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     Post or Modify Date: September 30, 00
Catalog# Title                         Episode  Date    Hours   Stars/Comments
________ _____________________________  _____  ______   _____   ______________________________________
======== ==============================  ===  ======== =======  ======================================

        KFI LOCAL PRODUCTION   SUSTAINED        Fridays 8:30 - 9:00 pm
        STARS: Howard Culver
        ANOUNNCER: Jim Berry
        MUSIC: Robert Mitchell
        ORGANIST: Ruby Lloyd
*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               1  07-25-47  :30:00*  

*na*     ?? Title Unknown ??               2  08-01-47  :30:00*  

84718A   "BOYS"                            3  08-08-47  :29:33  Poems: "If I were King", "Definition
                                                                of a Boy", "Casey At The Bat", "To A
                                                                Waterfall", "So Long Son", "Alaska."
                                                                Songs: "For You", "Dirty Hands, Dirty
                                                                Face", "Take Me Out To the Ball Game",
                                                                "In the Good Old Summertime", "Adagio
                                                                Patachi", Keep The Home Fires
                                                                Burning", "Esta Eata"

84718B   "SEVEN DAYS"                      4  08-15-47  :29:40  Poems: "Seven Days", "Barbara
                                                                Frietchie", "Little Boy Blue",
                                                                "Abraham Lincoln's Letter To His
                                                                Stepbrother", "Abu Ben Adham",
                                                                "Closing Prayer from Norman Corwin's
                                                                'On A Note of Triumph."  Songs:
                                                                "Chopin's Prelude", "Xtarves", "When
                                                                Autumn Leaves Begin To Fall",
                                                                "Oriental", "Recessional"

84719A   "CHILDREN AT PLAY"                5  08-22-47  :29:39  Poems: "The Little Dancers", "The
                                                                Ballad of Father Gilligan", "Love",
                                                                "My Shadow", "To A Gringo", Benjamin
                                                                Franklin's Letter of Condolence",
                                                                "Children's Hour."  Songs: "Minuet",
                                                                Angel's Serenade", "All the Things You
                                                                Are", "Me And My Shadow", "Cielito
                                                                Lindo", "There Is No Death", "My
                                                                Shining Hour"

84719B   "DOWN TO THE SEA"                 6  08-29-47  :29:39  Poems: "Sea Fever", "Between Two
                                                                Loves", "A Calup Lament", "Abraham
                                                                Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address",
                                                                "Solitude", "Revere", "Inscription For
                                                                A Gravestone", "Too Tired To Pray."
                                                                Songs: "Red Sails In The Sunset",
                                                                "Smiling Through", "In the Gloaming",
                                                                Solitude", "At Dawning", "Exause",
                                                                "Songs My Mother Taught Me"

    Total Number of Titles:   4
    Total Number of Programs: 6
    Total Possible Episodes:  6         Missing Programs: 2       Total Programs in Collection: 4
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