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    Post or Modify Date: November 17, 19               
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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 Series: "THE RED NICHOLS SHOW"                            
        STARS: Red Nichols and the Five Pennys, Dotty O'Brian.
        Announcer: Del Sharbett
57586 A  "THE ENTRY OF THE GLADERATERS"    1  06-28-51  :14:53  "The Entry Of The Gladeraters",
                                                                "Tenderly", "Big Butter And Egg Man",
                                                                "That's A Plenty",

57586 B  "JOHNSON RAG"                     2  07-05-51  :14:55  "Johnson Rag", "How Am I To Know",
                                                                "Brooklyn Love Song", "Panama"

90826A1  "AMERICAN PATROL MARCH"           3  07-12-51  :14:53  "American Patrol March", "Sugar Babe",
                                                                "Maybe Daddy", "Three Blind Mice"

90826A2  "ALL BY MYSELF"                   4  07-19-51  :14:54  "All By Myself", "I'll Find A Way",
                                                                "Indianopolis Rag", "Under The Double

90826B1  "BRAVURA MARCH"                   5  07-26-51  :14:40  "Bravura March", "Row, Row, Row",
                                                                "Lonesome Mama Blues", "Royal Garden

90826B2  "SHAKE IT AND BREAK IT"           6  08-02-51  :14:42  "Shake It And Break It", "New
                                                                Orleans", Bewitched, Bothered and
                                                                Bewildered", "Painting The Clouds With
                                                                Sunshine", "Jazz Band Ball"

57587 C  "SOUTH RAMPART STREET PARADE"     7  08-09-51  :14:45  "South Rampart Street Parade", "Tin
                                                                Roof Blues","The Weekend OF A Private
                                                                Secretary", "Clarinet Marmalaid"

57587 D  "I WISH I DIDN'T LOVE YOU SO"     8  08-16-51  :14:43  "I Wish I Didn't Love You So", "Love
                                                                Walked In", "Someone To Watch Over
                                                                Me", "Coax Me A Little Bit", "Rose Of
                                                                The Rio Grande"

57588 A  "SENSATION"                       9  08-23-51  :15:09  "Sensation", "Ugly Child", "Flow
                                                                Gently Sweet Afton", "Margie"

57588 B  "LONESOME AND LOVESICK"          10  08-30-51  :14:54  "Lonesome and Lovesick", "Morning
                                                                Glory", "I Can't Believe You're In
                                                                Love With Me", "Muskrat Ramble",

90827A1  "MY ADOBE HACIENDA"              11  09-06-51  :14:55  "My Adobe Hacienda" "Street Of
                                                                Dreams", Peg O' My Heart", "Daddy,
                                                                Surprise Me", "That's A Plenty"

90827A2  "BUDDY'S HABITS"                 12  09-13-51  :14:56  "Buddy's Habits", "Dallas Blues",
                                                                "Come On And Love Me" "A Cheerful
                                                                Little Earfull"

57590 A  "BACK TO BACK"                   13  09-20-51  :13:40  "Back To Back", "Bye Bye Blackbird",
                                                                "When My Sugar Walks Down The Street",
                                                                "Tiger Rag"

57590 B  "CAROLINA IN THE MORNING"        14  09-27-51  :14:49  "Carolina In The Morning",  "Peaceful
                                                                Valley", "I Don't Know Enough About
                                                                You", "Should I"

57590 C  "CHICAGO"                        15  10-04-51  :14:47  "Chicago", "How High The Moon", "Sheik
                                                                Of Araby", "Battle Hymn Of The

57590 D  "SAVE YOUR SORROW"               16  10-11-51  :14:49  "Save Your Sorrow", "Route 66", "I'm
                                                                In Love With You Honey", "After You're
                                                                Gone", "I've Found A New Baby"

57591 A  "WHEN MY DREAMBOAT COMES HOME"   17  10-18-51  :14:46  "When My Dreamboat Comes Home",
                                                                "Haunting Blues", "Come Rain Or Come
                                                                Shine", "Three Little Words"

57591 B  "CORNBALL RAG"                   18  10-25-51  :14:46  "Cornball Rag", "Row, Row, Row", "It's
                                                                All Over Now", "Fidgety Feet"

57591 C  "SWEET GEORGIA BROWN"            19  11-01-51  :14:44  "Sweet Georgia Brown", "St. Louis
                                                                Blues", "Going Steady With You",

57591 D  "GIN TOWN BLUES"                 20  11-08-51  :14:47  "Gin Town Blues", "Far Away Island",
                                                                "Lonesome Mama Blues", "Back Home In

111      "SUNDAY"                         21  11-15-51  :15:00* "Sunday", "Cry Baby", "You're The
                                                                Cause Of It All", "Entry Of The

111      "BUGLE CALL RAG"                 22  11-22-51  :15:00* "Bugle Call Rag", "It's Dream Time",
                                                                "Across The Alley From The Alamo",
                                                                "American Patrol March"

57592 A  "THREE BLIND MICE"               23  11-29-51  :14:57  "Three Blind Mice", "I Don't Know Why
                                                                I Love You Like I Do", "Dearest",
                                                                "Only A Paper Moon", "Silver Threads
                                                                Among The Gold"

57592 B  "LAZY DADDY"                     24  12-06-51  :14:53  "Lazy Daddy", "Tumbling Tumble Weeds",
                                                                "Brooklyn Love Song", "South Rampart
                                                                Street Parade"

57592 C  "UNDER THE DOUBLE EAGLE"         25  12-13-51  :14:50  "Under The Double Eagle", "The Best
                                                                Man", Little White Lies", "Peg O' My
                                                                Heart", "The Saints Come Marching

57592 D  "THAT'S A PLENTY"                26  12-20-51  :14:54  "That's A Plenty", "Over The Rainbow",
                                                                "PAinting The Clouds With Sunshine",
                                                                "Sweet Adeline"

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