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     Post or Modify Date: July 14, 2018
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        NBC    SHELL OIL CO
        HOST: Al Jolson
        MUSIC: Victor Young and his Orchestra
*na*     "GUESTS-MAX AND BUDDY BAER"       1  04-06-35 1:00:00* Miriam Hopkins; Benay Venuta, songs;
                                                                Max Baer, heavyweight champion, and
                                                                Buddy Baer; Jack Stanton, songs; Peggy
                                                                Gardner, songs

*na*     "GUEST-JAMES J. BRADDOCK,         2  04-13-35 1:00:00* Constance Bennett; Benay Venuta,
         HEAVYWEIGHT CHALLENGER"                                songs; Smith and Dale, comedy; James
                                                                J. Braddock, heavyweight challenger

*na*     "GUEST-VERNON GOMEZ, NEW YORK     3  04-20-35 1:00:00* Elissa Landi; Paulist Choir; June
         YANKEES PITCHER"                                       O'Day, actress; Ed Stanley, comedy;
                                                                Vernon Gomez, New York Yankees pitcher

*na*     "GUEST-BABE RUTH"                 4  04-27-35 1:00:00* John Barrymore; Benay Venuta, songs;
                                                                Polly Moran, comedy; Babe Ruth

*na*     "TIGER ROSE"                      5  05-04-35 1:00:00* Scene from "Tiger Rose" with Lupe
                                                                Velez; Benay Venuta, songs; Olson &
                                                                Johnson, comedy; Kentucky Derby with
                                                                Clem McCarthy

*na*     "GUESTS-DIZZY AND DAFFY DEAN"     6  05-11-35 1:00:00* Eva LaGallienne, actress; Sheila
                                                                Barrett, songs; Dizzy and Daffy Dean,
                                                                St. Louis Cardinal pitchers

*na*     "GUEST-AMELIA EARHART"            7  05-18-35 1:00:00* Amelia Earhart, woman flyer; Lulu
                                                                McConnell, comedy; sketch with
                                                                Phillips Holmes

*na*     "CYRANO DE BERGERAC"              8  05-25-35 1:00:00* Scene from "Cyrano de Bergerac" with
                                                                Walter Hampden; Doc Rockwell, comedy;
                                                                Ella Logan, songs; Willie Saunders,

*na*     "KIKI"                            9  06-01-35 1:00:00* Scene from "Kiki" with Lenore Ulric;
                                                                Bert Lahr, comedy; Tony Canzoneri,

*na*     "THE BARKER"                     10  06-08-35 1:00:00* Scene from "The Barker" with Walter
                                                                Huston; sketch, "The Collar Button"
                                                                with Ernest Truex; Irene Bordoni,
                                                                songs; Josephine Marrone, marble
                                                                champion of the Bronx

*na*     "GUEST-SAM PARKS"                11  06-15-35 1:00:00* Sketch with Alla Nazimova; Eddie
                                                                Dowling and Racy Dooley, comedy; Niela
                                                                Geedalle, Sings; Sam Parks, US Open
                                                                Golf Tournament

*na*     "GUESTS: MAN MOUNTAIN DEAN AND   12  06-22-35 1:00:00* Sketch with Jimmy Cagney; Alice Faye,
         CHIEF LITTLE WOLF, WRESTLERS"                          songs; Swore and Good, comedy; Man
                                                                Mountain Dean and Chief Little Wolf,

91160    "ACCENT ON YOUTH"                13  06-29-35  :55:16  Maxie Rosenbloom, Otto Kruger, Sylvia

91161    "2000 METER INTERCOLEGEATE       14  07-06-35  :58:30  Dixie Lee Crosby, songs;,Richard
         RACE"                                                  Barthelmess, actor; Gill and Demling,
                                                                comedy; Ky Ebright, California rowing

50422    "WITHIN THE LAW"                 15  07-13-35  :59:00  Sketch with Joan Blondell; Lee Wiley,
                                                                songs; George Sidney and Charles
                                                                Murray, comedy; James J. Jeffries,

53335    "HENRY VIII"                     16  07-20-35  :59:00  Scene from "Master of the Revels" with
                                                                Henry Hull; Willie Howard, comedy;
                                                                Irene Taylor, songs; Loretta Turnbull,
                                                                woman's world champion outboard
                                                                motorboat racer

