Lord is
                                                                returning home from visit to Europe.
                                                                Barbara and Maggie are both in love
                                                                with Will, but he doesn't it.
                                                                Parley Baer, Merry McGovern, Joyce
                                                                McCluskey, John Dehner

90895A   "EULA HORNER & THE COUNTY        15  10-22-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Town women won't enter
         FAIR"                                                  fair's food exhibit `cause Eula Horner
                                                                always wins.   SLIGHT VOLUME FLUCT AT
                                                                START - ON MASTER    Jeanette Nolan,
                                                                Parley Baer, John Dehner, Harry
                                                                Bartell, Ann Morrison

90895B   "THE OLD CORONET"                16  10-29-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Hazel Burrows Turkish
                                                                water pipe & Will's coronet are
                                                                donated to scrap drive.    (record
                                                                warp causes thump).    Parley Baer,
                                                                Jeanette Nolan, John Dehner

90896A   "TOAST OF VIENNA - GRETCHEN      17  11-05-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Gretchen March is
         MARCH"                                                 teaching Eddie Hartley violin, much to
                                                                dad's dismay.  (BEGINING NEXT WEEK,
                                                                SHOW WILL BE HEARD ON WEDNESDAY)
                                                                (SURFACE NOISE)    Parley Baer, Vic
                                                                Perrin, Virginia Gregg, John Dehner,
                                                                Sammy Ogg

90896B   "THE TOWN CLOCK"                 18  11-11-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   City Hall Tower Clock
                                                                needs repair but town council claims
                                                                no money available but a letter from
                                                                Abraham lincoln claims there is a
                                                                clock maintenance fund.   SHOW MOVES
                                                                TO WEDNESDAYS    Parley Baer, Helen
                                                                Kleeb, Harry Bartell, John Dehner

90897A   "DO IT NOW"                      19  11-18-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Will's "DO-IT-NOW"
                                                                editorial causes town to get all riled
                                                                up.    Parley Baer, John Dehner, Lois
                                                                Corbet, Howard McNear, Helen Kleeb,
                                                                John James

90897B   "THE PRINCIS REOPENS"            20  11-25-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Clint Stocker decides to
                                                                reopen the "Princess Theater" with a
                                                                city stock company puttin' on "The New
                                                                Revue" - Turns out to be a Burlesque
                                                                Show.    Parley Baer, Edgar Barrier,
                                                                Paul Dubov, John Dehner, Michael Ann
                                                                Barrett, James Eagles

90898A   "THE LONGEST WEEK OF THE YEAR"   21  12-02-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Doc Clemens' grandson,
                                                                Mike, comes to visit.    PArley Baer,
                                                                Merry McGovern, Richard Beals, Vivi
                                                                Janiss, Vic Perrin

90898B   "PASTEL CHRISTMAS TREES"         22  12-09-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Merchant Association
                                                                meets to vote on town Christmas
                                                                decoration and Christmas trees.
                                                                Parley Baer, Howard McNear, Virginia
                                                                Gregg, Elaine Williams, Jeanette Nolan
                                                                  Christmas Program

90899A   "A WHITE CHRISTMAS IN ILLYRIA"   23  12-23-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   A young couple with a 7
                                                                month old boy shows up with no lodging
                                                                or food.    SHOW OF 12/16 PRE-EMPTED
                                                                FOR "EISENHOWER SPEECH"    Christmas
                                                                Program   Parley Baer, Merry McGovern,
                                                                Sam Edwards, Sammie Hill, Helen Kleeb

90899B   "INVESTEGATIVE REPORTERS"        24  12-30-53  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Twins Jane & Joan Eager
                                                                decide to be reporters for the
                                                                Gazette without and against Will's
                                                                approval.   Christmas Program
                                                                Parley Baer, Karen Steele, Eleanore
                                                                Tanin, Virginia Gregg, Lawrence
                                                                Dobkin, Vic Perrin, Howard McNear

90900A   "THE NOVELIST"                   25  01-06-54  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Author Beasley Hill has
                                                                been unanimously approved by the civic
                                                                forum to speak before the town.
                                                                Parley Baer, Harry Bartell, Irene
                                                                Tedrow, Eleanore Tanin

90900B   "SOMETHING GOING ON IN           26  01-13-54  :30:00  (FULL SHOW)   Chief Willie Mendinhall
         ILLYRIA"                                               is called away from the golf course
                                                                but refuses to say what is going
                                                                on...All he can say is: No
                                                                Comment.....    Parley Baer, Vic
                                                                Perrin, Harry Bartell, Herb Ellis,
                                                                Michael Ann Barrett

90901A   "SOMETHING'S TROUBLING WILL"     27  01-20-54  :29:50  (FULL SHOW) (FINAL SHOW)    Looks like
                                                                Wylies house will wind up in the
                                                                middle of New Grove Street & Will
                                                                decides to sell the paper and stay on
                                                                as editor.   (ON FRIDAY, TUNE IN STAN
                                                                FREBERG'S "THATS RICH").    Howard
                                                                McNear, Vivi Janiss, John Dehner

   Total Number of Titles:   31                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 32
   Total Possible Episodes:  32         Missing Programs: 3       Total Programs in Collection: 29
   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   31
    Total Number of Programs: 32
    Total Possible Episodes:  32        Missing Programs: 3       Total Programs in Collection: 29
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