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     Post or Modify Date: September 30, 00
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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 Series: "STROLLIN' TOM"
          THEME: "You Can Smile"
82538A1  "HASH"                          AUD  04-11-44  :15:00  "Tie Me To Mother's Apron Strings",
                                                                "When Smoke Gets In My Eyes", "Oh How
                                                                I Miss You", "Loch Lomond"
                                                                AUDITION SHOW AIRED OVER KFWB - LOS

82538A2  "SINGING IN OUR HEARTS"         AUD  04-18-44  :15:00  "There's Music in the Air (Jesus Set
                                                                the World to Singing)", "Heart Aches",
                                                                "There's a Rainbow Shining Somewhere",

82538B1  "ROADS"                           1  07-18-48  :15:00  "On The Road To Mandalay", "Old Oaken
                                                                Bucket", "Drink To Me", "When It's
                                                                Springtime In The Rockies", "Rocked In
                                                                THe Cradle Of The Deep".

82538B2  "FLOWER SHOP"                     2  07-25-48  :15:00  "Monlight & Roses", "Jeanine, I Dream
                                                                Of Lilac Time", "Lovely, So Lovely".

82539A1  "GRANDMOTHER'S DIARY"             3  08-01-48  :15:00  "There's Music In The Air", "Anne
                                                                Laurie", "Sweetest Little Feller".

82539A2  "DEVIL GRASS"                     4  08-08-48  :15:00  "A Little Old Garden", "The Rose Of
                                                                Love", "I Know A Lovely Garden".

82539B1  "TREMEMDOUS TRIFLES"              5  08-15-48  :15:00  "I Love You In The In That Same Sweet
                                                                Way", "Go Back To Home Sweet Home",
                                                                Down The Trail To Home Sweet Home",
                                                                "Out Of The Dusk To You".

82539B2  "PINE TREES & PINE CONES"         6  08-22-48  :15:00  "If All The World Were A Violin", "To
                                                                Be Near Yoy", POEM by TOM: "The
                                                                Sorceress", "Sweet & Low".

82540A1  "HURDLES & HORSE BACK RIDING"     7  08-29-48  :15:00  "So Long, Mary", "I'm Headin' Down The
                                                                Trail", "High Ways Are Happy Days".

82540A2  "HARMONY"                         8  09-05-48  :15:00  "The Old Rugged Cross", "The Rose Of
                                                                Picardy", "Blest Be The Tie That

82540B1  "PATCH WORK QUILT"                9  09-12-48  :15:00  "Way Back Home", "Mother's Crazy
                                                                Quilt", Sweet Adeline", "Aunt Dinah's
                                                                Quilting Party".

82540B2  "COMPASS"                        10  09-19-48  :15:00  "Roll On Thou Deep Dark Blue Ocean",
                                                                "Red Sails In The Sunset", "Harbor

82541A1  "SEARCHLIGHT"                    11  09-26-48  :15:00  "My Whole World Revolves Around You",
                                                                "When The Lights Are Soft & Low",
                                                                "When The Dawn Flames In The Sky".

82541A2  "OLD RUSTED POCKET KNIFE"        12  10-03-48  :15:00  "The Old Covered Bridge", "Tommy Lad",
                                                                "Whistlin' In The Dark".

82541B1  "TREES"                          13  10-10-48  :15:00  "Trees", POEM by TOM: "Trees", "I Wish
                                                                I Was A Willow", POEM: "Beautiful",
                                                                "Once More I Sit By The Fireside &

82541B2  "GOLF"                           14  10-17-48  :15:00  "Where He Leads Me", "You're A Million
                                                                Millions From Nowhere", "Move On

82542A1  "FIRE PLACE"                     15  10-24-48  :15:00  "The Fleeting Hour", "The Dreamy Hills
                                                                Of Home Sweet Home", "Throw Another
                                                                Log On The Fire".

82542A2  "WINDOWS OF GOLD"                16  10-31-48  :15:00  "In The Sweet Bye & Bye", "I Love A
                                                                Little Cottage", When We Shall Meet At
                                                                Shadow Time".

82542B1  "HUMAN KINDNESS"                 17  11-07-48  :15:00  "I Love You Truly", "Danny Boy", "MY
                                                                Dream Boat".

82542B2  "VIBRATIONS"                     18  11-14-48  :15:00  "I Am Thy Harp", "You Didn't Know The
                                                                Music", "When I Dream Of You".

82543A1  "OPEN SPACES - GYPSY CAMP"       19  11-21-48  :15:00  "The Vagabond", "Play Gypsy Play",
                                                                "The Gypsy Song"

82543A2  "HABIT"                          20  11-28-48  :15:00  "Down Memory Lane", "All Home", "Smile
                                                                The While".

82543B1  "LOOKING GLASS"                  21  12-05-48  :15:00  "When Mother Sang Sweet & Low",
                                                                "Toura-A-Lura-Lura", "The Sweetest
                                                                Story Ever Told".

82543B2  "GRANDFATHER'S OLD CLOCK"        22  12-12-48  :15:00  "Three O'Clock In The Morning",
                                                                "Twelve O'Clock & All's Well", "My
                                                                Grandfather's Clock".