53336    "THE CIRCUS BARKER"              17  07-27-35  :60:00* Scene from "The Lake" with Ruth
                                                                Chatterton; Joyce Whiteman, songs; Al
                                                                Shaw and Sam Lee, comedy; Foghorn

53337    "US OPEN GOLF CHAMPIONSHIP"      18  08-03-35  :58:32  Scene from "Just Suppose" with Bette
                                                                Davis; Estelle Taylor, songs; George
                                                                Jessel, comedy; Olin Dutra, golfer

53338    "ELIZABETH THE QUEEN"            19  08-10-35  :58:02  Scene from "Elizabeth the Queen" with
                                                                Alice Brady; Irvin S. Cobb, humorist;
                                                                Irving Pichel, producer; Sam Casion,

53339    "THE COPPERHEAD"                 20  08-17-35  :60:00* Lionel Barrymore, Pat C. Flick, Carmel
                                                                Myers, Watson Sisters, Vince Barrett

53340    "A MATTER OF HUSBANDS"           21  08-24-35  :60:00* Scene from "A Matter of Husbands" with
                                                                Delores Del Rio; Roscoe Ates, comedy;
                                                                Marjorie Keeler, songs; Roscoe Turner,
                                                                racing driver

53341    "THE GREEN GODDESS"              22  08-31-35  :60:00* Boris Karloff, George Jessel, Maxine
                                                                Lewis, Joyce Wethered, Golfer

53342    "MICHAEL AND MARY"               23  09-07-35  :60:00* Heather Angel and Ralph Forbes in
                                                                "Michael and Mary"; Joe Penner,
                                                                comedy; Betty Borden, songs; Lois
                                                                Terry, champion Pacific Coast
                                                                womansoftball pitcher

53343    "THE BRIDE THE SUN SHINES ON"    24  09-14-35  :60:00  Sketch with Henry Fonda; Jackie
                                                                Hughes, songs; Fannie Brice, comedy;
                                                                Stone and Lee, comedy

91162    "THE FINGER OF GOD"              25  09-21-35  :56:00  Scene from 'The Finger of God" with
                                                                Ricardo Cortez; June Marlowe, songs;
                                                                Frank McHugh and Allen Jenkins,
                                                                comedy; Wilmer Allison, tennis player

53345    "FINAL PROGRAM HOSTED BY AL      26  09-28-35  :53:29  Ginger Rogers, Harry Savoy, Edward
         JOLSON"                                                Everett Horton   Final program to star
                                                                Al Jolson

*na*     "GUEST HOST-WALTER WINCHELL"     27  10-05-35 1:00:00* Neila Goodelle, songs; Milton Berle,
                                                                comedy; Louis Armstrong, trumpets;
                                                                Eleanor Powell, songs; Frim Sisters,

   Total Number of Titles:   27                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 27
   Total Possible Episodes Are 27  Missing Programs: 3     Total Programs in Collection: 14

        NBC    SHELL OIL CO
        HOST: Wallace Beery
111      "GUEST-MABEL STARK, TIGER         1  10-12-35 1:00:00* Harry Richman, songs; Stuart Erwin,
         TRAINER"                                               comedy; Robert Wildhack, comedy;
                                                                Marjorie Lane, songs; Mabel Stark,
                                                                tiger trainer

*na*     "O'SHAUGHNESSY'S BOY"             2  10-19-35 1:00:00* Scene from "O'Shaughnessy's Boy" with
                                                                Wallace Beery and Jackie Cooper;
                                                                Evelyn Laye, songs; George Givot,
                                                                comedy; Lon Steiner, Oregon State
                                                                football coach

*na*     "THE LAST MILE"                   3  10-26-35 1:00:00* Scene from 'The Last Mile" with
                                                                Wallace Beery and Jack LaRue; Fannie
                                                                Brice, comedy; Judy Garland, songs;
                                                                Harry Stockwell, songs; Vance Breese.
                                                                test pilot

*na*     "THE OLD SOAK"                    4  11-02-35 1:00:00* Scene from "The Old Soak" with Wallace
                                                                Beery and Mary Carr; Sophie; Tucker,
                                                                Songs; Je Penner, comedy; Nola Day,
                                                                songs; Mixed Chorus, Dr. Hugo
                                                                Kirkhofer, director

