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    Post or Modify Date: July 31, 13
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        "The Voices of the People in the News"
111                                           03-08-40  :15:00* Darrel Brady; Frank Gannett; Hugh
                                                                Herbert, President of the 'Tail
                                                                Waggers Club'and Rudy Vallee raising
                                                                money for Seeing-Eye Dogs; Letty Lee,
                                                                Alexander Willis; Connie Mack; Hymie

111                                           03-22-40  :15:00* Alamo, Texas - Train Crash; Postmaster
                                                                General James A. Farley; Manager
                                                                Frankie Frisch of the Pittsburg
                                                                Pirates; Frank A. Adams; Peter Arno;
                                                                Alan Hale at Piper's Opera
                                                                House-Virginia City, Nevada.

111                                           04-05-40  :15:00* Wilkes Barre, Pensylvania Flood;
                                                                Sidney Mosley, British Author; Mrs.
                                                                Frances Mahoney, Baby Substitution
                                                                Case; Postmster General James A.
                                                                Farley, Presidential canditate;
                                                                Republician National Chairman John M.
                                                                Hamilton; UCLA Provost Dr. Earle R.
                                                                Hedrick; Donald Budge

111                                           04-12-40  :15:00* Scandinavian Situation with Johannes
                                                                Steel; Bill Henry; War Coorespondent
                                                                Lois Andrews; George C, Gourley; Mrs.
                                                                Geraldine Gourley; John J. Anthony;
                                                                Yuba City Migrant Worker Camp; Edward

111                                           04-19-40  :15:00* John R.B. Hambro; Frank Gannett;
                                                                Senator Allen J. Ellender, Alfred M.
                                                                Landon; Maxie Rosenbloom; Tom Farley;
                                                                John Hamilton; Senator Burton K.
                                                                Wheeler; James J. Jeffries; Kid McCoy

111                                           04-26-40  :15:00* William Randolph Hearst; Rupert
                                                                Hughes; Kathleen Norris; Carl
                                                                Schrader, Screen Guild Magizine
                                                                Editor; Author Mrs. E. Hathaway
                                                                Turnbull; US Forrespondent Gene Lyons;
                                                                Senator Robert Reynolds; Bill Orr.

111                                           05-03-40  :15:00* Herr William Hammerschmidt German
                                                                Envoy-Chile; Dr. George Gyssling,
                                                                German Consul; Charles Bruggman-Swiss
                                                                Minister Plenipotentiary; Ann Dvorak;
                                                                Bert Baroni-Owner of Silver Star
                                                                Stables; Lindsay C. Howard, Co-owner
                                                                of Bing-Lin Stables; Kentucky Derby
                                                                winner, Don Mike.

111                                           05-17-40  :15:00* British Consul General, Godfrey; H.C.
                                                                Warner-Grand Exalted Ruler of the
                                                                BPOE; Raymond J. Kelley-National
                                                                Commettee chairman of the American
                                                                Legion; Lester P. Barlow-Explosive
                                                                Expert; Sun-Dial Girl, Elaine Shepard,
                                                                World Champion Wrestler, Bob Gregory.

111                                           06-14-40  :15:00* Eyewitness to Paris Bombing; The
                                                                Andrews Sisters; Harvey Chapman, jr.;
                                                                Joe Louis; Arturo Godoy; Laws On
                                                                Litterature; Mrs. Belle Benchley,
                                                                Director of San Diego Zoo

111                                           07-19-40  :15:00* Congressman Hamilton Fish, New York;
                                                                Delegate form Alaska Anthony Diamond;
                                                                Carroll Lunt, Editor of the China
                                                                Digest; Dr. H.R. Van Houten, Secretary
                                                                of the Netherlands Legation; C.J.
                                                                Hambro, President of the Norwegian
                                                                Parlemant; Taylor Spink, Publisher of
                                                                St. Louis "Sports News;" Nathaniel
                                                                Shilkret, Composer.

111                                           08-02-40  :15:00* John Leiva - Helen Leiva, juvinelle
                                                                deaths at the Whittier State School
                                                                for Boys: Tony Villone, First Mayor of
                                                                Boys Town; Father Flannigan; Mischa
                                                                Auer; Billy Conn; Somerset Maughm;
                                                                Richard Greene; Dr. J. Anton De Hass;
                                                                Congressman John H. Houston.

111                                           08-09-40  :15:00* Senator Rush Holt; Lawrence A.
                                                                Steinhardt, US Ambassador To Soviet
                                                                Russia; N.A.B. Convention; FCC
                                                                Director, James L. Fly; Neville
                                                                Miller; Harold A. LaFount; Sid M.
                                                                Kaye; Sam Rosenbaum; Gene Buck; Lionel
                                                                Stander. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover;
                                                                Attorney General Robert Jackson;
                                                                Milton Berle.

111                                           08-16-40  :15:00* Santa Barbara Fiesta with Leo Carrillo
                                                                and Jerry Cologna; Louisiana Flood;
                                                                Senator Claude Pepper; Congressman
                                                                Martin Dies; Rene Chouteau, Marathon
                                                                Swimmer; George (Jiggs) McManus.

111                                           08-23-40  :15:00* Alexander Kerensky; Foreign Wars
                                                                Convention - National Commander Otis
                                                                N. Brown, Sectretary Alvin C. York,
                                                                Major General Robert Arnold; Joan
                                                                Blondell; Raymond G. Swing;  MAx Baer.

111                                           04-19-41  :15:00* President Franklyn D. Roosevelt;
                                                                Zamsam Survivors; Admiral H. Stark,
                                                                Winston Churchill.

111                                           04-26-41  :15:00* Frank Knox; Robert Menzies: New York
                                                                Mayor LaGuardia: Windell  Willkie;
                                                                Adolph Hitler.

111      "SPECIAL AMERICA FIRST               10-27-41  :15:00* Representative Anton Johnson of
         PRODUCTION"                                            Illinois; Representtaive Brown;
                                                                Herbert Hoover; Senator Charles W.
                                                                Tobey of Massachusetts.

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