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    Post or Modify Date: April 10, 1999
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
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        NBC   SUSTAINING        Sundays 5:00 - 5:30 pm
        STARS: Carlton Young as Philip Gualt (The Whisperer).
               Betty Moran as Ellen Morris (The Nurse)
        MUSIC: Johnny Duffy; Organist     PRODUCER/DIRECTOR: Bill Karn
        The story of a man who leads a double life.  One as a Lawyer and the
        other as a Crime Syndicate Front.         WRITER: Jonathan Twice         
82509A   "TEA TIME FOR TEENAGERS"          1  07-08-51  :25:00  Philip Gualt had a strange speech
                                                                impediment which caused him to speak
                                                                in a whisper at all times.  A gifted
                                                                surgeon performed an operation which
                                                                not only allowed him to speak in a
                                                                normal voice, but allowed him to
                                                                revert back the the `whisper' at will.
                                                                 The only person that knows about
                                                                Gualt's double life is Ellen Morris, a
                                                                nurse who assisted in the operation.
                                                                This episode concerns Marajuana

82509B   "ATTEMPTED MURDER"                2  07-15-51  :24:50  Of a Newsman

82510A   "HIPPITY HOPPITY"                 3  07-22-51  :25:50  aka: MURDER IN JAIL

82510B   "POLICEMAN IN DANGER"             4  07-29-51  :24:50   

82511A   "WHAT YE SOW"                     5  08-05-51  :29:10  aka: WHISKEY LOBBY

82511B   "THE FIGHT GAME"                  6  08-12-51  :29:50   

82512A   "INTO EACH LIFE"                  7  08-19-51  :29:30  aka: KILL NIGHTCLUB OWNER

82512B   "TAKEN FOR A RIDE"                8  08-26-51  :25:00   

82513A   "STANLEY HAYES MUST DIE BY        9  09-02-51  :29:30   

82513B   "WOMAN ON ICE"                   10  09-09-51  :29:30   

82514A   "NEVER THE TWAIN"                11  09-16-51  :29:20   

82514B   "THE POLICE LIEUTENANT"          12  09-23-51  :30:40  Philip Gualt plans his own murder.

82515A   "STRANGE BED FELLOWS"            13  09-30-51  :29:20   

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