56153    "TWO MEN MET AT THE VAIL"         5  11-09-35  :59:30  Chester Morris, Bill Daniels
                                                                (Cameraman), The Sailor Boy's Octet,
                                                                Lorraine Bridges, Nick Dan, Helen
                                                                Broderick, Lester Crawford, Jack
                                                                Stanton, Peggy Gardner, Harriet

111      "THE VALIANT"                     6  11-16-35 1:00:00* Judy Garland, Patsy Kelly, Alan Jones,
                                                                Jack Stanton, Peggy Gardner, Bill
                                                                Tilden, tennis star; Sigmund Spaeth,

111      "TREASURE ISLAND"                 7  11-23-35 1:00:00* Scene from "Treasure Island" with
                                                                Wallace Beery and Mickey Rooney;
                                                                George Jesse, comedy; Helen Jepson,
                                                                soprano; Con Conrad, composer; Fred
                                                                Frame, racing driver

*na*     "THE BAD MAN"                     8  11-30-35 1:00:00* Scene from "The Bad Man" with Wallace
                                                                Beery; Polly Moran, comedy; Dixie Lee,
                                                                songs; Frank Luther, tenor; W. S. Van
                                                                Dyke. director

111      "RIP VAN WINKLE"                  9  12-07-35 1:00:00* Sketch, "Rip Van Winkle" with Wallace
                                                                Beery; Paul Robeson, baritone; Shaw
                                                                and Lee, comedy; Jim Thorpe, All

*na*     "NAPOLEON'S BARBER"              10  12-14-35 1:00:00* Play, "Napoleon's Barber" with John
                                                                Barrymore and Wallace Beery; Lola
                                                                Lane, songs; George Moran and Rex Van,
                                                                comedy; Captain Edwin C, Musick,
                                                                captain of the China Clipper

*na*     "GUEST-CAROL ANN BEERY"          11  12-21-35 1:00:00* Ernestine Schumann-Heink, soprano;
                                                                Carol Ann Beery, conga; Joe Penner,
                                                                comedy; Sidney Jarvis; Mixed Chorus

111      "THE CHAMP"                      12  12-28-35 1:00:00* Deanna Durbin; Tim and Irene Ryan;
                                                                Allan Jones; Jackie Cooper; Mattie
                                                                Bell, SMU football coach

   Total Number of Titles:   12                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 12
   Total Possible Episodes Are 12  Missing Programs: 6     Total Programs in Collection: 6

        NBC    SHELL OIL CO
        HOST: Al Jolson
*na*     "THE SHINING HOUR"                1  01-04-36 1:00:00* Bette Davis; Yacht Club Boys, songs;
                                                                Midge Williams, songs; Sketch, "The
                                                                Bridge Game" with Lulu YcConnell and
                                                                Virginia Mann; Walter Hagen, golfer

*na*     "MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE"              2  01-11-36 1:00:00* Scene from "Monsieur Beaucaire" with
                                                                Francis Lederer; Patsy Kelly, comedy;
                                                                Dorothy Dale, songs; Sketch, 'The
                                                                Bridge Game" with Lulu McConnell and
                                                                Virginia Mann; Charley Stevenson,

*na*     "GUEST-DUTCH CLARK OF DETROIT     3  01-18-36 1:00:00* Sketch with Edward Everett Horton;
         LIONS"                                                 Patsy Kelly, comedy; Betty Roth,
                                                                songs; Dutch Clark of Detroit Lions

56159    "INTERFERRENCE"                   4  01-25-36  :59:48  Cab Calloway, Herbert Marshall, Peggy
                                                                Gardner, Helen Troy, Ivan Nelson (Ski
                                                                Jumping Champion),

*na*     "DONS CLARINES"                   5  02-01-36 1:00:00* May Robson; Jack YzIellen and Sara,
                                                                comedy; Jewell Hopkins, songs; Mike
                                                                Riley and Ed Farley, songwriters; Bob
                                                                Swanson, midget auto champ; Sketch,
                                                                'The Spot" with George Raft; Joe
                                                                Lewis, comedy; Cleo Brown, songs; Wini
                                                                Shaw, songs; Charles Gay, lion farm