82544A1  "THE WEATHER VANE"               23  12-19-48  :15:00  "Stars Of The Western Skies", "Lock
                                                                Lomond", POEM: "The Old Sweet Heart I
                                                                Know", "In The Glowing By The

82544A2  "SLIENCE IS GOLDEN"              24  12-26-48  :15:00  "Peace In The World With You", "We'll
                                                                Let The Rest Of The World Go By", "Out
                                                                Of The Sunset - Sailing Away".

82544B1  "KNOWLEDGE"                      25  01-02-49  :15:00  "I'll See You In The Morning",
                                                                "Father, Teach Me To Forgive", "My
                                                                Blue Heaven".

82544B2  "THE SUNDIAL"                    26  01-09-49  :15:00  "When The Busy Day Is Done", "Skys Of
                                                                Blue Come Smilin' Through", "As I & My
                                                                Umbrella Went Walking In The Rain".

82545A1  "CABINS"                         27  01-16-49  :15:00  "Little Cabin In The Sky", "When The
                                                                Moon Comes Over The Mountain",
                                                                "Whistles", "My Wishing Song".

82545A2  "THOUGHTS ARE THINGS"            28  01-23-49  :15:00  "Suppose You Have Just One Hour To
                                                                Spend", "Apple Blossom Time", "More
                                                                Time Alone With Thee".

82545B1  "FLAT TIRES"                     29  01-30-49  :15:00  "I'll Be Happy Making You Glad", "I
                                                                Saw A Ship A Sailin'", "When You Get
                                                                Home In The Morning".

82545B2  "THE LOST CHECKER"               30  02-06-49  :15:00  "Ive Waited For Ships That Never Came
                                                                In", "Look Down That Lonesome Road",
                                                                "King For A Day".

82546A1  "UNCOVERED DARK HIDE-OUT"        31  02-13-49  :15:00  "Between Long Shadows On The Ground",
                                                                "Goodnight Ladies", "Paradise Valley".

82546A2  "LITTLE BALL OF STRING"          32  02-20-49  :15:00  "My Heart Beats With Love For You",
                                                                "Home On The Range", "I Found You".

82546B1  "LOVE & HAPPINESS"               33  02-27-49  :15:00  "A Hide-A-Way In Happy Valley",
                                                                "Juanita", "All Through The Night".

82546B2  "THE PLOW"                       34  03-06-49  :15:00  "My Home Town", "Clover Blossoms",
                                                                "Wabash Moon".

82547A1  "HAMPER"                         35  03-13-49  :15:00  "Wait Till The Sun Shines, Nellie",
                                                                "Comin' Through The Rye", "A Charge To
                                                                Keep I Have".

82547A2  "OLD TIN TYPE, TYPE"             36  03-20-49  :15:00  "My Lady's Bower", "Silver Threads
                                                                Among The Gold", "The Lord's Prayer".

82547B1  "CIRCLES"                        37  03-27-49  :15:00  "When The Organ Played "Oh Promise
                                                                Me"", "My Heart Stood Still", "Will
                                                                The Circle Be Broken?".

82547B2  "CRICKETS"                       38  04-03-49  :15:00  "I Love Life", "The Road That Brought
                                                                You To Me", With A Song In My Heart".

82548A1  "HORSEBACK RIDING"               39  04-10-49  :15:00  "When All The World Is Young, Lad",
                                                                "My Old Black Mare", " Horsey!

82548A2  "ANTIQUE SHOP"                   40  04-17-49  :15:00  "The Old Refrain", "I'm Particular",
                                                                "The Tumble Weed".

82548B1  "BROTHERHOOD"                    41  04-24-49  :15:00  "In The Gleaming", "A Bowl Of Roses",
                                                                "A Necklace Of Love".

82548B2  "BALLOONS"                       42  05-01-49  :15:00  "I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles", "Three
                                                                For Jack", "Two Little Magpies".

82549A1  "FOOT PRINTS"                    43  05-08-49  :15:00  "Wagon Wheels", "Little Pal", "Follow,
                                                                I Will Follow Thee, O Lord".

82549A2  "TAPE MEASURE"                   44  05-15-49  :15:00  "Beautiful Garden Of Roses", "Just A
                                                                Little Home For The Old Folks", "When
                                                                Shadows Fall".

82549B1  "KING PIN"                       45  05-22-49  :15:00  "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet",
                                                                "Ploddin'! Ploddin'!", "Homing".

82549B2  "PIPE THREADS"                   46  05-29-49  :15:00  "The Old Road", "Can't Ye Hear Me
                                                                Callin', Caroline?", "June Brought The

82550A1  "MOTHER"                         47  06-05-49  :15:00  "Rememberence", "Van Blain" (MUSICAL
                                                                READING), "For My Mother".

82550A2  "HIDE & SEEK"                    48  06-12-49  :15:00  "Just Around The Corner", "Ah! Sweet
                                                                Mystery Of Life", "Thine Home".

82550B1  "PATIENCE"                       49  06-19-49  :15:00  "In The Garden Of My Heart (We Never
                                                                Miss The Sunshine)", " Let A Smile Be
                                                                Your Umbrella On A Rainy Day"

82550B2  "HAPPINESS"                      50  06-26-49  :15:00  "You'll Be Comin' Home", "I Love To
                                                                Whistle", "An Old Violin"

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