*na*     "THE SPOT"                        6  02-08-36 1:00:00* George Raft; Joe Lewis, comedy; Cleo
                                                                Brown, songs; Wini Shaw, songs;
                                                                Charles Gay, lion farm owner

*na*     "GREEN PASTURES"                  7  02-15-36 1:00:00* Scene from "Green Pastures" with Frank
                                                                Wllson and Hall Johnson Choiri Robert
                                                                Wildhack, comedy; Grace Saxon, songs;
                                                                Scene from "Louder Please" with Lee
                                                                Tracy; Barney.Cldfield, racing car

*na*     "VALLEY FORGE"                    8  02-22-36 1:00:00* Scene from "Valley Forge" with John
                                                                Barrymore; Vi Bradley, piano; Joe and
                                                                Cynthia Doakes, comedy; Santa Anita
                                                                Handicap with Clem McCarthy

*na*     "GUEST-MARY TAYLOR, ICE           9  02-29-36 1:00:00* Elissa Landi and Una Merkle; Maxine
         SKATING STAR"                                          Lewis, songs; Mary Taylor, ice skating

*na*     "GUEST-BILL ROBINSON, TAP        10  03-07-36 1:00:00* Walter Connolly, actor; Bill Robinson,
         DANCER"                                                tap dancer; Benay Venuta, songs; Fred
                                                                Niblo, director

*na*     "GUEST-LIONEL BARRYMORE"         11  03-14-36 1:00:00* Sketch with Lionel Barrymore, Jimmy
                                                                Thrkal manager, Vi Bradley, songs;
                                                                Clyde Hager, comedy

*na*     "GUEST-JOE LEWIS"                12  03-21-36 1:00:00* Joe Lewis, comedy; King Sisters,
                                                                songs; Comedy sketch with Charles

*na*     "GUEST-ABE ROTH, PRIZE FIGHT     13  03-28-36 1:00:00* Sketch with Pat O'Brien; Sterling
         ANNOUNCER"                                             Holloway, comedy; bone Taylor, songs;
                                                                Abe Roth, prize fight announcer

   Total Number of Titles:   13                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 13
   Total Possible Episodes Are 13  Missing Programs: 12     Total Programs in Collection: 1

        NBC    SHELL OIL CO
        HOST: Smith Ballow
        MUSIC: Victor Young and his Orchestra
111      "GUEST-BUSTER KEATON"             1  04-04-36 1:00:00* Mary Ellis, songs; Buster Keaton,
                                                                comedy; Max Terrs Chorus; Willie
                                                                Hunter, golfer

*na*     "THE RACKET"                      2  04-11-36 1:00:00* Scene from "The Racket" with Edward G.
                                                                Robinson; Victor Mbore, comedy; Alice
                                                                Faye, songs; Interview with Frank
                                                                Lubin and Carl Knowlin of Universal
                                                                Pictures baseball team

*na*     "MRS. MOONLIGHT"                  3  04-18-36 1:00:00* Scene from "Mrs. Moonlight" with
                                                                Billie Burke and Basil Rathbone;
                                                                George Jessel, comedy; Dorothy Lamour,
                                                                songs; Babe Didrickson, woman golfer

*na*     "HOLIDAY"                         4  04-25-36 1:00:00* Scene from "Holiday" with Ann Harding
                                                                and Lillian Emerson; Vera Van,,songs;
                                                                Yacht Club Boys, songs

*na*     "GUEST-SONJA HEINIE, SKATER"      5  05-02-36 1:00:00* Sheila Barrett, comedy; Gloria
                                                                Swanson, songs; Dramatic sketch with
                                                                Spencer Tracy; Sonja Heinie, skater

*na*     "THE MOUTHPIECE"                  6  05-09-36 1:00:00* Scene from "The Mouthpiece" with
                                                                Warren William and Genevieve Tobin;
                                                                Virginia Bruce, songs; Patsy Kelly,
                                                                comedy; Ty Cobb, former baseball star

*na*     "IF I WERE KING"                  7  05-16-36 1:00:00* Play, "If I Were King" with Errol
                                                                Flynn; George Jessel, comedy; June
                                                                Knight, songs; Man Mountain Dean,

*na*     "THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WANTED"      8  05-23-36 1:00:00* Scene from "They Knew What They
                                                                Wanted" with Zazu Pitts and Norman
                                                                Foster; Olson and Johnson, comedy;
                                                                Adrienne Maizenauer, songs; Louis
                                                                Prima Hand; King Levinsky, boxer

*na*     "A BILL OF DIVORCEMENT"           9  05-30-36 1:00:00* Scene from "A Bill of Divorcement"
                                                                with John Barrymore; Ernestine
                                                                Schumann-Heink, contralto; Joan Davis,
                                                                songs; Robert Wildhack, comedy; Frank
                                                                Shields, interview

*na*     "GUEST-MALVIN KOONTZ, LION       10  06-06-36 1:00:00* Dramatic Sketch with John Barrymore;
         TAMER"                                                 Ginger Rogers, songs; Edward Everett
                                                                Horton, comedy; Malvin Koontz, lion
                                                                tamer, and Olga Zeleste, wild animal

*na*     "THE FRONT PAGE"                 11  06-13-36 1:00:00* Scene from "The Front Page" with
                                                                Walter Winchell; Alice Faye, songs;
                                                                George Jessel, comedy; Walker Cochran,
                                                                billiards champion

*na*     "GUEST-SALLY RAND, DANCER"       12  06-20-36 1:00:00* Comedy sketch with Helen Broderick and
                                                                Edward Everett Horton; Dramatic sketch
                                                                with Bette Davis; Robin and Grainger,
                                                                songs; Frances Faye, songs; Ed Lewis,
                                                                wrestler, interviewed by Sally Rand,

*na*     "LET US BE GAY"                  13  07-04-36 1:00:00* Program of 6-27 Pre-empted for
                                                                Democratic National Convention.  Scene
                                                                from "Let Us Be Gay" with Joan
                                                                Crawford and Franc hot Tone; Dixie
                                                                Lee, songs; Edward Everett Horton,
                                                                comedy; Charlie Paddock, track star

*na*     "DEATH, THE GUEST OF THE         14  07-11-36 1:00:00* Sketch, "Death, the Guest of the
         EVENING"                                               Evening" with Jean Hersholt; Bert
                                                                Lahr, comedy; Dorothy Page, songs;
                                                                Cherry May Dare, 'movie stunt artist

*na*     "GUEST-ELLSWORTH VINES, TENNIS   15  07-18-36 1:00:00* Sketch with Morle Oberon; Gertrude
         PLAYER"                                                Niesen, songs; Joe Cook, comedy;
                                                                Ellsworth Vines, tennis player

*na*     "GUEST-SNOWY BAKER, SPORTSMAN"   16  07-25-36 1:00:00* Dramatic sketch with Ricardo Cortezi
                                                                Patsy Kelly, comedy; Eddie Peabody,
                                                                banjo; Josephine Tumminia, soprano;
                                                                Snowy Baker, sportsman

*na*     "DINNER AT EIGHT"                17  08-01-36 1:00:00* Scene from "Dinner at Eight" with Joan
                                                                Blondell and Paul Harvey; Bert Lahr,
                                                                comedy; Ella Logan, songs; Baby
                                                                Arizmendi, featherweight boxing champ

*na*     "THE CONSTANT NYMPH"             18  08-08-36 1:00:00* Scene from "The Constant Nymph" with
                                                                Margaret Sullavan; Joe Cook, comedy;
                                                                Judy Garland, songs; Larry Adler,
                                                                harmonica; Buster Crabbe, interview

*na*     "GUEST-JOE MARTY, BASEBALL       19  08-15-36 1:00:00* Lewis Stone, actor; Stuart Irwin,
         OUTFIELDER"                                            comedy; Grace Saxon, songs; Joe Marty,
                                                                baseball outfielder

*na*     "REFLECTED GLORY"                20  08-22-36 1:00:00* Scene from "Reflected Glory" with
                                                                Tallulah Bankhead; Joe Cook, comedy;
                                                                Frances Faye, songs; Paul Chotieau,

*na*     "GUEST-RALPH BANDINI, TUNA       21  08-29-36 1:00:00* Dramatic sketch with Delores Costello
         FISHERMAN"                                             Barrymore; Virginia Bruce, songs;
                                                                Olson and Johnson, comedy; Ralph
                                                                Bandini, tuna fisherman

*na*     "BIOGRAPHY"                      22  09-05-36 1:00:00* Scene from "Biography" with Constance
                                                                Bennett; Lillian Roth,' song; Jerry
                                                                Lester, comedy; Capt. Bert White,
                                                                parachute jumper

*na*     "DAVE LEVIN, WRESTLER"           23  09-12-36 1:00:00* Sketch with Cary Grant; Patsy Kelly,
                                                                comedy; Martha Raye, songs; Dave
                                                                Levin, wrestler

*na*     "GUEST-DOROTHY HILL, DIVING      24  09-19-36 1:00:00* Dramatic sketch with Joan Bennett;
         CHAMPION"                                              toil January, songs; Joe Cook, comedy;
                                                                Mrs. Dorothy Hill, diving champion

*na*     "THERE'S ALWAYS JULIET"          25  09-26-36 1:00:00* Scene from "There's Always
                                                                Juliet"'with Ann Sothern and Roger
                                                                Pryor; Olson and Johnson, comedy;
                                                                Donald Budge, tennis star

*na*     "GUESTS-BOB AND FAIL MEUSEL,     26  10-03-36 1:00:00* Edward Everett Horton, actor; Bob and
         BASEBALL PLAYERS"                                      Fail Meusel, baseball players

*na*     "GUEST-GERTRUDE NIESEN"          27  10-10-36 1:00:00* Edward Everett Horton, actor; Stuart
                                                                Erwin, comedy; Gertrude Niesen, songs

*na*     "GUEST-HELEN MAYORS, OLYMPIC     28  10-17-36 1:00:00* Edward Everett Horton, comedy; Helen
         FENCING CHAMPION"                                      Broderick, comedy; Helen Mayors,
                                                                Olympic fencing champion

*na*     "GUEST-ALONZO STAGG, FOOTBALL    29  10-24-36 1:00:00* Edward Everett Horton, comedy; Amos
         COACH, COLLEGE OF THE PACIFIC"                         Alonzo Stagg, football coach, College
                                                                of the Pacific

*na*     "GUEST-MARJORIE GESTRING,        30  11-07-36 1:00:00* Program of 10-31 Pre-empted for
         OLYMPIC DIVING CHAMPION"                               address by Franklin D. Roosevelt.
                                                                Edward' Everett Horton; Marjorie
                                                                Gestring, Olympic diving champion

*na*     "GUEST-PUTT MOSSMAN"             31  11-14-36 1:00:00*  

*na*     "GUEST-MARION WASHINGTON"        32  11-21-36 1:00:00*  

*na*     "GUEST-LUCKY BALL"               33  11-28-36 1:00:00*  

*na*     "GUEST-BUNNY DRYDEN, TIGHT       34  12-05-36 1:00:00* Edward Everett Horton, comedy; Frank
         WIRE WALKER"                                           Morgan, actors; Gladys Hammer, women's
                                                                world archery champion; Bunny Dryden,
                                                                tight wire walker

*na*     "GUEST-EDWARD EVERETT HORTON"    35  12-12-36 1:00:00*  

*na*     "GUEST-FRED PERRY"               36  12-19-36 1:00:00*  

*na*     "GUEST-HALVAR HALSTED, SKI       37  12-26-36 1:00:00*  

   Total Number of Titles:   37                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 37
   Total Possible Episodes Are 37  Missing Programs: 36     Total Programs in Collection: 1

        NBC    SHELL OIL CO
        HOST: Joe Cook
        ANNOUNCER: Ben Grauer
        MUSIC: Ernie Watson and His Orchestra
*na*     "FOUR HORSEMEN OF NOTRE DAME"     1  01-02-37  :60:00* Admiral Richmond P. Hobson; Four
                                                                Horsemen of Notre Dame

*na*     "NIAGARA FALLS IN A RUBBER        2  01-09-37  :60:00* Johnny Weismuller, swimmer; Babe Ruth;
         BALL"                                                  Paul Gallico, writer; Ray Dooley,
                                                                comedy; William Moran, retired head of
                                                                U. S. Secret Services Jean Lussier,
                                                                who went over Niagara Falls in a
                                                                rubber ball

8715 C-D "GUEST-CORNELIA OTIS SKINNER"     3  01-16-37  :59:14  Cornelia Otis Skinner, actress; Soma
                                                                Henie, skaters Giovanni. Martenelli,
                                                                tenor; Mae Questel, songs; Larry
                                                                Adler, harmonica; Arthur Foehl, animal

8715 A-B "GUESTS-JONES AND HARE, THE       4  01-23-37  :59:36  Jones and Hare, Rube Goldberg,
         HAPPINESS BOYS"                                        Eleanore Holm, Art Jarret, The Memphis

*na*     "GUEST-SARA DELANO ROOSEVELT"     5  01-30-37  :60:00* Sara Delano Roosevelt, interview;
                                                                events of Franklin D. Roosevelt's
                                                                boyhood dramatized; Clyde Beatty,
                                                                animal trainers Nick Lucas, songs;
                                                                Evelyn Tyner, pianos Three Marshalls,

8716 A-B "GUEST-HILDEGARDE HALLIDAY,       6  02-06-37  :59:36  Ezio Pinza, bass; Hildegarde Halliday,
         COMEDY MONOLOGIST"                                     comedy monologist; George O'Brien,
                                                                actor; Claude Thornhill, piano; Harry
                                                                Pruer, xylophonist; Cavaliers Quartet;
                                                                Bob Pastor, pugilist; Mitzi Green,

8716 C-D "GUEST-JEAN HERSHOLT"             7  02-13-37  :58:14  Jean Hersholt, Actor; Efram Zimbolist,
                                                                violin; Benny Baker, Trumpeter; Happy
                                                                Reese, Trap Drummer; Cavaliers Quartet

*na*     "GUEST-BENNY LEONARD, FORMER      8  02-20-37  :60:00* Gillian Fisher, soprano; Benny
         LIGHTWEIGHT BOXING CHAMPION"                           Leonard, former lightweight boxing
                                                                champion; Stephin Fetchit, comedy; A.
                                                                L. Alexander; Sleepy Hall, banjo;
                                                                Cabin kids, songs; Benny Baker,
                                                                trumpeter; Cavaliers Quartet

*na*     "GUEST-BOZO, THE TALKING DOG"     9  02-27-37  :60:00* Rose Hampton, soprano; Father Bernard
                                                                Hubbard, the Glacier Priest; Frank
                                                                Buck; A. L. Alexander, commentator;
                                                                Sam Lewis, trombone; Bozo, the talking
                                                                dog; Cavaliers Quartet

*na*     "GUEST-CAPTAIN EDDIE             10  03-06-37  :60:00* Susanne Fisher, soprano; Captain Eddie
         RICKENBACHER"                                          Rickenbacher; George Raft; Nat Holman,
                                                                basketball coach at CCNY; Pahl and
                                                                Woodall, piano; Cavaliers Quartet

*na*     "GUEST-LOTTE LEHMAN"             11  03-13-37  :60:00* Lotte Lehman, soprano; Aline MacMahon,
                                                                actress; William Lynn of musical
                                                                comedy; Ross Gorman, saxophone; Earl
                                                                M. Teter, auto wreckers

*na*     "GUESTS-RUSSIAN BALALAIKA        12  03-20-37  :60:00* Russian Balalaika Qrchestra; Vienna
         QRCHESTRA"                                             Boys Choir; Fibber McGee and Molly;
                                                                Albert Payson Terhune, writer; Major
                                                                James A. Doolittle; Charles Paul,

*na*     "JOAN OF ARC"                    13  03-27-37  :60:00* Play, "Joan of Arc" with Lillian Gish;
                                                                Arthur Carron, tenor; Carl Kreas,

*na*     "GUEST-DALE CARNEGIE"            14  04-03-37  :60:00* Alex Templeton, piano; Notre Dame Glee
                                                                Club; Toscha Seidel, violin; Eddie
                                                                Dowling and Ray Dowling, comedians;
                                                                Stuart Ervin, actor; Dale Carnegie;

*na*     "INCIDENT IN LIFE OF LOUIS       15  04-10-37  :60:00* Sketch, "Incident in life of Louis
         PASTEUR"                                               Pasteur"; Greee Stueckgold, soprano;
                                                                User Bagpipe Band; Grantland Rice,
                                                                sportswriter; Los Rancheros, songs;
                                                                Capt. J. H. Ayres, formerly with NY
                                                                Police Department

*na*     "GUESTS: BOB FELLER AND CARL     16  04-17-37  :60:00* Bob Feller and Carl Hubbell, baseball
         HUBBELL, BASEBALL PITCHERS"                            pitchers; Albert Spalding, violin;
                                                                Marimba Band; Cossacks Male Chorus

*na*     "GUEST-GENE SARAZEN, GOLFER"     17  04-24-37  :60:00* Gene Sarazen, golfer; Albert Wiggam,
                                                                psychologist; Larry Collins, trombone

*na*     "GUEST-LAURITZ MELCHOIR"         18  05-01-37  :60:00* Lauritz Melchoir, tenor; Joe E. Brown;
                                                                Larry Collins, trombone; Commander. C.
                                                                E. Rosendahl, USN

*na*     "GUEST-DIZZY DEAN"               19  05-08-37  :60:00* Claude Rains, actor; Casper Reardon,
                                                                harp; Fray and Braggiotti, piano;
                                                                Dizzy Dean, interviewed by Bill Clem,
                                                                umpire; Julia Paters, soprano, and

*na*     "GUEST-JOHN KISSINGER, HUMAN     20  05-15-37  :60:00* Eddie Garr, comedy; Arthur Brown,
         GUINEA PIG"                                            actor; Ellaworth Vines and Fred Ebery,
                                                                tennis stars; Josef Lhevinne and wife,
                                                                piano; Alexander Kikiloff and his
                                                                Gypsies; John Kissinger, human guinea
                                                                pig; C.W. Coates, Curator, Tropical
                                                                Fish at NY Aquarium

*na*     "WAR BRIDES"                     21  05-22-37  :60:00* Scene from "War Brides" with Alla
                                                                Nazimova; Norman Cordon, baritone;
                                                                Frank Luther, songs Stoopnagle and
                                                                Budd, comedy; Gus Good, glockenspeils

8717 A-B "GUEST-CONNIE MACK"              22  05-29-37  :59:58  Walter Hampden, Bert Lytell, Connie
                                                                Mack (Manager of the Philidelphia A's
                                                                Baseball Team), Mrs. John McGraw, Bert
                                                                Lynn (Vibrolynn), Louis D'Angelo and
                                                                Daughter Louise, Rufe Davis (comedy)

*na*     "SUN-UP"                         23  06-05-37  :60:00* Mrs. Martin Johnson interview; comedy
                                                                sketch with Billy Lynn; Scene from
                                                                "Sun-up" with Florence Reed; Ekail
                                                                Boreo, comedy; Louise Massey and The
                                                                Westeners, songs; Chinese Orchestra,
                                                                William Petty Lee, conductor;s Mr. and
                                                                Mrs. Jesse Orawford, organ

*na*     "BROTHER DAMIEN"                 24  06-12-37  :60:00* Drama, "Brother Damien" with Fritz
                                                                Lieber; Mario Chamlee, tenor; Norman
                                                                Cordon, baritone; Billy Lynn and Rufe
                                                                Davis, comedy; George Frame Brown,
                                                                author; Dr. Raymond L. Ditmara,
                                                                Curator of Reptiles act NY Zoological

*na*     "GUEST-JACK DEMPSEY, FORMER      25  06-19-37  :60:00* Jack Dempsey, former heavyweight
         HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION"                                  champion; Marx Connelly, playwright

*na*     "GUESTS-FRAY AND BRAGGIOTTI,     26  06-26-37  :60:00* Alex Marrison, golfer; Warden Lewis E,
         PIANO"                                                 Loves, Sing Sing Prison; Fray and
                                                                Braggiotti, piano; comedy skit with
                                                                Dave Vine, Harry Lang and Louise

   Total Number of Titles:   26                               * running time is approximate only
   Total Number of Programs: 26
   Total Possible Episodes Are 26  Missing Programs: 21     Total Programs in Collection: 5
   Overall Series Totals
    Total Number of Titles:   115
    Total Number of Programs: 115
    Total Possible Episodes Are 115     Missing Programs: 88      Total Programs in Collection: 27
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